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50+ Creative YouTube Banner Templates


Every budding YouTube star needs a professional banner that matches their awesome channel. So explore these 50+ creative premium banner templates to find the one that works for you!

50+ YouTube Banner Templates

Want to be the next best YouTube sensation? Build your brand with an exciting banner that fits your unique style. Boost your social media game with a banner template that's fun and easy to use!

In this collection of premium assets, we're presenting you with 50+ creative YouTube banner templates curated from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Modify these templates yourself or enlist the help of a design professional from Envato Studio to create designs for all your social media needs.

YouTube Creative Cover V.1 (PSD)

Make the most out of your social media presence with beautiful YouTube cover mockups that show off your creative side! Suitable for any corporate, creative, or music business, this download features six amazing layouts that can be customized in Photoshop.

Youtube Creative Cover V1

YouTube Channel Cover Art (PSD)

Stay on trend with elegant YouTube cover designs that are simply phenomenal. Offering you a range of designs to fit your personal needs, this pack features four Photoshop files with elements you can easily update. Set your own image as the main background to leave a lasting impression.

YouTube Channel Cover Art

Modern YouTube Channel (PSD)

Launch your YouTube channel with a stunning modern design everyone will love! This package features four gorgeous designs with beautiful, fashionable elements. Enjoy the clean, minimalist look of this YouTube channel art template PSD to get the most out of your top YouTube banner PSD.

Modern YouTube Channel

YouTube Music Channel Art (PSD)

Create stunning cover art that matches your creative music. This design is great for any musician or DJ hoping to launch their brand on YouTube. Download this file to get access to three incredible layouts with the right YouTube channel art size, fully editable layers, and a simple instructional guide.

Youtube Music Channel Art

Modern Art YouTube (PSD)

Stop your audience dead in their tracks with this brilliant YouTube cover art. This design features five amazing layouts to choose from, with a wide range of colors and themes. This YouTube channel art template PSD was created with a large 2120x1192 document size, so you'll also get access to high-resolution images and amazing details.

Modern Art YouTube

YouTube Channel Art - MAIA (PSD)

Are you into fashion? Then you'll want to take advantage of this stylish YouTube cover mockup. This YouTube channel art template PSD features a polished, modern design with minimalist elements to highlight your brand. It's made at the perfect YouTube channel art size, and also included are detailed instructions to make your life a whole lot easier!

Youtube Channel Art - MAIA

Hoop - YouTube Channel Art (PSD)

You'll be destined for success with this stunning pack of YouTube channel covers. This pack features three exquisite designs with bold backgrounds and geometric elements. Switch out the main images for stocks you love for an out-of-this-world cover design!

Hoop - YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Music Channel Art (PSD)

From Justin Bieber to Tori Kelly, many incredible musicians get their start on YouTube. And you can achieve the look of a music professional with a modern YouTube banner PSD. This YouTube channel art template PSD features high-resolution images created at 300 dpi, with multipurpose layouts to let your imagination run wild.

YouTube Music Channel Art

YouTube Banners Channel (PSD)

Keep up with the latest trends in banner design! Feature a YouTube cover mockup that highlights your channel in a creative, professional way. This epic template, for instance, includes eight Photoshop files with free fonts and a polished layout. Customize this template with your own landscape photography for a pretty wicked upgrade.

Youtube Banners Channel

Minimalist Design YouTube Channel Art (PSD, JPG)

Sit back and relax with a beautiful set of YouTube covers featuring sublime color schemes. The idea behind this template is to center your design around a gorgeous image with simplistic elements added for social media links and more. It was created with the ideal YouTube channel art size, so it's ready to go. Subscribe to this design for an awesome layout today!

Minimalist Design YouTube Channel Art

5 - Multipurpose YouTube Channel Art (PSD)

Multipurpose styles allow your brand to grow with your channel. So check out this wicked template, featuring five professional designs all created in Adobe Photoshop. Plug in your details and images to get started with your new channel right away!

5 - Multipurpose YouTube Channel Art

Creative YouTube Channel Banner (PSD)

Change the YouTube game with impressive cover art that highlights your personality. This cool YouTube banner PSD comes complete with two different layouts, smart objects, and fully editable text layers. It's a high-quality template that is sure to stand out, so download this YouTube cover mockup today!

Creative Youtube Channel Banner

6 Elegant YouTube Banners (PSD)

Become an industry expert with a gorgeous YouTube banner that matches your expertise! This incredible bundle features six vibrant YouTube cover mockups bursting with stylish colors and layouts. They also include fully responsive designs that work with any device, and free fonts you can download easily.

6 Elegant YouTube Banners

Business YouTube Channel Art Covers (PSD)

Step up your marketing game with this brilliant business-themed banner package. This pack includes three high-quality YouTube banner PSD designs created in their own separate Photoshop files. Use the handy smart objects to update your templates, and enjoy the clean, fully responsive design at the perfect YouTube channel art size.

Business YouTube Channel Art Covers

YouTube Cover Art Template (PSD)

Can't get enough of these templates? Then feast your eyes on the next exciting design. This cover art is perfect for the avid photographer or any other expert creative. Included in this YouTube channel art template PSD are three bold color schemes with easy-to-use smart objects for your personal photos.

Youtube Cover Art Template

Photography & Game YouTube Covers (PSD)

Teach your viewers the latest tips and tricks in photography or gaming! This wicked bundle features 27 amazing themes for two creative industries. Whether you love shooting photos or conquering a wild adventure, you can dive into these fun templates with fully editable layers and colors.

Photography  Game YouTube Covers

Royal YouTube Banner (PSD)

Create a royal banner design that reflects your personal style. This unique template features a vivid red and green color scheme with social media icons and so much more! Enjoy the awesome minimalist background and customize the center image with one of your own.

Royal YouTube Banner

Colorart YouTube Channel (PSD)

Upload a YouTube cover with a minimal and laid-back design. With this simple template, you get access to three creative layouts you can customize for more design options. Download the clean design and enjoy the vibrant colors for your special channel.

Colorart YouTube Channel

5 YouTube Channel Arts (PSD)

Banner bundles are the perfect way for you to get many design options for one low price! And this pack features five elegant designs we're sure you'll love! They're created as multipurpose layouts that work with a variety of industries, so download this pack today to get started!

5 YouTube Channel Arts

4 Collage YouTube Banners (PSD)

Win over your viewers with a fun photo collage featuring your favorite moments! This collection of YouTube banner PSDs includes four colorful designs that will instantly uplift the appearance of your channel. Download this bundle today to get access to high-resolution elements and fully responsive designs.

4 Collage YouTube Banners

Gym and Fitness YouTube Covers (PSD, JPG)

Become the next big name in fitness! Upload a phenomenal YouTube cover design that is as intense as your workouts! This set features files that are 100% editable and fully responsive. Enjoy a beautiful design that looks great no matter which device you use.

Gym and Fitness YouTube Covers

YouTube Channel Banner (PSD)

Step out of the box with this minimalist design inspired by traditional brush strokes. This pack features two phenomenal YouTube cover styles with a light and dark version available for your convenience. Choose a stock that best complements the design, or switch it for one of your own for optimal impact!

YouTube Channel Banner

Ultimate YouTube Banner (PSD)

Still looking for the right cover? Then check out this ultimate YouTube banner. This YouTube banner PSD features a fully responsive design with three color variations to choose from. Enjoy stunning banners that look great on your TV, desktop, or mobile devices.

Ultimate You Tube Banner

2 Collage YouTube Banners (PSD)

Fill your banner with a brilliant photo collage with this amazing template! This design features organized smart objects that were created in an easy-to-use file that supports RGB mode. Though the preview images are not included, you can modify them yourself with all new stocks.

2 Collage YouTube Banners

YouTube Gamer Channel Art (PSD)

Create a minimalist YouTube banner inspired by your favorite video games! This YouTube banner template download includes three incredible design variations with beautiful blurred backgrounds for more visual impact. Also included are free Google fonts and free icons to make your design experience so much better!

YouTube Gamer Channel Art

Gaming YouTube Channel Banner (PSD)

Kick off your gaming channel with an incredible background featuring your favorite video game art! This YouTube channel art template PSD features five striking designs with creative layouts that are sure to make you stand out. Download this pack today to get access to fully editable files and even free badges!

Gaming YouTube Channel Banner

10 Multipurpose YouTube Channel Banners (PSD)

Or download ten brilliant YouTube banners for one affordable price! This bundle is packed with amazing designs featuring multipurpose layouts, free icons, and so much more! Make the most of your wallet with a banner bundle that's suitable for any industry!

10 Multipurpose YouTube Channel Banners

Dortoretto YouTube Background (PSD)

Hungry for results? Step up your culinary game with a YouTube channel banner that fits your brand. This tasty template features two incredible styles created at a high resolution so that you don't miss out on any yummy details. Enjoy the free fonts included in this ready-to-use file.

Dortoretto Youtube Background

10 Vintage YouTube Banners (PSD)

Get the most bang for your buck with this collection of ten vintage-themed YouTube banners. Enjoy vivid colors that look attractive across many devices and fully editable files that are easy to use. Suitable for any business or personal channel, this pack will set you up with official cover art in no time at all!

10 Vintage Youtube Banners

Modern YouTube Banner (PSD)

A creative YouTube banner can turn you into an instant professional. Try out this lovely red template, for instance, which features a modern design you can easily edit. Simply drag and drop your photo into the appropriate smart objects and edit the text layers with your information.

 Modern Youtube Banner

3 Clean YouTube Banners (PSD)

Love the color red? Then check out this bold collection of three YouTube banners. This pack includes fully editable layers where you can modify the text or colors easily. Also included are social media icons to link to your personal profiles.

3 Clean YouTube Banners

Corporate YouTube Banner Template (PSD)

Upgrade your boring corporate YouTube covers with a clean, modern design. Set up links for direct contact to your services with this resourceful template. This template features an elegant blue theme with cool geometric lines for that added edge.

Corporate Youtube Banner Template

YouTube Cover V-1 (PSD, JPG)

Make sure your banner works perfectly across all devices! This classic template features a professional design that is suitable for multiple Photoshop versions. Customize the main image with one of your own and update the text quickly!

YouTube Cover V-1

Travel YouTube Channel Art - 6 Designs (PSD)

Set out on your next travel adventure inspired by these banner designs. This template includes six retina-ready YouTube banner covers with free fonts packaged into fully editable files. Update your YouTube cover mockup quickly in Photoshop, or dive into the convenient help files for more instruction.

Travel Youtube Channel Art - 6 Designs

YouTube Cover Template (PSD)

Rock out with some of the best YouTube cover mockups the market has to offer! This download includes ten extraordinary layouts featuring beautiful colors and stylish elements. Replace the images with just one click to enjoy your template right away!

Youtube Cover Template

Business YouTube Banner (PSD)

Branding is important, so make sure all your social media profiles stand out with a clean, corporate layout. This professional template features a fully editable file created in RGB mode in Photoshop. Update the layers with facts about your business, and enjoy this template in just a few short clicks!

Business YouTube Banner

YouTube Soccer Banner (PSD)

Soccer, or football, is the world's most popular sport. And if you're a die-hard fan then you'll love to celebrate your fandom with this incredible YouTube cover art. Get access to one modern design with an amazing beehive design inspired by the classic soccer ball.

YouTube Soccer Banner

3 Multipurpose YouTube Channel Banners (PSD)

Does your current banner miss the mark? Upgrade it with an awesome template that features three multipurpose layouts. This template also includes a set of vectorized elements and fully editable layers for one affordable package.

3 Multipurpose YouTube Channel Banners

Gaming Channel YouTube Banner V2 (PSD)

Explore wonderful, creative possibilities with this set of YouTube banners. This design is centered around a cool 3D city with six amazing color options to choose from. Use the original multi-colored version or choose a brilliant monochromatic palette instead.

Gaming Channel YouTube Banner V2

Glitch - YouTube One Channel Design Banner (PSD)

One of the hottest trends in design today is the glitch effect. And you can get a cool tech-inspired YouTube banner with this amazing download. This template features one high-resolution banner design that incorporates geometric elements and vibrant colors. Keep the free font used or switch it out for one of your favorites.

Glitch - YouTube One Channel Design Banner

3 Retro YouTube Channel Art Banners (PSD)

Download a vibrant banner design that packs a powerful punch! This epic template features a colorful retro theme with three incredible designs to choose from. Also included are free fonts and photos so you know you'll pay for exactly what you see!

3 Retro YouTube Channel Art Banners

Great YouTube Channel Art Templates From Placeit

Most of these YouTube channel art template are PSDs which require Photoshop. If you don't have the program or don't know how to use it, you can find a great option on Placeit.

Placeit is an online design generator that lets you create unique YouTube channel art with just a few clicks. Edit colors, text, logos, images, and much more with Placeit. It really is as easy as this Placeit YouTube banner tutorial video makes it look.

Here are some YouTube banner template options from Placeit you can try out. 

Gaming YouTube Banner Template With Old Picture Effect Texture

This YouTube banner template for a gaming channel has some great style. It features a grainy, old-style picture as a backdrop for your YouTube channel name and information. Edit the text, background image, textures, and colors with this YouTube mockup.

Gaming YouTube Banner Template

YouTube Channel Art Template For Cosplay Channel

If you're creating excellent cosplay content, you need YouTube channel art that reflects that. That's why you should try out this YouTube channel art template. Its minimal design is eye-catching and fully editable to fit your content.

YouTube Channel Art Template Cosplay Channel

YouTube Gaming Banner Generator

Minimal design and gaming are a great match, as you can see with this YouTube banner template download. It is light on extras but heavy on style. It looks dynamic and is very easy to edit. With a few clicks, you can have your ideal YouTube mockup.

YouTube Gaming Banner Generator

Minimalist YouTube Banner for a Makeup Tutorial

Shifting from the gaming world, Placeit offers this fashionable makeup YouTube channel banner generator. The flowing colors and elements create a stylish, contemporary banner. Add in your channel's name, and edit the colors to what you find works for your videos. 

Minimal YouTube Makeup Channel Generator

YouTube Banner Creator for a Crossfit Channel

Home fitness never looked so good. Whip the look of your Crossfit channel into shape with this YouTube banner generator. There are few elements to this excellent YouTube banner template, and you can customize all of them to fit your branding.  

Crossfit Fitness YouTube Banner Template

YouTube Channel Art Template for Geek And Gaming Channel

Do you have your finger on the pulse of geek and gaming culture? You'll enjoy having this YouTube channel art at hand then. It combines geek and chic for an appealing design overall. You can add additional text, graphics, colors, and more.

Geek Channel YouTube Mockup Generator

Mothers-Focused YouTube Banner Template

This design was created with mothers in mind. The floral elements of this YouTube banner template are a nice touch but can be changed just like the typefaces. If you run a channel focused on new moms, try out this banner. 

Mothers Focused YouTube Mockup

Retro-Themed YouTube Banner Maker for Gaming Channel

Vaporwave is having a bit of a renaissance lately. It's a good thing your gaming channel can jump on that train in just a few clicks. Hype up your videos and add some extra flair with this awesome YouTube banner template download. 

Retro Gaming Channel Banner Template

Beauty Channel YouTube Banner Maker

There is beauty in simplicity. With toned-down elements and very minimal design, this banner generator is a perfect fit for almost every beauty-focused channel. Edit the elements of this YouTube banner template, then download the results.

YouTube Banner Template Download Beauty Channel

YouTube Banner Template Generator for Gaming Channel

This YouTube banner template download generator comes with a whole lot of attitude. Inspired by the popular PUBG game, this template is nice and simple. Every element can be tweaked, so your channel can have a completely unique look with this banner.

YouTube Banner Template Download Generator Gaming Channel


This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Photoshop. For additional help with all your social media needs, enlist the skills of a talented professional by choosing one of the amazing designers from Envato Studio.

And with hundreds of YouTube banners available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Elements and GraphicRiver for more YouTube channel art and other resources, and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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