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Every once in a while we like to add a new member to the TUTS+ family. Today we're launching AETUTS, a fantastic new tutorial site dedicated to Adobe After Effects, one of the most powerful VFX, motion graphics and video editing programs. Our contributors will be teaching you some brilliant motion graphics and special effects techniques. We'll be publishing 2 - 3 new tutorials each week, so head over to AETUTS and take a look!

Read on to learn more about the launch of our fifth TUTS+ site!

Why Adobe After Effects?

Since two out of four of our TUTS+ sites are dedicated mainly to Adobe Creative Suite products (including this one) it makes sense to cater to another section of Creative Suite users. We also think this will give us an opportunity to try something new and build a site around a different type of tutorials, in this case, high-definition screencasts like this tutorial from super-talented AETUTS editor Lloyd Alvarez.

Graphics and imagery are an integral part of creating compelling motion graphics and VFX, so expect many of our tutorials to explore this topic in-depth! We will sometimes publish tutorials combining Photoshop and After Effects.

If you think you have the skills to create a screencast or text and image tutorial for AETUTS, it's easy to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and pitch your idea. We're hungry for user contributions and pay $150 USD for an accepted tutorial.

Whether you use Adobe After Effects or not, we hope you'll throw your support behind AETUTS by telling a friend or showing it some love on StumbleUpon :).

Check out VideoHive

Our newest marketplace site joins the ranks of FlashDen, ThemeForest and AudioJungle. VideoHive is a marketplace for buying and selling stock video footage and motion graphics. As a seller, you can earn passive income selling your projects. As a buyer, you have access to hundreds of creative and unique stock files that haven't had the life sucked out of them in order to 'look corporate'.

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