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Add Your Own Touch to the Psdtuts+ Redesign


If you scroll down to the bottom of the new Psdtuts+ theme you'll notice that next to our logo in the footer is a link to somewhere else on the web, or a quote. This is generated from a random list of ten quotes or links. At the moment they are Collis's own bizarro favorite links and videos, but he's asked me to hand over control of that section to you guys. Read on to find out how you can get your favorite link or quote exposed to over 1.4 million designers!

Taking part is easy. Submit your link or quotes in the comments. Keep in mind the target audience of the site, being Photoshop users, people interested in art and design, and often working designers/freelancers--but also keep in mind that we'll definitely consider links or quotes that are awesome but not necessarily relevant to Photoshop.

We ask that your link is not something you created or are affiliated with: this is about shedding light on the incredible (or hilarious) work of others.

Submit your suggestions in the comments below and over the week Sean and I will pick out our 20 favorites. Next week, we'll hold a poll where you can pick the top 10 from the 20 options we select. Those ten will be featured on the site. Hopefully this will be a fun new way to add even more community influence to the Psdtuts+ redesign!

A few words from Collis on keeping the quirkiness alive at Psdtuts+:

"One of the things that we've kind of always had with TUTS is a bit of quirkiness. It began with that spoon, I don't know why we have a spoon, but we do. Then for a while we had adverts that said 'There is no spoon'."

(A glance at the top right corner of the footer shows that the spoon is still alive and well!)

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