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40 Amazing C4D Tutorials for Photoshoppers

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Some of the world's most outstanding Photoshop illustrators don't only use Photoshop. Many have also mastered Cinema 4D, allowing them to add stunning 3D shapes and effects to their work.

If you feel like you've got some skill with Photoshop, why not challenge yourself by adding a new design weapon to your arsenal? In this post we've collected 40 high quality and free C4D tutorials to help you get started!

1. Create Explosive Typographic Effects in C4D

2. How to Make a 3D Icon

3. Abstract Render Tutorial

4. Photoshop Paths to C4D

5. 3D Text

6. Create 3D images with Vector Art

7. Adding Depth to Your Renders

8. Abstract Render Tutorial

9. "Crystalize" style Abstract Tutorial

10. Abstract Ribbon

11. C4D Depth of Field Tutorial

12. Glass in C4D

13. Creating a Lightbulb

14. How to Make an iPod Fast

15. Creating Clouds with Shaders

16. Golf Ball Tutorial

17. Fuel Cap Tutorial

18. Screw Driver Tutorial

19. How to Make a Ray Gun

20. Create a Simple Book

21. Fake Dew Drops Animation

22. Creating 3D Text

23. 3D Surfboard

24. Vector 3D Logo

25. Building Stylistic: Intro to Boolean Objects

26. Red Plasticy Material in CINEMA 4D

27. Cinema 4D Displacement Mapping

28. Hairy Geometry

29. Making a 3D Bullet Casing

30. Simple and Cool 3D Tutorial

31. Simple Star Animation

32. Photoshop Logo to C4D

33. 3D Abstract Tentacle

34. C4D Array Tutorial

35. Various C4D Tricks

36. Zebra Toy

37. Creating a Car Model

38. Modeling a Car

39. Dirtmap Tutorial

40. C4D Lighting Tutorial

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