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A Couple of Questions ...


Since we have moved to Wordpress, this site has really taken on a new element of interactivity. I have to say it's been really neat reading through everyone's comments and seeing people giving each other tips and suggestions. So I thought I'd take that one step further and ask you, the readers a couple of questions--three actually...

Before I get to the questions though, let me just say thanks for all the positive feedback! I had at first intended this site to just be an occasional tutorial, but there have been so many awesome comments that I've gotten kind of excited about the site. Already I've written the next three tutorials and they are on a posting schedule of one a week. And I keep thinking up new ideas now too :-)

Anyhow on with the questions. Hopefully your answers will help us make this a better site!

1. Do you want to see occasional non-tutorial posts as well?

By non-tutorial posts I mean things like "11 Great Photoshop Plug-ins" or "How to Get into Flow to Make Your Work Better" and so on. Basically do you want to see occasional articles or just tutorials? Here's a poll, just check a box...



2. What kind of tutorials are you interested in?

Mostly I write tutorials as they pop into my head for things I know how to do. This is why there is quite a lot of variety. Anyhow, are there any specific types of topic that you're interested in seeing tutorials on?

Things like: Web Design, Photo Manipulation, Compositing Images, ... etc Or even specific images that you've always wanted to know how to make...

Just leave a comment down below, and while obviously I can't make any promises since I don't really know how to do everything in Photoshop, I'll do my best to figure it out!

3. Full Text or Partial RSS Feeds

I initially had full text RSS feeds, but then after a couple of comments I changed to partial. Now there have been new comments saying go back. So let's answer this once and for all :-)

By the way if you're like what the heck is this? Basically RSS feeds are a way to keep up to date with what we publish. You just click subscribe on the right and put the URL into an RSS reader. Anyway RSS comes in two forms, either you get the ENTIRE article (full text) or just a snippet and you have to click through (partial)...


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