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50+ Best Skull Vectors (Sugar Skulls, Skull & Cross Bones, and More!)


Over the past few years, the popularity of skulls has grown tremendously.  Maybe it's because they evoke our mortality and remind us to live in the moment and make the most of it. 

Whatever the reason, if you're a fan of skulls and are looking for some cool skull vectors to create awesome T-shirts, posters, stationery, or something else completely, this list of over 50 of the best skull vectors from Envato Elements and Market is perfect for you.

Unlimited Premium Skull Vectors From Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the perfect place to find a wide range of amazing skull vector art, and the great news is that you can download as many vector files as you want for one low price.

Let's take a look at some of the premium skull vectors you can find at Envato Elements.  

1. Skulls & Bones

Skulls  Bones

This cool collection of skull art contains 11 vintage illustrations of human bones, skulls, and skeletons. The files are vectors, so it's super easy to scale them to whatever size you need or change the colours. The illustrations are a great choice for scrapbooking or creating T-shirts, prints, brand materials, etc.

2. Surprised Woman With Her Crazy Friends

Surprised Woman with Her Crazy Friends

Can you spot the skull art in this beautiful neon-coloured line art illustration? The files in this piece of abstract modern art are vector, so you can change the colour and details of the image and scale the illustration to any resolution without loss of quality.

3. Dotwork Animal Skull

Dotwork Animal Skull

This bull skull vector has a bit of a grunge twist that would work well on clothing or could be incorporated into a poster. The well-organised, layered files are provided in AI and EPS so they're fully customisable. Have fun!

4. Dotwork Animal Skull

Dotwork Animal Skull

These cool vector longhorn skulls have a touch of the American desert states about them. Use one or both of the skulls to create cool logos, posters, T-shirts, or a myriad of other projects.  

5. Vector Skull Stock

Vector Skull Stock

What's cool about this skull vector art set is that it shows the skull from various angles, so that you have lots of choice about which one you use in your project. The set offers five vector files that you can modify to suit your needs. 

6. Sugar Skulls Graphics

Sugar Skulls Graphics

Sugar skull art is popping up everywhere, and we couldn't be happier that this beautiful Mexican skull art is becoming so popular. You can edit the text, image, and colour of these well-organised and layered AI and EPS files and apply them to your next project. 

7. Skulls Clipart

Skulls Clipart

How fabulous is this collection of six different skull vectors? Which is your favourite? I'm partial to the geometric skull vector myself. Download these skull face vectors, choose your favourite, and add it to your scrapbooking, website, or T-shirt project. 

8. Vintage Textures Pack

Vintage Textures Pack

How about some vintage skull vector art? This collection of 30 different vintage textures and graphics includes the super skull vector shown in the illustration. The files are supplied as EPS so are fully editable vectors, meaning you can change the colours, combine elements for unique effects, or scale files as needed without losing quality. 

9. The Chemistry Between Us

The Chemistry Between Us

This superb skull face vector is perfect for those who want to include a bit of gore in their illustration. The illustration captures the connection between the human face and the skull beneath it and alludes to blood with artfully added streaks and blotches of red colour. A great choice for T-shirts, posters, CD/DVD covers, and other creative applications.

10. Hand-Drawn Halloween Vector Illustration Elements

Hand Drawn Halloween Vector Illustration Elements

Now this is a collection of skull vectors every skull lover should have in their collection. It features a variety of skulls, including a fabulous vector longhorn skull, as well as a bunch of other spooky illustrations like a severed hand, an evil-looking jack-o-lantern, and dead tree silhouettes. The illustrations are presented in a variety of file types, including AI, EPS, and PDF for your convenience. 

11. Dead Days Halloween Horror Illustrations

Dead Days Halloween Horror Illustrations

If you celebrate Day of the Dead or Halloween, you'll love these Day of the Dead skull vectors. The collection presents 22 faux scary illustrations and text in vector that would look fabulous on invitations, posters, T-shirts, and the like.

12. Skeleton Handrawn Set

Skeleton Handrawn Set 2

If you're looking for a skull and crossbones vector, this is it. This set of three skull illustrations combines skulls with bones from other parts of the body. Modify the vector files as you like and incorporate them into scrapbook, clothing, graphic designs, labels, or badges.

13. Dotwork Animal Skull With Modern Street Style

Dotwork Animal Skull with Modern Street Style

The cool bull skull vector would be a terrific addition to any project from scrapbooking to branding. The illustration comes in well-organised, layered vector files that are quick to download and easy to customise.

14. Helmet Skull

Helmet Skull 1

Looking for a helmeted skull? Well, this vector illustration of a skull wearing a vintage helmet is great for adding to logos, T-shirts, or any other graphic design project. The skull vector art is offered in layered and customisable AI and EPS files. 

15. Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls

These sugar skull vectors are just adorable. They come in 30 separate PNG files and three layered EPS vectors, so you have loads of flexibility in how you decide to use them. Great for DIY projects, invitations, cards, kids apparel, greeting cards, logos, cases, etc.

16. 40 Illustrated Skulls

40 Illustrated Skulls

Looking for skull art in different styles? This collection of 40 skulls is just the thing. They range from literal depictions of skulls to the more ghoulish and distorted skull representations. The files are presented in AI and EPS for all vector lovers but are also available in PNG with a transparent background and 300 dpi resolution.

17. Mexican Skulls

Mexican Skulls

Mexican skull art has taken the world by storm. What is there not to love about these terrific sugar skull vectors? The vector files are presented in both EPS and AI and contain two vector colourful and ornamented skull illustrations. 

18. Biker Skull

Biker Skull

If you're a biker or wannabe biker, this terrific skull face vector is perfect for creating T-shirts, posters, badges, etc. The vector flies include layered AI and EPS that can be coloured and resized as needed. Also included in the package are PNG files with transparent backgrounds. 

19. Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

This day of the dead skull vector is cute and playful and perfect for your DIY projects like invitations, cards, T-shirts, posters, etc. Just download the EPS files, customise as needed, and add to the project of your choice.

20. The Head Skull

The Head Skull

A play on a flaming skull vector, but with steam coming out of the top of the head and water dripping from the jaw, this is the illustration to choose when you want something a bit more dark and ominous for your DIY projects. 

21. Dirty Skull Illustration Vector

Dirty Skull Illustration Vector

Not your average skull face vector, that's for sure. This 100% vector is a mishmash of a skull, pirate, microphone, and goodness knows what else. Use the AI, EPS and PSD files to create your own stand-out projects.  

22. Biker Skull

Biker Skull

This set of biker skull face vectors would be perfect to use on posters, badges, T-shirts, etc. The AI and EPS files are quick to download and easy to customise so that you can add your own unique stamp to the illustrations. 

23. Skull Pool

Skull Pool

Add a touch of surrealism to your projects when you add this flaming skull vector, which features a flaming skull with a pool at the top of the head and a fish diving off a platform through the flames into the pool. Trippy, to say the least. 

24. Vintage Anatomy Vectors

Vintage Anatomy Vectors

Here's a skull vector art collection that features 50 illustrations of various parts of the human body. The files are supplied in vector EPS and transparent PNG. Use for merchandising, posters, and the like. 

One-Off Skull Vector Art From Envato Market

Envato Market is another resource that offers a large selection of excellent skull vector art files. If your budget is tight and you just need to buy one resource, Envato Market is a great option for high-quality graphics. Let's take a look at the best skull face vectors found there.

25. Day of The Dead Skull Vector Set in Black and White

Day of The Dead Skull Vector Set in Black and White

If sugar skull art is your thing, you are in for a treat with this terrific collection of sugar skull vectors. Fully editable vector EPS, you can use the illustrations for tattoos, emblems, design elements, merchandising and more.

26. Day of the Dead Skull Vector Set

Day of the Dead Skull Vector Set

If you love the sugar skull art above but are more into colour than black and white, no worries. Here is another collection of sugar skull vectors for you, this time in full colour. Like the files above—and all the files featured here—these are fully editable vector illustrations that you can customise as needed. 

27. Ornate Flaming Skull Vector

Ornate Flame Skull Tattoo

If you're looking for a skull flame vector to use in a tattoo or for some other purpose, you'll be happy with this beautiful flaming skull vector. A fully editable vector illustration that's quick to download and easy to customise for your needs. 

28. Flaming Skull

Flaming Skull

Another skull flame vector but with a different twist. This one features not just flames issuing from the head of the skull but wings that look like flames themselves. A super cool vector for tattoo, emblems, t-shirts and much more. 

29. Buffalo Skull

Buffalo Skull

A classic vector longhorn skull isolated on a white background. The file is presented in both AI and EPS vectors but includes a high-quality JPEG and transparent PNG as well.

30. Romantic Skull With Crown

Romantic Skull with Crown

This has got to be one of the coolest illustrations ever, playing as it does with ideas of power, beauty, and mortality. Use this vector EPS to create your own awesome T-shirts, posters, or emblems, or incorporate it as a design element into other projects. 

31. Skull in the Smoke

Skull in the Smoke

Where there's smoke there's fire, but this smiling skull is all about smoke rather than fire. Use the EPS vector to incorporate into your DIY projects. 

32. Burning Skull

Burning Skull

This could be the flaming skull vector you've been waiting for. We know we've featured a good selection of skull flame vectors here, but none with as demonic an edge as this one. So if this has the look you've been searching for, download the vector EPS and have fun incorporating it in your projects. 

33. Sugar Skull with Flower Border

Sugar Skull with Flower Border

Back to the more lighthearted skull vectors with Mexican skull art. This EPS sugar skull vector is a classic with its colourful illustrations on the face of the skull and its border of flowers. Download it and have fun with it. 

34. Skull Crossbones

Skull Crossbones

Presenting another classic, the skull and crossbones vector is one of the most iconic of symbols, and this one is quite nicely done. Customise it as you like and incorporate it into your projects. 

35. Bull Skull and Cow Skull

Bull Skull and Cow Skull

Lovers of animal skulls will love this collection of over 20 gorgeous bull skull vectors and vector longhorn skulls. The collection is presented in AI and EPS files so can be coloured and scaled without loss of quality. 

36. Steampunk Skull

Steampunk Skull

A cheeky skull face vector if there ever was one. This fella is decked out in a steampunk hat. He wears it well, don't you think? The files come in vector EPS, hi-res JPEG, and PNG with transparent background. 

37. Skull


This geometric skull vector has a futuristic quality as well as an air of menace. The illustration comes in well-organised, layered vector files that are quick to download and easy to customise.

38. Skull With Wings

Skull With Wings

A skull face vector that pilots and other flying enthusiasts will love. The skull with wings and eye goggles sits on a white background. Use it for T-shirts, posters, packaging, and other projects. 

39. Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull

Looking for more sugar skull art? This sugar skull illustration features a grinning skull wearing a top hat and holding a rose between its teeth. A fun illustration to add to your next project.

40. Mexican Skull Art

Mexican Sugar Skull

Yet another superb sugar skull vector. This time, the skull is wearing a mini sombrero with two maracas on either side of the skull. 

41. Skull With Roses Day of the Dead

Skull with Roses Day of the Dead

Use this day of the dead skull vector to celebrate the famous Mexican tradition. Add the vector to your scrapbook, T-shirt, poster, or any other projects you have in mind.

42. Pilot Skull

Pilot Skull

An angry skull vector to scare little children and adults alike. This one wears a pilot's hat and goggles. Would make a superb emblem or graphic for a T-shirt. 

43. Cowboy Skull

Cowboy Skull

Another hat-wearing skull, this one is in a better mood than the one above. With its heart-shaped nose, huge grin, aviator-style sunglasses, and cowboy hat, this skull face vector says friend rather than foe.

44. Angel Skull

Angel Skull

This interesting skull face vector comes complete with fire issuing from the top of the skull, wings sprouting from the area of the ears, and roses under each cheek. It's quick to download and easy to add to your design projects.

45. Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull

If you're looking for just one superb sugar skull art vector to create an amazing tattoo or emblem, this is a great choice. The detail—from the realistic eyeball within the heart on the forehead to the upside-down heart nose—is just terrific. 

46. Floral Skull

Floral Skull

A stand-out piece of skull art even within a pretty awesome bunch of top-quality skull vectors, this gorgeous skull will bring an air of romance and poetry to your next project.

47. Tribal Animal Skull Illustration

Tribal Animal Skull Illustration

How absolutely awesome is this gorgeous bull skull vector? Use it to create gorgeous items like T-shirts, badges, stationery, and more.

48. Skull With Geometric Polygonal Ornament

Skull with Geometric Polygonal Ornament

This is a geometric skull vector with a twist, in that the geometry is around the skulls instead of making up the skull. The vector EPS would make a nice background for a variety of projects.

49. Day of the Dead Seamless Pattern

Day of the Dead Seamless Pattern

Looking for an interesting background for a new project? Why not use this sugar skull art vector? The seamless pattern comes in both vector EPS and hi-res JPEG and is super quick to download and easy to customise. 

50. Skull of a Bull Put Into Geometrical Figures

Skull of a Bull Put Into Geometrical Figures

A geometric skull vector with a twist, this vector longhorn skull is all about the mystical, with its crystals growing from the skull's forehead and various stages of the moonrise surrounding the skull. Download the EPS vector, customise it according to your needs, and add it to your next project. 

51. Day of the Dead Skull Vector With Flowers

Skull and Flowers Day of The Dead

Check out this stunning piece of Mexican skull art. A smiling skull surrounded by a plethora of gorgeous flowers, this Day of the Dead skull vector is hard to resist. The illustration is offered in both EPS vector and hi-res JPEG! Download and enjoy!

Select Your Favourite Skull Vector Art Today 

This is just a small sample of the terrific skull art available at Envato Elements and Envato Market. So if you haven’t found just the right one for you here, head on over to both sites and have a browse to find one that suits your needs. 

And if you’re looking for a range of cool mockups to see how your vector downloads would look on different items, check out this range of awesome mockups below:

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