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50 Photoshop Tutorials to Get You Ready for Spring

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Read Time: 5 mins

In many parts of the world, spring is almost here. In this round up we will bring you 50 Photoshop tutorials to help prepare you for spring. This round up includes many tutorials that demonstrate techniques that have to do with nature, bright flowers, and being outdoors. Let's take a look!

1. Green Landscape Beanstalk

Shows you how to make a cool fairytale type illustration.

2. Create an Ice Cream Type Treatment

Learn how to make some colorful Popsicles this spring and be ready for summer!

3. Make Oranges and Lemons in Photoshop

Use Photoshop to make some oranges and lemons from scratch.

4. How to Create an Abstract Floral Explosion

Learn how to create a graphic full of spring florals and color.

5. Piece of the Artic Pie Chart

Make a cool 3D pie chart of the ocean in Photoshop.

6. Create a Flowerpot in Photoshop

Build your very own flower pot for all those spring flowers in Photoshop.

7. Nature Inspired Photo Illustration

Turn an ordinary photo into a cool nature inspired image.

8. Serene Fantasy Photomanipulation

Create a vintage style, serene fantasy nature scene.

9. How to Paint a Surreal Scene in Photoshop

Learn how to paint a surreal nature scene using only Photoshop.

10. Create a Glamor Scene in Photoshop

This tutorial teaches you how to make a glamor scene full of spring greens.

11. Create a Fantasy Out the Door Wallpaper

Make a neat image that pulls the spring outdoors, inside.

12. The Making of Eagle Ray

Learn how to make your very own pet stingray.

13. The Making of Underwater

Follow along and learn how to make a sweet underwater scene with lightrays.

14. Fantasy Out of Bounds

Design a framed up nature scene where the flora explodes out of the frame.

15. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect

Turn your text into a grass with a few easy steps in Photoshop.

16. Create a Nature Inspired Photomanipulation

Use Photoshop to create a nature inspired image to use in advertisements and posters.

17. Unreal Rose Bouquet

Make a splash with this tutorial that turns roses into something surreal.

18. Create a Vector Style Magazine Cover

Make a fun and colorful vector magazine cover, all in Photoshop.

19. The Making of the Frog

Create a cool frog silhouette on a bright green leaf.

20. Making of the Green Field

Watch the making of Vlads green field and learn how to make your own.

21. Making of Condensed

Short but sweet tutorial on making some water droplets on a solid background.

22. Create an Abstract Ecology Scene

Use Photoshop to create a vibrant scene full of nature.

23. Making of a Forest Magical Scene

Build your own magical forest scene with help from this tutorial.

24. Creating a Nature Inspired Digital Piece

Use some of the outdoors to get inspired and create this digital masterpiece.

25. Super Easy and Cool Flower Text Effect

With this quick and easy tutorial, you can create a pretty sweet flower text effect.

26. Glass Tomatoes

Here is a surreal tutorial that shows you how to take everyday tomatoes and turn them into glass.

27. Create a Flowery Natural Composition

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a flower power peace themed composition.

28. Sunlight in the Trees

Learn how to create majestic sunlight rays through trees with this tutorial.

29. Create Soft Flowing Waterfalls

Perfect an old photographers effect with this Photoshop tutorial to create soft flowing water.

30. How to Create a Magical Painted Scene

Use Photoshop to create this painted magical scene full of color and creativity.

31. Magical Forest Photo

Yet another magical forest tutorial.

32. Elegant Typography on a Vista Background

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create some cool typographical treatments on a vista background.

33. How to Create a Spectacular Nature Composition

Nature is a spectacular thing. Why not use Photoshop to create a spectacular nature composition?

34. Create a Modern Heart Concept

Use nature as your inspiration to create the cool modern heart concept image.

35. Create a Dynamic Nature Poster

Create a poster that uses almost all the various elements nature has to offer.

36. Creating an Ecological Fairy Tale Wallpaper

Have some fun learning to make an eco friendly fairy tale scene with this tutorial.

37. Composing 3D Rendering into a Nature Scene

Use 3D rendering, Photoshop, and nature to create some amazing designs.

38. Making a Book of Magical Playgrounds

Let your imagination run wild with this tutorial that helps you create a scene right out of your favorite book.

39. The Enchanted Forest Fantasy

Use Photoshop to create your very own enchanted forest fantasy. G rated of course.

40. Create a Vibrant Conceptual Photomanipulation

Create a cool and unusual image with this tutorial that combines all sorts of spring time fun.

41. The Cute Flying Hippo

When pigs fly is a tutorial on how you can create hybrid animals through Photoshop.

42. Create a Green Planet

Use Photoshop to create your very own green planet.

43. Leaking Honey effect

Create this sweet nectar in Photoshop.

44. Create an Awesome Grass Texture

Learn how to make your own grass texture to use in many other projects.

45. The Magic Night

Create a surreal night photo manipulation full of color and mystery.

46. Making of a Magical Forest Scene

Another Photoshop tutorial to help you create your very own magical forest scene.

47. The Fantastic Tree

Create an ominous tree full of dark personality.

48. The Soft Sea Light

Use some big moon images and soft light to create a breathtaking ocean scene.

49. Day and Night

Combine day and night in this Photoshop tutorial.

50. How to Create Bamboo in Photoshop

Make your own bamboo using nothing but Photoshop and some mad skills.

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