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30 Vector Elements to Add to Your Next Design Project

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You don't always have the time, energy or skill to reinvent the wheel every time. That's why on GraphicRiver we offer a popular category of Vector Design Elements that sell for just a few dollars each. To showcase the types of things you can grab for your next design project we've compiled a selection of 30 great items...

Black Code by emfeha

Glossy Striped Shield by helix7

Blue grunge paint splatter by helix7

Gray ornate background by helix7

Vector Carbon Metal Pattern by Wlk

Vector Hangtags and Stickers by Kilik

Deskar-Branches by Deskar

Abstract Circles by Koroshiya

Great Stickers / Seals by phyrebrush

Symbols Pack 01 by brunoportnoy

World Map - solid and dotted version included by freud

binocle japanese seamless pattern by binocle

Flowirls by DreamWarrior

Graffiti grunge painting by helix7

Green Leaf background by glenwith1n

Vector force - design elements by dvkro

Award Ribbons by mkk

CoKe studio poster by coke

Black and pink floral frame by candycat

by motiongrafiks

Ultimate Technology-themed Background Pack by The_Chemist

80's Rock Poster by r5s_dsgn

Car by running727

Design Symbols Set by logorado

Floral card by vesta1967

Flower Background by bmel

Plane by running727

Deskar-Thorns by Deskar

Zodiac 2009 Wheel by kisse

Pink vine background by helix7

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