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54 Mind-Blowing Digital Paintings

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Here we've collected together over 50 legendary examples of digital painting in Photoshop. This hyper-modern medium blends traditional painting techniques with a digital canvas to produce stunning results. Featuring Cris de Lara, Alon Chou, Frederic St-Arnaud and others. This article contains some mild artistic nudity.

Editor’s note: In an effort to introduce some of our newest readers to some of our older, and most popular content we have decided to resurrect this post from November 2008 for everyone to enjoy for the first or second time. Enjoy!

1. Marta Dahlig

Marta is a long-standing Deviant Artist. She is 22 and from Poland, and she has been with DeviantArt since early 2003. During that time her amazing artwork and community involvement has made her work easily recognizable on the Deviant Art site. Her series of the seven deadly sins are pure perfection and a must see for any aspiring digital painter.

2. Daniel Conway

Daniel is a 23 year old lad who is currently living in the UK. He has spent 3 years studying both traditional art and digital animation. Currently however, he has been teaching himself the art of digital painting. His self teaching has certainly paid off, because his portfolio is truly amazing.

3. Marek Okon

Marek is also another digital painter from Poland. He is 27 and has some incredible talent. While he has been painting and doing web design for a while, it was only recently that he started he digital painting career. As you can see by looking at some his work, Mark is very into the sci-fi world. As a result, his work creates scenes that are truly creative and futuristic.

4. Cris de Lara

Who says all digital painting has to be complex sci-fi art? Cris has an awesome digital painting portfolio filled with a wider variety of subjects. Cris is currently living in Canada and started her jump into the digital painting world by learning traditional painting first. She first started with oil painting, but has now grown into doing work with comic books, illustrations, and TV.

5. Artgerm

Artgerm is the studio head and creative director of the talented digital painting studio Imaginary Friends. He is obsessed with Manga comics and this shows in some of his work. When not painting, he studies various other medias and styles as well as designs t-shirts.

6. Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Lorenz is a freelance digital artist born in Germany. After finishing his studies, he decided to freelance full time and has been doing quite well at it. He mostly works with clients in the entertainment industry such as movies, video games, and books. The majority of his digital painting skills are self taught.

7. Alon Chou

Alon started working at a gaming studio doing 3D modeling work, but was more interested in his 2D work so he decided to leave his job. Today he works as a freelancer doing digital painting and other 2D jobs. Mostly he does character and scene designs for games and movies.

8. Linda Bergvist

If you are into CG and digital painting, you have probably seen the EXPOSÉ and EXOTIQUE books. If so, you have also seen some of Linda's work. Here digital paintings are no stranger to collections of great digital artwork. She likes to use a combination of Corel Painter and Photoshop to create her digital painting masterpieces.

9. Aleksi Briclot

Aleksi mostly works in the video game industry using his talents as a digital painter for creating concept imagery for game designs. Aleksi's work isn't limited to sci-fi digital paintings, but can also be found in books, comics, and a variety of magazines.

10. Goro Fujita

Goro was born in Japan, but moved to Germany where he currently lives today. Shortly after high school, Goro began freelancing with graphic design and programming. This led to his interest in animation and digital painting. Today he focuses mostly of digital painting and 3D animation. He currently works as a visual development director for feature films.

11. Jason Chan

Jason is from San Francisco and has been pretty successful in the digital painting community. His unique, child like sci-fi style has allowed him to create his own little niche in the community. You may have seen some of his work on the popular card game, Magic the Gathering.

12. Bobby Chui

Bobby started learning about digital painting by being an extremely active member on the CG Society website. Today he is not only an amazing digital painter, but also the owner of Imaginism Studios in Toronto. It is here where he teaches other about digital painting techniques. His art has won a number of awards and is very different from many of the other artists featured here today.

13. Robert Kim

Here we have another amazing young deviant artist who is filled with talent. Robert is 22 and from Calgary, Canada. He draws much of his inspiration from games, anime, and art. His digital painting offers a nice change from the complexly detailed images of many other digital painters. His style crafts together a mix of creative imagery and traditional painting to formulate an outstanding finished product.

14. Craig Sellars

Currently, Craig works as a freelance visual development artist. Mostly this means he works in the video game industry as a concept designer. In the years past he has worked with Walt Disney Features and the behemoth video game company Electronic Arts.

15. Vitaly Samarin Alexius

Vitaly was born in 1984 in south central Siberian Russia. In 1998 Vitaly moved half way across the world to Toronto. It is here that he began his journey into learning the world of art, Photoshop, and digital painting. He has a created a style unique to his name which he likes to call "dreamisim." He currently works as a photographer and illustrator.

16. Frederic St-Arnaud

You have probably seen a ton of Frederic's work without even knowing it. He has been in the business for over 11 years and has worked some really big names. He has learned everything from basic drawing to 3D animation. Some of his most popular projects include major motion picture posters such as Sin City, Indiana Jones, and Death Race.

17. Raphael Lacoste

Raphael grew up in France, but currently lives in Canada with his wife and son. Originally Raphael studied the fine arts, but later on in his life he began studying 3D animation. Currently Raphael is working as an art director for video games and other CG related work.

18. Taeyoung Choi

Taeyoung started out as a drawing instructor, but slowly worked his way into the world of digital painting and 3D animation. He mostly focuses his skills on the gaming industry to create character and background concepts. He has won several awards and features in an older edition of the EXPOSE book.

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