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40 Apple-themed Photoshop Tutorials

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Many designers love Apple products for their simple yet powerful functionality and sleek design aesthetic. Apple has also been skillful at using Photoshop to create gorgeous product mock-ups, advertisments and web designs. In this post you'll learn how to create some of these brilliant designs for yourself.

iPods, iPhones, Macs, and More

1. Create an Apple iPhone Case from Scratch

2. Creating an Apple Mouse

3. The Apple Remote

4. Create an iPod Shuffle

5. Apple iMac Tutorial

6. iPod Shuffle from Scratch

7. Apple iPhone Mobile Phone Design

8. Design a Shiny Photorealistic Apple Remote

9. Creating a Vector-Style MacBook from Scratch

10. How to Create an iPod Touch

11. Create an iPod Touch

12. Realistic iPod

13. iPod in Photoshop

14. Make an iPod Classic

15. Creating an Apple iPod

Icon Tutorials and Interfaces

16. Address Book Icon

17. XP Style iPod Icon

18. Glass Shelf Dock

19. Apple Leopard Text Effects

20. Jaguar Style Folder

21. Mac Theme

22. Design the iTunes Icon

23. iTune Icon

Wallpapers and Adverts

24. Create a Slick Black iMac in Photoshop

25. MacBook Air

26. Make an Apple Coldplay Style Ad

27. Apple Style Banner

28. Creating a Cool Brushed Metal Surface

29. A Cool Lighting Effect in Photoshop

30. Attack of the iPod People

31. Green Apple Style Design

32. Creating an Apple Style Advert

33. Apple Wallpaper

34. Woman with Apple iPod Nano

35. Mac - Colorful Design

36. Feed your iPhone

37. Create A Leopard 'X' in Photoshop

38. Design a Coldplay/Apple Inspired Portrait

39. Apple Desktop Theme

40. Apple MacWorld Desktop Wallpaper

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