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60 Free Vector Graphics for Digital Art Pros

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There's plenty of free vector art out there, but most of it shouldn't be seen in public, let alone on your latest digital art masterpiece. Here are 60 completely free vector graphics that even the professionals use. They really should cost money, but we're not complaining!

  • 1. GoMedia Vector Pack Sample

    Included in the set are samples from Architecture, Trees, Banners, Halftones, Zoology, Wings, Tech Shapes, Skulls, Destroy, Grimey Doodads, Statues, Hooladanders, Crests, Paint Splatters, Spray Paint, and the Sexy Pack.

  • 2. Designious Vintage Mega Pack

    The Vintage Mega Pack 4 free samples are from the skulls pack 6, angels, floral and retro girls 2.…

  • 3. 10 Free Vector Arrows

    A treat for all vector artists who needs additional elements. These 10 vector 3d arrows are free for download and include in your artworks, projects and designs. The arrows are somewhat 3D and Isometric

  • 4. BySkell Samples

    Use these vectors in any designs, personal or commercial, royalty-free.

  • 5. China Dream

    Flowers and floral patterns inspired by ancient Chinese artwork.

  • 6. Vector Electronic Devices

    Over 70 wonderful / awesome / amaizing / briliant / etc / etc - Electronic vectors in various formats: AI / EPS / CDR all with high resolution. You won’t find more Electronic stuff in vector format, this package has it all: gadgets, audio center, remote controls, LCD’s, speakers, monitors, cell phones and many many more.

  • 7. Vector Sport

    One more sport relative set of vector images: racing cyclist, parachutist, dancers, archer, horsemen and riders, fighters,figure skating, motorcyclist, climber, skater and many others! Have fun friends!

  • 8. Ecology Vectors

    Green eco-themed vectors suitable for eco-friendly websites and advertisements.

  • 9. Design Elements Corner Vector

    Floral design elements in vector. This set include 9 HQ florish elements, with curves and curls, flowers and leaves.

  • 10. Businessman Silhouettes

    Business graphics resources always come handy. That’s why I’ve hired an illustrator to help me with this task, and produce more freebies to share. They are in different vector formats (eps, swf, svg, wfm). Feel free to use them in your projects and share the final outcome in Snap2objects.

  • 11. UK Vectors

    Weese and I have been in England since Thursday, so we thought we’d offer you a little UK treat. Have fun with the UK, Big Ben, a British bobby, a double decker bus, and an english phonebooth.

  • 12. Background Color Harmony

    Find great use of color and texture in this vector pack.

  • 13. Ornaments

    Vector swirls, circles, foliage, butterflies and other summery ornaments.

  • 14. Vector Swirls and Twirls

    I have released a free pack of 20 Vector Swirls & Twirls on the free vector stock site Vecteezy. They are great for use in backgrounds and for adding texture especially in skies, space and anything techy. Releasing free stock packages is a great way to gain traffic to your website and gain recognition, for example within 1 day, it was downloaded more than 2000 times. Give it a try, it is easy!

  • 15. Abstract Illustrator Brushes

    In my opinion, one of the most underused features of Illustrator is the creation of custom brushes. You can literally make ANY shape into an Illustrator brush to get all kinds of cool effects. I put together a set of 35 abstract brushes for you to play with. The example below was made only with the brushes I provided in the set, and I only used 3 shapes: Mostly circles, a couple starbursts, and a spiral or two. Every bitt of detail in the example is created from the brush strokes alone, on different sized shapes/stroke sizes.

  • 16. Scary Zombie Vector Graphics

    These three free zombie vector graphics are waiting to get their infected chops around your illustrative designs. Along with skulls and other disturbing graphics they are a popular choice for designers and illustrators and extremely fitting on the run up to Halloween!

  • 17. Foliage

    You might recognize a few of these from this free vector set. These are some foliage Illustrator brushes I used to make the that set of freebies, along with a lot of new ones. So, theoretically, you could take these brushes and make your own set of free foliage vectors.

  • 18. Sexy Girls

    Finally I decided to post that cool silhouettes of sexy girls. I hopes you’ll like it.

  • 19. Vector Leaves

    This is a set of free foliage vectors I made in Illustrator. They are available in AI, EPS and SVG formats, so hopefully they will be useful to a good many of you.

  • 20. Vector Flowers

    Flower vectors suitable for a Summery web design.

  • 21. Teardrop Foliage

    I didn’t know what exactly to call them, but I’ve seen these shapes appear in many places across the design world. I’m calling them “teardrop foliage.” I think they are cool shapes, and they are relatively simple shapes, so they are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. I spent some time putting together a free set of Illustrator brushes to help you create these shapes quickly and easily in Illustrator. If you don’t use illustrator, I have EPS and SVG source files for you to download. Enjoy the brushes!

  • 22. Swirly Curls and Ornaments

    Finally! I new swirly symbol pack! EPS & Illustrator CS files included 19 swirly curly ornamental symbols.

  • 23. Animal Skull

    Includes an animal skull, a human skull, a scroll, an American football helmet, a medieval helmet and a cannibal clown head!

  • 24. Freaky Faces

    Here are some old school vector facial expressions that we’re sharing - mostly close-ups and a few profiles. Looks of surprise, stoicism, confidence, heads with no bodies and a drunken trio round out this free vector art package. As a bonus there are 4 royal ladies who look most displeased for reasons unknown.

  • 25. More Ornaments

    Gothic and grungy floral vector ornament pack.

  • 26. Vintage Winged Angels

    There are eight illustrated angel vectors in all. These are copyright free artworks that can be used for any personal or commercial use. The download zip file contains one eps file functional to anyone running adobe illustrator eight or higher. Thanks for checking us out, come back soon for more free vectors and other creative goods.

  • 27. Vintage Cars

    From the public domain comes 12 vintage auto vector clipart cars from a prior age. They range from the first horseless carriages to motorized coaches to turn of the century gangster and “Great Gatsby” age cars.

  • 28. Grunge Paint Splatters

    for those of you who do know the rules- you’ll enjoy today’s free vector download of grunge paint splatters, six illustrator vectors in all. These are great, especially when your working on a preciously neat, formal design, and you’ve refined it down to the most minute detail and just when you think you’re done- slap one of these sloppy grunge splatters atop- perfect!

  • 29. American Irony

    A creative blend of retro and ironic vectors that poke fun at Americana.

  • 30. Curly Floral

    No matter how many I have, I just can’t get enough swirly curly leafy brushes in my ever expanding brush palette. A steady supply helps keep me inspired and exited when starting on new projects. There are plenty of good free Illustrator brushes out there, and here are some new ones recently discovered at

  • 31. Guitars

    Inspired by the rock bands we used to love and dedicated to all guitar heroes who dont have money to smash their guitars on the stage.

  • 32. Bugs

    The zip file contains 25 scalable and editable Illustrator files and I’ve also thrown in a Fireworks file with the bugs separated as bitmaps on layers. Feel free to use them as you please in your designs.

  • 33. Apparel Vectors

    Free psychadelic van vector illustration. All vector art, textures, fonts, etc. on this website is royalty free and can be used for both commercial and personal works.

  • 34. Safari and Zoo Animals

    A free collection of vector animal silhouettes, featuring a range of land based mammals alongside some aquatic life. As always, feel free to download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

  • 35. Vector Arrows

    Professional designed arrow symbols & icons to use in signage and wayfinding design. For personal or commercial usage these collection of vector arrows will get you started. Total of 56 arrow symbols & icons are included in this free vector package.

  • 36. Feathers

    All are created in illustrator CS3. It is completely vectorized. If you have any request that want to be included to the pack, just write it in comment.

  • 37. Typographic Ornaments

    These vectors were based on typographic ornaments from th 1800. All the resources I make for this site are GPL, so feel free to use them in any way you like. If you do use them for a commercial project a donation would be really nice, please use the button on the left sidebar or contribute one of your resources to the community.

  • 38. Vector Sneaker Graphics

    This latest collection of free vector graphics features a set of three illustrated sneakers with a rough, hand-drawn appearance that can give a stunning and cool effect when used together with your personal illustrative work. As always, download and use freely in your personal and commercial projects.

  • 39. Wood Signs

    A large collection of wooden vector signs, perfect for a folksy or cartoony web design.

  • 40. Groovy Floral Vector Pattern

    I never saw a groovy floral pattern vector I didn’t like. That’s why today’s free vector download is a funky floral wallpaper pattern with cool blues, purples, and pinks that will enhance any graphic design. This wallpaper contains an abundance of flowers, swirls, and patterns within one wallpaper vector. This is a copyright free vector artwork that can be used for any personal or commercial use. The download zip file contains one eps that’s functional to anyone running adobe illustrator eight or higher.

  • 41. Butterflies

    Three detailed vector butterfly silhouettes.

  • 42. Abstract Vectors

    Abstract vectors with a distinct urban influence, ideal for an event pamphlet or poster.

  • 43. Lotus Vectors

    A pack of elegant Lotus flower vectors for Asian and floral inspired artwork.

  • 44. More Businessman Silhouettes

    32 businessman silhouettes ideal for corporate work or ironic artwork.

  • 45. Hand-drawn Vector Skull

    This is a vector skull drawn with a Wacom tablet. The file is a version 10 EPS. This artwork is free to use in both personal and commercial works. Enjoy!!

  • 46. Vector T-Shirts

    Some vector examples of T-shirt models. Useful stuff for those who create t-shirt design. Set includes some examples of tee-shirt front side and back side.

  • 47. Surreal Retro

    An eclectic assortment of detailed retro vectors featuring many different themes. Perfect for apparel design and posters.

  • 48. Sinatra Vectors

    New York skyline rendered in vector.

  • 49. Indian Henna

    For those who are too chicken to get a real tattoo, there are henna tattoos, which are not permanent but do last longer than a rub on from a cracker jack box- I’m still at the crack jack stage. This download contains nine Indian design elements for you to use on your various design projects from print to web. The file is in eps format functional to any running adobe illustrator 8 through adobe illustrator cs3.

  • 50. Floral Design

    Minimalist vector floral designs perfect for layering or as part of a minimalist web design.

  • 51. Vector Map

    A digital map of the world ideal as a background or overlay for your artwork.

  • 52. Vector Design Elements

  • 53. Vector Clipart Cool Elements

    This collection of ironic images are ideal for Tee-shirt design. From toast to syringes to beached whales, it's all here.

  • 54. Random Free Vectors Part 10

    Part 10 of the free vectors is here, and it’s gears! I also included a bonus Illustrator brush set so you can make your own custom gears, if you feel the need. I had to make some brushes in order to make this freebie set, and I wouldn’t feel right with the brushes sitting on my hard drive when they would help you make your own custom gears (easily). Hope you like them, download below, brush installation instructions at the bottom.

  • 55. Old Scans

    These old scans are ideal for use in a grungy Tee-shirt design.

  • 56. Trash and Treasure

    Here’s a pack of vector shapes and patterns that I’ve made over the past year for various projects and designs. It’s all pretty random but some of you might find bits and pieces useful. Feel free to use them for whatever you like - just don’t re-sell the pack as your own. Enjoy!

  • 57. Ornament EPS

    An extremely detailed vector ornament created from a repeating pattern.

  • 58. Urban Collection

    Another free set of vector graphics, this time an urban collection.

  • 59. Vector Flowers

    A thin and delicate vector floral arrangement.

  • 60. Red Ferrari

    A supremely detailed vector Ferrari illustration.

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