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30 Stunning Flash Image Galleries (via FlashDen)

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One of the most popular uses of Flash for designers and illustrators that I've observed is to create image gallerys to showcase graphic work. So its unsurprising that on our sister marketplace FlashDen the image gallery category is jam-packed with stunning Flash galleries. Today I've rounded up 30 of the best to show off here on Vectortuts+ as we countdown to the imminent launch of our latest Tuts+ site ... Flashtuts+.

XML Slideshow with Ken Burns Effect

From the Author: You can customize this slideshow in its smallest aspects: transitions, speeds, colors, sizes, etc. All this via a well structured xml file, so basically you can use this file without even touching the flash file. Highly customizable design via XML only and permits unlimited pictures.

$10 - More Details & Preview

Carousel Designer v3 - video

From the Author: This is Carousel Designer v3, the latest version of the best selling carousel series on FlashDen. Carousel Designer is a highly customizable xml-controlled carousel engine.

$25 - More Details & Preview

XML Image Gallery

From the Author: XML driven image gallery with expanding effect to transition between different sized images. All image paths, captions text, URL paths and number of images shown are changeable in the XML file. You can also set custom border sizes and captions space under the image by setting a single variable in the ActionScript.

$12 - More Details & Preview

XML Scroll+Drag PhotoGallery

From the Author: A photo gallery with the function to use a scroll wheel to navigate through the pictures. You also can drag the pictures to navigate.

$30 - More Details & Preview

IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery v2

From the Author: Version 2 of my popular IgalleryX, as many of you have requested, the new version now supports SWF and FLV Videos. You also have 4 variations besides the original stacked version. Built in PV3D + AS3, the render engine is pretty fast, creating a real 3d perspective feeling.

$25 - More Details & Preview

Flipping Card Image Viewer

From the Author: Flip your photo with a description on the back.

$15 - More Details & Preview

3D Photo Album Interactive

From the Author: A small application for anyone who would like to expose photos in three dimension interactive environment.

$25 - More Details & Preview

3D Interactive Gallery

From the Author: It seems PV3D and AS3 have been two of the most powerful technologies recently, so I think I should give it a try. 3D Interactive Gallery is a perfect environment for users who would like to present their photos/art work in a real three dimension space. I have built 4 different galleries to show you how many variations could be achieved with this file.

$25 - More Details & Preview

3D Image Flow

From the Author: Image Flow arranges a set of photso following a stack style with full mouse navigation support.

$15 - More Details & Preview

XML FullScreen Photographer Photo Gallery

From the Author: FullScreen photographer's gallery featuring unlimited photos, long-text description, HTML -TAG in description text, background grid on/off, pan system and much, much more!

$15 - More Details & Preview

Simple XML Image Slideshow

From the Author: XML driven slideshow with simple navigation. You can control the component with more than 40 prepared variables in XML (thumb size, color, tween, preloader size-color, component x,y, width, height, 4 image resize modes and much more!)

$12 - More Details & Preview

XML Fine Art Gallery

From the Author: Did I take "image gallery" too literally? It's possible. This file lets your users feel as though they are taking a stroll through a museum or fine art gallery. Everything you see is defined in the xml file. You can add your images, detail images, foreground objects and add rooms without ever opening your flash file.

$30 - More Details & Preview

Digital Photo Album: Gallerion

From the Author: If you want to want something impressive present to your friend for a special day why not try this Gallerion. This xml driven photo gallery can be used as a online website as well as off-line CD-rom title. It has 3 different view options and anniversary calculator on main page so that whenever you open this Gallerion it shows number of days since the last anniversary and to the next one.

$20 - More Details & Preview


From the Author: This is a FULL FLASH XML site. Great as a portfolio viewer, with easy XML management of pictures.

$25 - More Details & Preview

XML Resizeable Fullscreen Gallery

From the Author: When you hold your cursor over the buttons they grow tall to indicate the active image. If there are more image buttons than fit on your page, then the whole menu scrolls back and forth based on your mouse position. The image loads and determines whether it should base its height on the width or height ratio to make it fullscreen. While the next image is loading the current image gets dark and a preloader pops up. Hold your cursor over the caption and it will scroll upward so you can read the details. If there is no caption, there will be no caption button.

$12 - More Details & Preview

Map gallery -- Africa

From the Author: Map gallery based on the continent of Africa. All images can be changed without opening the Flash source file.

$4 - More Details & Preview

Elite Xml Image Gallery

From the Author: Elite Xml Image Gallery is a completely new gallery, developed specially for the Elite template. Each gallery allows you to include as many categories and images as you wish by editing simple xml.

$25 - More Details & Preview

XML Gallery Version 4

From the Author: XML driven gallery featuring an unlimited number of images and categories. You can even change the number of rows and columns.

$20 - More Details & Preview

Mini 3D Photo Stack Gallery

From the Author: Mini 3D Photo Stack Gallery is an Actionscript 3.0 + Papervision3D based utility file. It can add another dimension to your presentation of images.

$12 - More Details & Preview

Full Screen XML Gallery v1

From the Author: Change the layout very easily in this Full Screen XML Gallery v1.0. Unlimited categories and images!

$20 - More Details & Preview

Template Photo Gallery XML

From the Author: Dynamic photo gallery easily updated via XML.

$25 - More Details & Preview

Image Gallery V.2

From the Author: This is a two level xml gallery. Images are grouped in categories and the number of categories/images can be, theoretically, unlimited. The categories are located in the left side of the gallery, and the thumbnails stored in a category appear on the right side, over the big image. The galllery will resize/reposition the elements according to the image dimension.

$20 - More Details & Preview

Photo Inertia Gallery

From the Author: Photo Inertia Gallery is a photo gallery features an efficient, original way to display your photos. 2 versions available in XML or PHP. In the PHP version you don’t need to add a filename for your photos. A script on the server will build an XML file automatically from your photo folder. When you upload photos in the folder, it’s automatically viewable in your gallery.

$25 - More Details & Preview

Grid Expandable Gallery

From the Author: Have you ever tried to blow some life into your non-fancy, static photos? Enjoy a new way to display them under this animated grid model!

$15 - More Details & Preview

Advanced XML Image Gallery 2

From the Author: XML image gallery feauring multiple galleries and unlimited photos, supports any screen size, photos load on demand, unlimited text in captions and descriptions, and much more!

$25 - More Details & Preview

Advanced XML Image Gallery 2

From the Author: A resizable and easy to use photo gallery with lots of great features. All configuration and image data are read from external XML files. You can add unlimited number of photos and categories just by editing the xml file. Use CSS / HTML to format photo descriptions. It’s written entirely in AS3 and can be easily integrated in other projects. Fully dynamic and configurable.

$20 - More Details & Preview

Supreme Gallery

From the Author: The Supreme Gallery is a great, interactive image viewer, where users have the freedom to move the images around us much as they want. The thumbs are spread around on the stage, and react to the users mouse movement. The special thing about this image viewer is that the thumbs furthest away move around less than the thumbs closest by, giving it a 3D effect.

$15 - More Details & Preview


From the Author: The DynaTilegrid is an AS3 based component that enables drag-n-drog and fast skin customization.

$30 - More Details & Preview

Fullscreen Folio

From the Author: This is a full size centered portfolio layout made for those looking for an advanced type XML portfolio. This document has an unique elastic loading function with all sorts of rollover effects and transition effects. Extremely easy to edit XML file containing, titles, thumbnails, including a brief explanation of each photo.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Advanced XML Image Gallery

From the Author: XML image gallery featuring dynamic background color, unlimited images, thumbnail navigation and more!

$20 - More Details & Preview

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