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A Look into Slashthree's Latest Experiment "Quote Unquote"

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The talented designers over at Slashthree have recently released a new exhibition that they named Quote Unquote. Each work of art features an interesting quote that the artist decided to draw inspiration from. The whole exhibition contains over 50 various types of works that range from visual illustrations, photographs, and even music.

We Are of Peace Always by Erik Schumacher

Time by Ed Lopez

They Were Here by Alexander Latille

The Creators by Anthony Giacomino

Spirit by Przemek Nawrocki

Rebirth by Wojciech Magierski

Dark Allies by Rob Shields

The Left Hand of Darkness by Rob Shields

Locus Amoenus by Anthony Giacomino

Impact by Martin De Diego Sadaba

Just before the New Era project was launched, Slashthree welcomed Tarin Yuangtrakul, a 19 year old artist from Thailand. Tarin's impact on the collective was instantaneous, and his two submissions to "Quote Unquote" demonstrate the progress he has made as an artist since joining the collective, and showed true dedication to the exhibition. Tarin's sublime mixture of traditional and digital art was something new which captivated the entire artist core. Tarin Yuangtrakul has become not only the first traditional artist to be named as the "featured artist" for a Slashthree exhibition, but also the youngest artist in Slashthree's history to receive the honour. Site Director Saad Moosajee sat down with Tarin to discuss life and art; you can read the interview here. -Saad Moosajee

Hammer to Fall by Leonardo Dentico

Esta Especie De Alma by Samuel Pereira

Erinye by Wojciech Pijecki

Don't Watch TV on LSD by Vladimir Tomin

Carry the Fire by Marco Casalvieri

Carefull What You Fish For by Vladimir Tomin

The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go by Neil Hanvey

Enimies Still Stay by Tarin Yuangtrakul

La Martiniana by Edmar Cisneros

Land Within by Ed Lopez

More Information

Keep an eye on the Slashthree home page, as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts for announcements and updates! For now though, please feast your eyes on Exhibition 17: "Quote Unquote".

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