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Amazing Timelapse of Exploding Planet Illustration

This post is part of a series called Astronomical Graphic Design.
How to Create an Exploding Planet in Adobe Photoshop
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Exploding planets are a staple of just about every popular science fiction television show or movie, but did you know that you don't need your own special effects department to create these types of effects on your own? In fact, all you need is Photoshop. We recently decided to have fun with some video segments that were included with one of Ed Lopez's tutorials. We combined them, sped them up, and added some music to create an amazing timelapse video that demonstrates his entire workflow from beginning to end. What you see below is over 100 minutes of video condensed into just over 4 minutes. If you would like to see more, feel free to take a look at the full tutorial on Tuts+ Premium.

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