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35+ Awesome French Design Tutorials and Articles on Envato Tuts+

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Read Time: 11 mins

Looking for graphic design and illustration tutorials in French? Check out this list of awesome French tutorials.

Enter the Translation Project

When you're a beginner, it's always interesting to find a useful tutorial on what you are doing—or attempting to do. My first encounter with Envato's tutorials was when it was called PSDTuts+, with a tutorial by Alvaro Guzman, back in 2009. It was a great insight for me—it was thoughtful and helpful, and I felt I was progressing. The single issue was that it was written in English, and I'm a native French speaker—and I wasn't the only person in this position.

When I was looking for a resource for my lecturer on wireframing, I found this great tutorial on wireframing, in Frenchtranslated by Benoit Benedetti. So, when I contacted Ian Yates (the coordinator of the translation project), he let me know that the project was launched as a voluntary project in March 2014. I have been part of the project since April 2015.

The Tuts translation project and meThe Tuts translation project and meThe Tuts translation project and me

If you are interested in my journey in the translation project, here's an article I wrote on my agency's blog. And, if you are interested in translating for Envato Tuts+ and being paid for it, find out how you can translate for Envato Tuts+.

How to Access Translations on Envato Tuts+

You can access our translations in many languages, not just French, via the drop-down menu towards the top of tutorials and articles. 

Translated tutorials on Envato TutsTranslated tutorials on Envato TutsTranslated tutorials on Envato Tuts

Some Awesome Design Tutorials in French

Today, I want to introduce you to some of the translated tutorials in French. There is no particular order, although I tried to sort them by theme. But all of them are about graphic design.


In this section, there is one article from the series called "Careers in Design". And before making a living from design, you have to educate yourself. This article tries to set the path to success.

I guess the main concern of those who read this article is to do things, so from the next section it will be an entire list of "How to" tutorials.

French Drawing Tutorials

First thing first: how to draw. If you are a designer, not an illustrator, it's worth knowing how to draw, not as an expert, but it is an invaluable skill.

Photo Editing and Text Effect Tutorials in French

Let's dive into some incredible tutorials on photo editing, using Adobe Photoshop. If you are not interested in this piece of software, Kezz Bracey did an awesome job on some alternatives:

From image effects to text effects, you will learn in-depth skills on photo editing with this set of tutorials.

If you are interested in some cool text effects, these are for you:

Was it cool? If so, I have another piece of good news for you: there's more.

Awesome Vector Tutorials in French

When it comes to vector illustration, most designers and illustrators think about Adobe Illustrator. But if you're not at ease with it, there are some alternatives:

Once you've found your preferred piece of software, you'll want to explore these incredible tutorials:

If you're interested in Web Design, these may retain your attention:

Phew, pretty huge, isn't it?

French Layout Tutorials

What about your layout skills? Adobe InDesign is the leading software in the market. This is what you should know about it:

Resource Articles in French

I won't qualify these as nice-to-have assets, but as must-have:

That's All, Folks!

Feel free to share this list with others, and if you need a particular tutorial to be translated into French, let me know in the comments, and I will do my best to get it done! I wish you happy learning with Envato Tuts+ tutorials.

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