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70+ Free Graphics: Vintage Vector Flowers and Floral Ornament Sets

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Have the need for free summer vector graphics, specifically free vector flowers and floral ornaments, then you've found a compilation worth downloading. There are numerous vintage flower illustrations, as well as sets of ornaments, useful for many design project purposes, from weddings to special summer events. Step into this stockpile of retro vector floral graphics, which are all available for free download.

Many of these free vector graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Some may have stronger restrictions though, so as always check the usage rights before using.

Using Vintage Vector Flowers and Floral Ornament Sets in Your Work

These vector flower and floral graphics give you numerous options for creating unique thank you cards, decorative invitations to summer gatherings, or any design that is looking to have a festive, vintage design feel. Using distressed floral artwork will your design a timeless appeal. Add an organic theme and soft, classic touch to your next project with free vector floral graphics.

Creating Vector Flowers and Floral Graphics

Here is a supply of tutorials that will teach you how to create flower art in vector format. You'll learn how to create each shape of a floral graphic, from stem to petal, as well as discover how to give your vector flowers a retro style.

Download Individual Vector Flower Illustrations and Full Sets of Floral Graphics for Free Right Now

If you're in a hurry, then download one of the free files below, and put them to use right now in your current design or illustration project. We've assembled a large collection of useful vector floral graphics, which includes floral silhouette sets, individual retro flower illustrations, free vector art flowers, such as worn roses and pale summer flowers, and more.

Grab an assortment of vintage vector flower and floral graphic freebies to add to your files, which are available in EPS, CSH, AI and other vector formats for free download. Whether you use Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or prefer another vector software package. There are plenty of options to fit just the need your project has right now.

Free Vector Flower Graphics

We've put together a collection of free vector clipart flower graphics, free vector floral illustrations, and vector flower patterns, all with vintage vector appeal. There are nineteen sets, which make up over seventy free vector graphics, to download here.

Many of these flower illustrations have a vintage vector feel. There are a few clean vector silhouettes that are always easy to work into virtually any design. There are also retro vector flower backgrounds, a handful of uniquely drawn antique florals, and colorful timeless patterns as well. Each can add a unique summer feel to your vector design work.

Antique Flower Blossom Illustrations


Vintage Floral Background


Free Floral Vector Pack


Natural, Free Floral Ornaments Pack


Free Vector Flowers with Butterflies


Free Retro Floral Illustration


Flowers ABC


Flower Ornaments


Free Flowers and Butterflies Vector Seamless Pattern


Vintage Floral Design Elements in Vector


Vintage Floral Background


Vintage Floral Illustration


Free Vector Floral Flower Silhouettes


Shield and Floral Vector Element


Free Floral Vector Art Pattern


Free Vector Flower Design


Vector Classical, Elegant Floral Background


Vector Elegant Floral Ornaments


Vintage Floral Design Vector Graphic


More Large Collections of Free Vector Downloads

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