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Back to School Special: 30 Easy Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

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With summer quickly drawing to a close, what better way to celebrate the new school year than with a little back to school lesson? Today we're bringing you a selection of incredible Adobe Photoshop tutorials to inspire the budding designer within you.

Back to the Basics: Learn Basic

Learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop is fundamental to your learning process. Even seasoned professionals could use a refresher every one in awhile. Enjoy these easy tips and tricks to help you have a better understanding of the essentials.

Recent Tutorials for Beginners

Learning a new skill is a mixture of excitement and challenge. Tackle these fun beginner and intermediate tutorials to transition easily to more complex designs.

Courses on Tuts+ Premium

Tuts+ Premium Members have access to a wide variety of courses to select from to satisfy all their Adobe Photoshop needs. From beginner, to intermediate and advanced courses, these lessons are designed by incredible instructors who have done all the research and hard work for you. Just sit back and take in the new knowledge to come!


The wonders of Photoshop are limitless! We hope this article shed some light on some amazing Photoshop techniques perfect for beginners and beyond. If you find yourself utilizing any of these techniques, feel free to let us know your experience in the comments! 

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