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A Look at Hysterical Minds 8.0: Shadowness

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Recently, the guys at Hysterical Minds got together with the Shadowness community to collaborate on their newest release called HM8:Shadowness. Today, we are showcasing some of their artwork here for you all to enjoy. Please take a moment to review some of their art. Let's take a look!

Abduction by Ruben Pomares

From Light to Darkness by Arkiniano

Technification by Liransz and Martin de Diego

Guardian Infernal by Pablo Lizardi

Oidos del Alma by Raynner Gil

Cum Clavis by Guillermo Chang

La Ilusion by Alejandro Sordi

The Last Hour by J.C.Barquet

Deadhorse by Tony Sandoval

Cría Cuervos y te Sacarán Los Ojos by Italia Ruotolo

Bad Dream by Liransz

False Reality by Martin Thompson

El Ultimo Profeta by Santiago Caruso

Ellas by Soghen

Soul Collector by Matías Gonzalez

Past Expressions

Take a look at some of Hysterical Minds' past expressions.

Caged by Eduardo Santana

God of Weirdness by Mateo M. Usuga and Cesar Guevara

Discovery by Mario Sanchez Nevado

Baile Con Medusas by Tony Sandoval

SnowWhite of the 25th Century by Israel Llona

O by Italia Ruotolo

Everywhere by Alicia Fernández

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