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50+ Stylish Festive Christmas Greetings Card Templates

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With the holidays fast approaching, get in the festive spirit with our selection of the best greetings card templates around. From vintage and rustic to modern and minimal, there's plenty to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find a card to suit you. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! 

We’ve divided the templates up by style to help you find the perfect card—keep on reading to find contemporary, minimal, vintage, rustic, novelty and traditional designs that really cut the mustard.

bauble cardbauble cardbauble card
Vintage Bauble Card Template

Discover even more festive greetings card templates over on GraphicRiver.

Youthful & Contemporary Designs

These cards have on-trend designs that will suit anyone looking for something alternative to a traditional greetings card. Photographic styles and strong typography make these cards a high-impact, fun choice. Although these would look fantastic in print, these templates would also make super eCards. 

1. 3D-Style Card

This PSD template has a simple style, but the strong typography and 3D-style design give it extra impact.

wood background cardwood background cardwood background card
3D-Style Card Template

2. Flat Design Card

A flat design and punchy colors give this simple card design a thoroughly modern, versatile edge. Send it to just about anyone!

flat designflat designflat design
Flat Design Card Template

3. Minimal Maze Cards

This playful set of four cards may be minimal, but the geometric style and maze graphic give it plenty of fun factor. 

maze cardsmaze cardsmaze cards
Minimal Maze Cards

4. 3D-Style Card

Another 3D-style design with even more realism. This cinematic-style design is as festive as they come, with a cherry red background, garlands, pine cones, and lashings of snow.

3d card3d card3d card
3D-Style Card Template

5. Line-Drawn Greetings Cards

We love the quirky line-drawn style of this template, which can be adapted as a card or poster and comes in three on-trend colorways.

line drawnline drawnline drawn
Line-Drawn Card and Flyer

6. Photo Greetings Card

Incorporating a family photo into your card designs can be so much fun! This card design minimizes the cheese factor by keeping the photo in classic black and white, with a chalkboard typographic design.

photo templatephoto templatephoto template
Photo Greetings Card

7. Christmas Card Bundle

This set of 11 card templates is fantastic value—your main challenge will be in choosing which design to send to who. Our top pick? The watercolor-inspired reindeer has a beautiful design and would look stunning in any home.

Bundle of Christmas Card Templates

8. Typography & Photo Card

The clever style of this card, layering white type over a full-width photo, is a breath of fresh air and makes photos look instantly more modern and informal. Keep the photo dark for maximum impact.

typography phototypography phototypography photo
Typography & Photo Card Template

9. Party Greetings Card

Is Christmas the most fun time of year for you? Show how you’ll be celebrating by downloading this fun design, which you could easily adapt into a festive party invitation.

party cardparty cardparty card
Party Greetings Card

10. Photo Greetings Cards

This card template has a simple style that’s easily adaptable, with five different typography and color styles. 

family cardfamily cardfamily card
Photo Greetings Card

11. Typographic Cards

These cards have a simple typographic style which would work for any recipient—send to colleagues, friends, distant aunts... everyone will love it!

typographic cardstypographic cardstypographic cards
Typographic Cards

12. Wood-Background Card

This Christmas and New Year card has an inviting, contemporary style that could be easily adapted as a flyer as well. The colored lights balance the white type and wood background, giving warmth to the whole design.

wood background cardwood background cardwood background card
Wood-Background Card Template

13. Reindeer Card

As part of a great value, three-card bundle, our top pick is this sophisticated reindeer design, which can be adapted as a flyer or postcard. The minimal styling and elegant silver color palette give this design a slick, cosmopolitan look.

reindeer cardreindeer cardreindeer card
Reindeer Card Template

14. Squares Greetings Card

Dividing the layout up into rectangular sections gives this card design plenty of space for putting in two of your own photos. Keep the images monochrome for a sophisticated look.

squares cardsquares cardsquares card
Squares Greetings Card

15. Patterned Christmas Card

This geometric style is design-forward and youthful—it’s a completely non-cheesy way to present your favorite family photo.

Patterned Card Template

Modern & Minimal Cards

These card templates are perfect for sending to clients or colleagues—they have a slick, elegant style that will impress your corporate contacts. Metallic foiling, minimal typography and simple graphics make these stand out from the traditional greetings card crowd.

16. Gold Foil Cards

With four different styles but a matching color palette, you can send these glamorous cards to a whole group without feeling that you have to pick out your favorite design. Modern lettering type gives these templates a friendly feel. 

gold foil cardsgold foil cardsgold foil cards
Gold Foil Card Template

17. Grid Christmas Card

The grid-based layout of this modern template is cute and playful, and there’s plenty of room for dropping in a couple of office photos. 

cubed cardcubed cardcubed card
Grid Christmas Card Template

18. Gold Foil Cards

Another set of gorgeous metallic foiled cards. Choose a reindeer or bell style for added festive charm. 

gold foilgold foilgold foil
Gold Foil Card Template

19. Script Foil Cards

We love this selection of stylish metallic cards, which use elegant script lettering and fun polka dots to create the perfect balance of whimsy and formality.

script foil cardsscript foil cardsscript foil cards
Script Foil Card Template

20. Golden Foil Cards

These modern cards have a slightly more youthful edge, making them the perfect pick for your millennial colleagues. Mixing up type styles with dramatic color combinations makes for a punchy design. 

golden cardsgolden cardsgolden cards
Golden Foil Card Template

21. Magic Christmas Cards

The style of these Christmas cards is truly magical—half a festive item is pictured, with the other half completed with cleverly arranged typography. Our top pick is the beautifully curvy bauble set on a deep bronze background. 

magic cardsmagic cardsmagic cards
Magic Christmas Cards

22. Logo Christmas Card

The logo-inspired design of this template helps the design to feel slick and modern. Send this berry-colored design to your trendiest friends to really impress. 

logo cardlogo cardlogo card
Logo Christmas Card Template

23. 3D Lettering Card

This greetings card design may have a simple style, but it certainly doesn’t lack impact. The beautifully-rendered 3D lettering looks stunning and would be guaranteed to make any recipient smile.

3d lettering3d lettering3d lettering
3D Lettering Card Template

24. Pack of Card Templates

This bumper pack of five card styles is great value, and the simple, retro-inspired designs would work for any colleague or client. Our top pick? The candy cane wreath is quirky and fun.

bumper packbumper packbumper pack
Pack of Card Templates

25. Christmas Stocking Card

Even if you’re too old to have your presents in a stocking on Christmas Day, you can give others a stocking of their own with this cheerful Christmas card

stocking cardstocking cardstocking card
Stocking Christmas Card

26. Modern Graphic Tree Card

To really impress design-savvy friends, this triangular template is a sure-fire winner. With a slightly Eighties vibe, this card is bright and cheerful and packs a serious style punch.

tree cardtree cardtree card
Modern Tree Card Template

27. Lettered Type Cards

This set of five templates gives you plenty of choice in design and color. The simple but striking typographic styles make these ultra-versatile—send to colleagues, clients or neighbours to get in Santa’s good books.

lettered cardslettered cardslettered cards
Lettered Type Cards

Vintage & Retro Designs

A vintage-inspired Christmas card harks back to more traditional festive celebrations and gives recipients a fuzzy nostalgic feeling. These cards take inspiration from a range of decades, from the Jazz Age of the Twenties to the cheerful styles of the Fifties. Take your pick and find the best decade for you!

28. Retro Reindeer Card

With a letterpress style and vintage texture, these retro cards are beautifully presented in muted tones worthy of a Fifties Christmas. We love the cute reindeer silhouettes set on a subtle forest green background.

retro cardsretro cardsretro cards
Retro Cards Bundle

29. Retro Silhouette Cards

A more pared-back style, these vintage cards have a letterpress design and strong silhouettes, making the template feel both modern and old-fashioned at the same time. 

retro silhouetteretro silhouetteretro silhouette
Retro Silhouette Cards

30. Vintage Invitation Template

Adaptable to either a greetings card or an invite, this Fifties-inspired template has a lovely nostalgic style. Retro typography and candy stripe colors with a pared-back filter make this a design to treasure.

vintage invite templatevintage invite templatevintage invite template
Vintage Invitation Template

31. Art Deco Card Template

Inspired by both Art Deco typography and Mid-Century styling, this vintage card design comes in four stylish colors (try the mustard yellow for a completely unique card this year), and will look beautiful on display.

art deco cardart deco cardart deco card
Art Deco Card Template

32. Fifties Card Template

You can’t get more cheerfully nostalgic than this gorgeous 1950s-inspired template. Beautifully rendered script lettering and with a color palette that pops, this will delight any fan of Mid-Century design.

fifties cardfifties cardfifties card
Fifties Christmas Card Template

33. Vintage Bauble Template

This template wins us over for crisp style and beautiful typography. The mint green and cherry red is a wonderful combination too. 

vintage baublevintage baublevintage bauble
Vintage Bauble Card Template

34. Vintage Greetings Card Template

If you were browsing a gift shop back in the Fifties, this retro card wouldn’t look out of place on the shelves. Available in three colorways, the brush textures really lift this design into authentic vintage territory.

retro cardretro cardretro card
Vintage Card Template

Rustic & Craft Styles

If your image of Christmas is more roaring log fires than urban cocktail parties, then the rustic card trend will be right up your street. These crafts-inspired designs use hand-drawn illustrations, papery textures and chalk type to evoke a relaxed country Christmas.

35. Hand-Drawn Christmas Card

For a simple, minimal take on the rustic style, this card template is a great pick. Chalky textures and type teamed with traditional festive colors make for a stylish, cosy design. 

hand drawn cardhand drawn cardhand drawn card
Hand-Drawn Card Template

36. Watercolor Christmas Cards, Vol. 1

These cards are like the grown-up equivalent of the potato-stamp cards you used to create back in kindergarten. The crisp, stylish graphics lift these card templates into more sophisticated territory.

watercolor cardswatercolor cardswatercolor cards
Watercolor Christmas Cards

37. Watercolor Christmas Cards, Vol. 2

Another set of designs inspired by potato-stamp art, this one offers an even wider range of images, including a snowman, gingerbread man and festive wreath.

watercolor cardswatercolor cardswatercolor cards
Watercolor Christmas Cards

38. Rustic Photo Christmas Card

Vintage-inspired textured typography and a chalkboard background keep this card design looking suitably rustic, and there’s plenty of space for a photo too.

photo cardphoto cardphoto card
Rustic Photo Card

39. Crafts Christmas Card

This card template has a subtle steampunk vibe, with festive textures like tartan and wood being brought together into a quirky 3D design. It’s a completely unique take on the rustic trend.

Crafts Christmas Card

40. Simple Rustic Cards

These minimal templates for postcards come in four colors and styles. The muted color palette and simple silhouettes keep the design looking rustic and homely.

simple cardssimple cardssimple cards
Simple Rustic Cards

41. Colorful Christmas Card

If you’re looking for a more bright and colorful take on rustic, this card is it! This template has a slightly retro feel to it, with Seventies- and Fifties-inspired styling, but it’s a thoroughly modern and unique take on rustic festive design.

colorful cardcolorful cardcolorful card
Colorful Christmas Card

42. Rustic Grid Card

Divided into a playful grid layout, this simple card template is rustic and charming. 

rustic gridrustic gridrustic grid
Rustic Grid Card

43. Spiral Card Template

We love the unique layout of this attention-grabbing card. Playing down the patterned design are muted textures, colors and type, giving it a distinctly rustic vibe.

spiral cardspiral cardspiral card
Spiral Card Template

44. Rustic Wreath Card

Topping off our selection of rustic templates, this chalkboard design is pretty and charming, and would make be a lovely festive photo card to give to anybody.

rustic cardrustic cardrustic card
Rustic Wreath Card

Fun & Novelty Cards

What would Christmas be without fun? You’ll be sure to find something unique with this selection of more unusual card templates. 

45. Plasticine Christmas Card

Embrace your inner child with this plasticine-inspired card. It’s fun, playful, and will be guaranteed to raise a smile.

Plasticine Christmas Card Template

46. Family Christmas Card

Feature all the members of your family with this selfie-friendly Christmas card. If you’ve got a big family, avoid the stress of taking a family photo, and instead get your siblings and parents to take a fun selfie on their phone. 

family cardfamily cardfamily card
Family Christmas Card

47. Jumping Christmas Card

Create your own ‘Lords-a-Leaping’ photo with another family member, and create a greetings card that really pops!

jumping cardjumping cardjumping card
Jumping Christmas Card

48. Bundle of Illustrated Card Templates

This bumper set of six fun illustrated designs will be the perfect pick for friends and family this Christmas.

bundle of cardsbundle of cardsbundle of cards
Bundle of Illustrated Cards

Traditional Cards

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what style of card to send to somebody older, or simply more traditional. These cards have a traditional style that will please anyone and will make your life much easier in the run-up to Christmas.

49. Traditional Christmas Card

This Victorian-inspired card design is adaptable as both a greetings card and invite, so will suit festive events too. The nostalgic design will delight any recipient, young or old.

Traditional Christmas Card

50. Family Greetings Card

With traditional plaid, formal typography and space on the back for a full-width color photo, this postcard template is a lovely choice for a traditional family Christmas card.

family cardfamily cardfamily card
Family Greetings Card

51. Happy Holidays Card

classic design with vintage-inspired typography—you can’t go wrong with this failsafe card template.

happy holidayshappy holidayshappy holidays
Happy Holidays Card

52. Christmas Greetings Card

This traditional design can be adapted to either a party flyer or a Christmas card, or why not use it for both, and host a festive shindig for the neighbors?

Christmas Greetings Card Template

53. Candy Cane Christmas Card

A simple, photographic design with festive candy-cane type. You can't go wrong with this cheerful, seasonal design.

candy canecandy canecandy cane
Candy Cane Christmas Card

Conclusion: Your Perfect Christmas Card

I hope you've been able to find your ideal Christmas card design, whether it's a rustic beauty or a vintage-inspired gem. If you're still on the hunt for the perfect style, don't fret. You can find a huge range of card templates over on GraphicRiver—you'll be sure to find the one!

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