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An Introduction to Magazine Design - a Free Course on Tuts+ Premium


Ever considered getting into print media? Maybe you've wanted to dabble in magazine design but didn't know where to start. Have we got the course for you. Nicki Hart knows how to layout a page like a pro, and she's put together an amazing course showing you how to do the exact same thing. Interested? Then check out Introduction to Magazine Design over at Tuts+ Premium.

Almost 3 Hours of Video Lessons

Nicki Hart has been doing print work for a long time now, and her years of experience shine through with this course. She'll take you through everything, from the cover design and layout, pagination, spreads and more.

Check out the videos below for an introduction to the whole Magazine Design course!

This free course is sponsored by Tuts+ Premium, where there are hundreds of hours of video to choose from. Whether you want to learn jQuery or get into more print work, it's all there. Feel free to go digging around to see what other great courses you'd be interested in.

Interested? How about this: the first one is on us. Have a taste with Introduction to Magazine Design and see if it suits your needs. Enjoy.

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