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AudioJungle Wallpaper Contest Update

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We have a resolution to the search issue that participants have expressed understandable concern about. Also, we'll need a bit longer to decide the winners and launch the next contest. Great job to everyone that has participated! The contest has ended and we're working on choosing the winners.

Great Job to Everyone that Participated

There are so many amazing high-quality entries in the AudioJungle Wallpaper Design contest that we'll need a bit longer to decide the winners. The winners will be announced on Friday the 18th of July. Great job to everyone that participated in the contest! We're working on the next contest as well, but with all the growth and changes happening with the TUTS sites, we'll need some more time before launching the next contest.

Searching For Entries in the Group Pool

There has been some understandable concern about images not showing up in a global Flickr search for the "audiojungle" tag. We appreciate being informed of this. What we're doing is searching for the "audiojungle" tag within the Psdtuts+ group, link here. So, if you've submitted your entry to the Psdtuts+ group and tagged it as "audiojungle" that's great.

This is how we'll review entries in future contests run through the Flickr group. For this contest we'll also check the global search, just in case. We want to make sure all the entries are considered for the contest. Also, thanks to Hans Vargas for pointing out the solution. We appreciate others that contributed to informing us about this issue as well.

To locate all the contest entries, go to the Psdtuts+ Flickr Group. Then in the top right hand corner where it says "Search this group's pool" (Item 1) type in the "audiojungle" tag search term (Item 2), and click the Search button.


The result of the search are below. You can see a new search box comes up as well. You can view the over 250 entries in a Details view or in the Thumbnails view. The Thumbnails view is shown below.


We thank our sponsors for supporting this contest. The sponsors are listed below.



PSD ChopstickPSD ChopstickPSD Chopstick

New Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor the next Psdtuts+ contest then let us know. We'll consider adding you to the list. Let us know what you have to offer as a prize to members of Psdtuts+. Think of things that digital artists or designers could utilize. Use our Contact Form to let us know.

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