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40 Dark and Futuristic Photoshop Effects

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Do you like exploding planets, energy spheres, ruined cities, telepathic warriors, gloomy nebulas, and light-rays? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s round up we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest dark and futuristic Photoshop effects that we could find. Please take a moment to review some of our favorites.

This post was originally published on Psdtuts in August 2008.

1. Aurora eclipse effect

Top quality tutorial that teaches you how to create a flashy eclipse.

2. Create a "Bionic Diver" using photo manipulation

Create a half-man half-robot diving machine. This effect could easily be applied to any human form.

3. Design a space scene in Photoshop

Learn how to create a realistic space scene.

4. Design a futuristic laptop advert

Create a laptop ad with a modern and futuristic look.

5. Transformers text effect

Learn how to make the cool futuristic text from the Transformer text.

6. Scan-line text

Add a Matrix-style feel to your text with this tutorial.

7. Create a fiery space explosion

Probably your only chance to blow up a planet outside a video game/nuclear warfare.

8. Seamless compositing in Photoshop

Get some top notch advice on blending photos into a realistic surreal image.

9. The making of Mystic

Another high quality tutorial on creating a sci-fi style facial effect.

10. Wicked alien-entity text effect

Add a simple alien type effect to your text.

11. Glowing orb with dial

Create a detailed glowing orb that has a wide variety of uses.

12. Space lighting effects

High quality tutorial that teaches some basic lighting techniques.

13. The Dark Knight grunge wallpaper

Create a dark poster that mimics the design of the new Batman movie.

14. Create a futuristic building interior

Create a futuristic looking interior for a hi-rise building.

15. Make a realistic star field

Neat tutorial that helps you create a realistic star field in outer space.

16. Create a futuristic smoke-like effect

A hyper-modern smoke effect to compliment a dark background.

17. Add speed-strails to a vehicle

The perfect effect to add to a super-fast futuristic vehicle.

18. The magic night

Create the sunset of the future. Learn how to create a surreal landscape.

19. Good and evil photo effect

Another good tutorial on turning people into something else.

20. Create meteoric text

Turn your words into a fiery space meteor bearing down on the viewer.

21. Robotic frog

Create a robot frog of the future with this tutorial.

22. Creating an awesome space effect

This is another cool tutorial for creating a neat space effect.

23. Create a futuristic daytime cityscape

This could easily appear on the cover of a Sci-fi novel.

24. Making of an abstract art piece: “Lonium”

This tutorial will teach you how to create a futuristic abstract image.

25. Creating energy spheres

Turn anyone into a someone with super powers with this cool tutorial.

26. Supernatural text effect

Create a dark and eerie Sci-fi text effect.

27. Transform a person into an alien

yet another good tutorial to turn people into aliens.

28. Reflective bubble

Create some neat bubble with reflections of your alien person from the tutorial above.

29. Windows Vista aurora effect

Learn how to create the spacey windows vista effect.

30. Chroma wallpapers

Create a cool futuristic type wallpaper and learn some neat techniques from a pro.

31. Deep space nebula

Make a slick nebula to add to your space tutorials from above.

32. Space tutorial

Here is another cool space tutorial on creating a realistic space scene.

33. Abstract light rays

These abstract light rays can add a futuristic feel to any advert.

34. Planet with rings

A nice tutorial that helps you create a realistic planet.

35. Create a powerful mental wave explosion effect

Another neat tutorial to turn everyday people into super heroes.

36. Our future

Create a image that depicts an end of the world scene.

37. Create an abstract space image

A sweet abstract image that has an awesome outer-space look to it.

38. Star Wars text effect

What's more futuristic than the Star Wars text? A great text tutorial.

39. War movie poster

A top quality tutorial that teaches how to do dark well by creating a war movie poster.

40. Create a mysterious nebula

Another good nebula tutorial that will help add spice to a space scene image.

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