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55 Best InDesign Resume Templates (Professional, Creative Design)


An InDesign resume template can make working on your resume both simple and fun. It's all about putting your best foot forward when it comes to promoting yourself and landing that dream job. Use a professionally designed resume template to help push your professional brand to the next level.

InDesign Resume Template
There are hundreds of professionally designed InDesign resume templates like this one on Envato Elements.

Using an InDesign template can save you both time and money—whether you're an experienced designer or a complete beginner. You could use it to jump-start your design process, either using the template with a few simple adjustments or making edits and customizations to really make it your own. Add your content and complete your resume in a flash with a job resume template—no extra time investment needed.

Not only that, but you can reuse design templates, making them a handy addition to anyone's professional tool kit—and Envato Elements has a little something for everyone. From flashy, creative resume designs to simple, clean resume templates, it's all just a click away. 

Unlimited InDesign Resume Templates From Envato Elements

Envato Elements

If you're looking to really dig in, Envato Elements is an awesome choice. Why? You get unlimited downloads for one low price. 

This means you get a wide range of templates—download them, experiment with them, mix and match them! Need additional assets? Envato Elements has you covered there too—graphics, photos, music, and more are all just a click away, and included in that one price.

You could keep an eye out for a free InDesign resume template, but keep in mind that your time is a valuable asset too. Premium options often come with support, updates, and extended licenses too.

So let's take a look at some of the best resume templates over on Envato Elements.

40 Best InDesign Resume Templates

1. Shine CV Resume InDesign Template

Shine CV Resume InDesign Template

Looking for a bold pop of color? Check out this Adobe InDesign resume template. Not feeling the yellow? Easily jump into InDesign and swap the colors out when you insert your content. It's that easy.

2. Pro Resume InDesign Template

Pro Resume InDesign Template

Clean and professional—that's this template in a nutshell. If you're looking for a modern resume template with plenty of room for customization, look no further.

3. The Resume Technical Resume Template Design

The Resume Template Design

This InDesign resume template has a single spot color—customize it to meet your project's needs and goals. It looks so good printed on textured paper, doesn't it? How will you print or deliver your resume?

4. InDesign Resume Template

InDesign Resume Template

This one works so well as a fun high-school resume template! Make a statement and put yourself out there with this colorful but professional design.

5. CV Resume Template

CV Resume Template

This design has playful waves, and could be great for such a wide variety of projects! Easily adapt the layout to work as a resume cover letter template too!

6. InDesign Resume Design Template

InDesign Resume Design Template

Check out this design. It has space for your favorite profile photo, an introduction, and plenty of your achievements. Jump in and customize this one to suit your professional needs.

7. Marketing CV Resume Template

Marketing CV Resume Template

This collection of professional templates gives you so much to work with. Not only do you get resume pages, but you have a matching cover letter too. Will you feature your signature in your resume design?

8. Resume / CV Layout and Cover Letter

Resume  CV Layout and Cover Letter

Need a resume cover letter template in addition to a layout for your CV? Check out this template. It's easy to jump in and customize this to match your goals and professional branding.

9. InDesign Resume & Cover Letter

InDesign Resume  Cover Letter

Feature your photo in this Adobe InDesign resume template. It's simple and clean, perfect for so many different industries. This is one that has the potential to grow with you.

10. Greendy | InDesign CV & Resume Template

Greendy  InDesign CV  Resume Template

How about a dark aesthetic? Present potential employers with a classy, full-color print—step out in style! This professional resume template is dressed to impress.

11. Turqoise | CV & Resume Template Design

Turqoise  CV  Resume Template Design

If you're looking for a resume template with photo placement, this one could be just the right fit. There's so much emphasis on a fun, eye-catching photo. Which one would you use in your resume?

12. Creative Resume Template InDesign

Colorful Resume Template

Bring some color to your resume with this InDesign resume template. It could be a great fit for photographers, designers, or anyone who just likes pops of saturated, playful color.

13. Resume Template InDesign CV

Resume Template InDesign CV

What are you looking for in a job resume template? How about something with fun colors, visual depictions of your skill set, and photo placeholders too? Give this one a try.

14. Green | CV & Resume Template InDesign

Green  CV  Resume Template InDesign

A resume template with a photo placeholder is a great fit if you're really looking to showcase some eye-catching imagery. Got a full body photo to show? Or maybe you'd like to showcase some artwork or photography. This approach could be a great fit.

15. Designer Resume InDesign Template

Designer Resume InDesign Template

Whether you're looking for a college resume template or a job resume template—the goal is to put your best foot forward as a professional. Check out this template. How might you customize it to suit your professional goals?

16. Web or Graphic Design Resume Template InDesign

InDesign Resume Template

This one works great for graphic designers and/or web developers. Showcase the depth of your skill and talent with this double-sided InDesign resume template.

17. InDesign Resume Template and Cover Letter

InDesign Resume Template and Cover Letter

Download this resume cover letter template, and you've got everything you need to get started. Add your experience and content, paste in your cover letter, and you're done!

18. Resume Template Design for InDesign

Resume Template Design for InDesign

This modern resume template is classy and sophisticated. Would you stick to this color scheme or customize it? Remember, Adobe InDesign templates are designed to be customized—don't be afraid to make it your own!

19. Pastle | CV & Resume Template Design

Pastle  CV  Resume Template Design

How quirky and fun is this professional resume template? Consider adding a fun photo, experiment with the colors, and use this template to help market your skills.

20. Cream InDesign CV Resume Template

Cream InDesign CV Resume Template

You're never fully dressed without a smile, right? If you're looking to showcase imagery within your resume, this is one of the best resume templates for the job.

21. Resume & Cover Letter Template Design

Resume  Cover Letter Template Design

This one-page resume template is well designed and well organized—it can hold a lot of content without being visually overwhelming. If you're looking to keep things on one page, this one offers some great design inspiration.

22. Yellow InDesign CV & Resume Template Design

Yellow InDesign CV  Resume Template Design

Want to do something playful with your college resume template? These stylish pops of color bring some extra design flair to your content. Stick with this saturated yellow or work in colors associated with your professional or personal brand.

23. Minimal CV Resume Template Design

Minimal CV Resume Template Design

Visual consistency can help make your presentations look even more professional. This Adobe InDesign resume template is a great example. The repeating elements help visually connect them. Give this one a shot.

24. Stylish InDesign Resume Design Template

Stylish InDesign Resume Design Template

There are plenty of infographics to work with in this modern resume template. Which skills would you feature, front and center, in this design?

25. Landscape Graphic Design Resume Template InDesign

Landscape Resume CV Design Template

Do you have a colorful career? Want to mix things up? How about working with a landscape orientation for your resume? Subverting expectations can be a great way to stand out from the rest.

26. Minimalist Resume Template InDesign

InDesign CV Resume Template Design

This basic resume template proves that simplicity can be elegant and classy. Keep things simple and keep the emphasis on your content with this professionally designed template. 

27. Colorful CV & Resume InDesign Template

Colorful CV  Resume InDesign Template

This one could be a perfect acting resume template, as there's so much color and plenty of room for your best headshot. Swap out the type for your signature, or mix and match the colors to better suit your professional brand.

28. Creative InDesign Resume Template

Creative InDesign Resume Template

Do bold pops of color suit your professional brand? Then check out this template. If yellow isn't your style, easily swap the colors out and work with a color scheme of your own.

29. Leafy CV Resume InDesign Template

Leafy CV Resume InDesign Template

Isn't this design fun and friendly? It could be the perfect job resume template for creative careers, academic careers, or for situations where you just want to let some extra personality shine.

30. Army Resume InDesign Template

This template was designed with the military in mind, but it's plenty adaptable for a wide variety of projects. Adjust the colors, add your imagery, and easily insert your content. How would you customize this one?

31. Classy InDesign CV Resume Template

Classy InDesign CV Resume Template

A dark background can really stand out against the usual resume designs. Imagine this in beautiful, full-color, high-quality prints. Pretty classy, right? 

32. Clean Minimalist Resume Template InDesign

Clean Resume InDesign Template Design

This simple resume template is clean and well organized. There's something so classy about minimalist design, isn't there? If you're a fan of that aesthetic, look no further.

33. InDesign Resume Template Design

Fun, playful, and quirky—does that describe you? Then how about this InDesign resume template? It could be a perfect fit for your content, your photos, and your skillset.

34. InDesign CV & Resume Template

InDesign CV  Resume Template

This is such a stylish design! If you're looking for something on trend, this resume template design delivers. Consider downloading it today.

35. Pink InDesign Resume CV Template

Pink InDesign Resume CV Template

Isn't this pink template friendly? Even if pink isn't your jam, you can easily jump in and work with a different spot color. What color best describes you, your skill set, and your professional brand?

36. Creative Resume Template InDesign

Creative Resume Template InDesign

Love a blocky, grid-based design? This template is so colorful and fun. It could be a great fit for designers, developers, and other creative professionals too.

37. Black & White Resume InDesign Template

Black  White Resume InDesign Template

But a great job resume template isn't necessarily all about color. We can do great things in black and white too—just like we see in this InDesign resume template.

38. Allure CV Resume InDesign Template

Allure CV Resume InDesign Template

This template includes matching pages for your cover letter and for additional resume pages. Will you stick to one page, or do you have a lot of content to share?

39. InDesign Simple CV Resume Template

InDesign Simple CV Resume Template

Check out this simple resume template—simple doesn't have to be boring! Organize and visualize your content with the simple sliders. Or use this as a springboard and add more visual elements.

40. InDesign CV Resume Design Template

InDesign CV Resume Design Template

This modern resume template is stylish and sassy. Prefer a different color or pattern? Swap it out in a snap to give this template a whole different look. How would you customize this template?

Even More Premium InDesign Resume Templates From GraphicRiver

There are thousands of professional InDesign resume templates on GraphicRiver.

But maybe unlimited downloads aren't your style. In this case, check out GraphicRiver. Download exactly what you want, with a one-time fee. No subscription, no fuss. It's as simple as that! 

So let's take a look at some of the inspiring designs over on GraphicRiver. Enjoy the design inspiration, or consider picking one up today.

41. Clean Resume Template

Clean Resume Template

A professional resume template should be easy to read, well organized, and visually unified. This design is a great example of all three! Try it out for your resume and your cover letter, too.

42. Typographic Resume Design Template

Typographic Resume Design Template

If you're looking for a one-page resume template, this one could be perfect. There's so much space here for all of your content, especially if you're looking to focus on type.

43. 3 Piece Vintage Style Resume Pack 

3 Piece Vintage Style Resume Pack

What aesthetic best suits your professional focus? How about a vintage look? The best resume templates have the potential to be subjective—remember to think about what best suits your professional goals and target audience.

44. Resume InDesign Template

Resume InDesign Template

How about a design in gray? It adds so much emphasis to the white in the composition, doesn't it? A resume template with photo placement can be a great way to further communicate with your audience too—what photo would you choose?

45. InDesign Resume Template

InDesign Resume Template

This simple resume template is also customizable in Microsoft Word—convenient, right? A one-page resume template can be a great choice, but sometimes two pages are just necessary. If that's your situation, this is a great example of two pages done right.

46. Resume Design Template InDesign

Resume Design Template InDesign

Dramatic imagery steals the show in this InDesign resume template. It's a perfect fit for photography, artwork, portraits, and more. 

47. Modern Resume Template Design

Modern Resume Template Design

Contrast can really help make a statement! How bold is this yellow? What would you consider your key color, in your professional brand? This professional resume template is perfect for showing it off.

48. CV Resume Template InDesign 

CV Resume Template InDesign

This Adobe InDesign template comes with convenient variations—customize it in the way that best suits your project! Isn't this cover letter classy? Remember not to overpack your resume—negative space is important!

49. Neue Swiss Resume CV

Neue Swiss Resume CV

Customizing your resume is easy when working with this InDesign resume template. It already comes with presets, making this one super easy to use.

50. InDesign Resume Template CV

InDesign Resume Template CV

When looking at this job resume template, what industry do you think of? How might the color choices change your thoughts on that? These are all great things to think of when working on your resume. This one is plenty adaptable—give it a try.

51. Minimal Clean Resume

Minimal Clean Resume

This is another case of communicative color. Notice how this job resume template varies in different colors. Those color choices can make a big difference in how your resume visually communicates.

52. Resume InDesign Template

Resume InDesign Template

Imagery is plenty visually communicative too—so if you're involved in a visual field, it can be a great addition to your resume. How about a resume template with photo options, like this one?

53. Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

How striking is this deep red, modern resume template? Use the infographics to visually communicate your skill set, or stick to type if you prefer. There's so much you could do with this one.

54. InDesign Resume Booklet Template

InDesign Resume Booklet Template

Or maybe you've got a lot of content to share, and you'd prefer a larger, portfolio-like format. How about a resume booklet template, like this one?

55. Graphic Design Resume Template InDesign

Graphic Design Resume Template InDesign

Once you send off your resume, that's it—it needs to do the talking for you. How will you ensure that you put your best foot forward? A professional resume template, like this one, could help make that task a quick and convenient one.

Stand Out With a Professional InDesign Resume Template

What kind of InDesign resume design best suits your professional brand? 

Why not get started on your resume design today? There are plenty of professional resume design templates on Envato Elements to help get your project started—and completed!

Whether you're looking for a template, fonts, graphics, or other assets, Envato Elements has you covered. One fee covers thousands of assets, so it means a giant library for your creative projects. 

Prefer to work a la carte? Keep things simple with GraphicRiver. Download what you need, with a one-time fee. There are so many more beautifully designed, professional resume templates to see—make sure to check them out!

Looking for even more design inspiration? Check out these collections to help keep those creative juices flowing:

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