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Announcing the Launch of VECTORTUTS Premium

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We've been hard at work over at VECTORTUTS building a great site and vector community. Now that we've published over fifty vector tutorials, we're happy to announce the launch of VECTORTUTS Premium, which will be releasing high-end exclusive tutorials, vector design resources, and downloadable source files for each member. And yes existing Psdtuts+ Premium members can join at a discount. Find out all about how to sign up!

Benefits of Signing Up for VECTORTUTS Premium

Over fifty source files are available to Premium members right now, and that is growing at a frequency of three to five tutorials a week. Many of these source files are available in both AI and EPS formats.

VECTORTUTS will publish two to three exclusive Premium tutorials monthly, and work with top vector designers. We're also creating exclusive vector design packs, and plan to release new sets regularly. These will be available for commercial use as well. Here are the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Over 50 downloadable vector source files, and a growing catalog
  • Top-notch exclusive vector tutorials available to Premium Members
  • Awesome vector design packs are being developed exclusively for Premium members
  • Downloadable versions of tutorials for viewing online or off

Sample VECTORTUTS Premium Downloads

To view a sample of the quality of the Premium downloads we've decided to release a handful for free. You'll also notice a stylized .HTML file in the download - a brand new feature, which allows you to view the tutorial online or off. Here are three examples of the source files available to VECTORTUTS Premium Members:


The First Exclusive VECTORTUTS Premium Tutorial

Over at VECTORTUTS we'll be announcing it's first PLUS tutorial within the next few hours. It's a super hot and sleek vector car design tutorial. So stay tuned!

A sneak-peek at the members section:

Already a Psdtuts+ Premium Member?

As an existing plus member you can get a discount on the second membership. To signup, log in to your regular Plus account, then click on "Membership Management" and you'll see in the right hand panel a section titled "Add/Renew Subscription". You can add the VECTORTUTS Premium membership from there.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the VECTORTUTS RSS Feed to stay up to date with the latest vector tutorials and articles. If you're as interested in vector graphics as you are Photoshop, then sign up.

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