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40 Brilliantly Photoshopped Print Ads

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Even people who hate ads won't be able to hate these: they're beautiful, clever, hilarious, unique and uber-cool, all with the help of a little program called Adobe Photoshop.

1. DC Shoes Ad

2. Lee Pipes

3. Dexter TV Series

4. Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV

5. Dirty Jobs TV Series

6. Adidas

7. CWS Washroom Solutions

8. Roygalan

9. Keen's Curry Powder

10. Lifebuoy Handwash

11. WIRES Wildlife Rescue NSW

12. M&M's - Personalized M&M's

13. Zen People

14. Nike Shoe Ads

15. Event Brand

16. Nike Paris

17. Dunkin Donuts

18. PS3: Living Print

19. Ashtanga Yoga Center

20. Megalan Speed Mouse

21. Pepsi H2OH

22. Nike ID

23. Tiger Beer

24. Realistic Decorated Wine Desperados

25. Flickr Art Directors Club

26. Jazz Fest Poster

27. SONY

28. Affect Media

29. Fackingen Mineral Water

30. Music Channel

31. Pirelli Tires

32. PSP

33. WMF Knives

34. Honda

35. Tabasco

36. Volkswagon

37. Opel Astra

38. All Star Parlour

39. Renault

40. KUAT

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