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35 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

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Looking for magazine templates with creative magazine layouts and article designs? Look no further. There’s still plenty of impact and influence in traditional, old-school marketing. So, if you're looking for a marketing format that your audience can sink their teeth into, check out the magazine templates on Envato Elements.

If you need a variety of different options to choose from, you can find some fantastic creative premium magazine templates on Envato Elements—and you can download as many as you want for a single monthly fee.

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you'll enjoy unlimited downloads of 60+ million creative assets. If you don't love it, simply cancel any time.

Best Modern Magazine Layout Templates From Envato Elements

There are thousands of professional-quality magazine layout examples available on Envato Elements. You can browse the entire collection, or check out some of my favorites below:

1. Fashion Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Let's start our list of the best magazine templates with this offering. This creative page layout design is fashionable and perfectly suited for 2023. It comes with 22 unique pages that are print-ready. The stylish magazine layout design can fit a wide range of topics, like art, photography, and more.

Fashion Design Magazine InDesign TemplateFashion Design Magazine InDesign TemplateFashion Design Magazine InDesign Template

2. Contemporary Fashion Magazine Template (INDD)

This contemporary option is one of many magazine page design examples new to Envato Elements in 2023. This download contains 30 pages with modern magazine spreads. Editing this template is made easier thanks to the parent pages. Page numbering is also automatic, so you can get ready to print faster.

Interesting Magazine LayoutsInteresting Magazine LayoutsInteresting Magazine Layouts

3. Modern Magazine Layout Template (INDD, IDML)

Minimal and refined, this creative magazine template oozes style. The excellent use of white space makes your pages less cluttered and easier to read. Thanks to the grid-based layout, you can get creative while editing, without becoming disorganized. It's no wonder it's one of the top magazine layout examples on Envato Elements.

This magazine design idea template has plenty to offer:

  • 24 unique pages
  • premade magazine cover
  • A4 size (210×297)
  • free fronts
  • print-ready with bleed
  • automatic page numbering
Creative Magazine Template With Modern Magazine SpreadsCreative Magazine Template With Modern Magazine SpreadsCreative Magazine Template With Modern Magazine Spreads

4. Creative Magazine Template (INDD, IDML, INDT)

Here's a modern option if you're looking for a magazine design template with a creative page layout design. There are plenty of image placeholders that feature unique and inventive shapes. It's easy to spice up the layout thanks to the smooth editing offered here.

There's also a tutorial included if you need some help with the magazine inner page design templates along the way.

Creative Template With Modern Magazine Article LayoutCreative Template With Modern Magazine Article LayoutCreative Template With Modern Magazine Article Layout

5. Design Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

This magazine layout template captures many interesting designs within its pages. Keep your readers engaged with modern magazine spreads that center both your written and visual content. This template also features:

  • 24 unique pages
  • automatic page numbering
  • organized layers
  • A4 and US Letter size
Design Magazine InDesign TemplateDesign Magazine InDesign TemplateDesign Magazine InDesign Template

6. Creative Multipurpose Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Try out this option if you want modern spreads that are paired with bold magazine page designs. The cover has a contemporary look that instantly grabs attention. Its magazine inner page design templates have the same appeal and are fully customizable.

This magazine design template download works with InDesign CS4 and higher for increased compatibility.

Modern Magazine LayoutModern Magazine LayoutModern Magazine Layout

7. Modern Spread Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Here's another minimal magazine template with a great modern style. Its 40 pages are eye-catching thanks to its creative page layout design. It has unique paragraph styles and offers one-click color changes. Once you're done customizing, you'll be happy to know this magazine layout design template is also print-ready.

Magazine Creative Page Layout DesignMagazine Creative Page Layout DesignMagazine Creative Page Layout Design

8. Creative Magazine Layout Template (INDD, IDML)

Keep your photos front and center with this wonderful modern magazine layout. It lets you easily add your high-quality photos to its 22 pages. Along with nice magazine inner page design templates, it also has features like:

  • built-in free fonts
  • organized layers
  • A4 size
  • paragraph styles
Creative Magazine Article Layout TemplateCreative Magazine Article Layout TemplateCreative Magazine Article Layout Template

9. Stylish Design Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Get some much-needed flair for your content thanks to this design magazine template for InDesign. All you need to do with this download is drop in your images, text, and magazine design ideas. Quickly change the document's colors from one location, and play with the different free font styles. Editing couldn't be easier.

Design Magazine InDesign TemplateDesign Magazine InDesign TemplateDesign Magazine InDesign Template

10. Modern Lifestyle Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Here come 15 pages of creative page layout designs. This magazine template features colorful pages and trendy typefaces that are perfect for 2023. The modern magazine layout is aligned to both a column and grid guide. But that also provides room for you to get creative if you like to tweak and experiment.

You'll have fun bringing these magazine inner page design templates to life.

Creative Modern Magazine LayoutCreative Modern Magazine LayoutCreative Modern Magazine Layout

11. Magazine Layout Template (INDD, IDML)

Working on a tech project? Need a layout for magazine articles that showcases your content in a stylish way? This magazine template could be a great fit.

However, its clean, professional magazine page design could suit a number of projects—imagine your food photos, screenshots accompanying your latest review, or photography of your latest travel destination.

magazine layout designmagazine layout designmagazine layout design

12. Architecture Magazine Layout Design (INDD, IDML)

Mix and match 42 pages of beautifully designed, professional layouts—an excellent choice for showcasing your content. Easily edit the branding colors—images, text, and graphical elements are all easy to edit, and even the layouts themselves.

This magazine layout design is a great choice for featuring architecture, but it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of these layouts. This could be just the jump-start your project needs.

Magazine Layout DesignMagazine Layout DesignMagazine Layout Design

13. Nomad Magazine Template (INDD)

Check out this beautiful, clean magazine page design in both Letter size and A4. Imagine showcasing your content in these layouts! There are some wonderful magazine inner page design templates in this download. It also includes two alternative cover designs, as well as alternatives for both print and digital use.

This magazine template really is a multipurpose design: a great addition to any collection of assets.

magazine article templatemagazine article templatemagazine article template

14. Magazine Layout Template (INDD, IDML)

Check out this stylish magazine template, perfect for everything from fashion to commentary to artwork. It comes in two different sizes with 30 different pages to choose from, so you'll have no shortage of options for experimentation. Put your magazine design ideas front and center with this template.

Magazine Layout TemplateMagazine Layout TemplateMagazine Layout Template

15. InDesign Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Complete with a premade cover, this magazine layout template has 25 unique pages, automatic page numbers, uses only free fonts, and is print-ready, with bleed. Easily insert your own images and content into the magazine page layout—a perfect addition to your collection and a great jump-start for a number of potential magazine projects. 

InDesign Magazine TemplateInDesign Magazine TemplateInDesign Magazine Template

16. Stunning Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Here's a fashion and design magazine InDesign template that's built with 2023 audiences in mind. It has a wonderful minimalist feel while also being unique. Along with a creative page magazine layout design, you get:

  • 36 unique pages
  • grid-based layout
  • automatic page numbering
  • parent pages
Creative Page Layout DesignCreative Page Layout DesignCreative Page Layout Design

17. Multipurpose Magazine Template (INDD, PDF)

Are you looking for a simple magazine template with interesting magazine layouts to keep readers engaged? Then try out this download. It comes with 26 pages filled with modern magazine spreads. It also has unique paragraph styles that will make sure your written content stands out.

Creative Magazine Template With Modern Magazine SpreadsCreative Magazine Template With Modern Magazine SpreadsCreative Magazine Template With Modern Magazine Spreads

18. Clean Magazine Template (INDD, IDML, DOCX)

Complete with easy color changing and automatic page numbering, this creative magazine template has it all. The layout is clean and easy to read. It's also print-ready, meaning your magazine article layouts can go from the screen to readers' hands quickly.

Clean Design Magazine InDesign TemplateClean Design Magazine InDesign TemplateClean Design Magazine InDesign Template

19. Pop Magazine Layout Template (INDD, IDML)

Professionally designed doesn't mean stiff. This modern magazine layout template is perfect evidence of that. Its 40 pages are filled with unique image placeholders and fun colors. Along with interesting magazine layouts, you'll also enjoy:

  • free fonts
  • paragraph styles
  • A4 and US Letter sizes
  • print-ready with bleed
Creative Page Layout DesignCreative Page Layout DesignCreative Page Layout Design

20. Culinary Magazine Template (INDD)

If you're working on publishing a culinary magazine that lets your images pop, you should get to know this template. Its modern magazine layout is suited for food and a whole host of industries. The design is based on a 12-column grid, which makes customization easy. Try it to create a unique magazine experience in 2023.

Interesting Magazine Article LayoutsInteresting Magazine Article LayoutsInteresting Magazine Article Layouts

21. Magazin: Magazine Template (INDD)

Educate, promote, and entertain with this template's interesting magazine layouts. It's filled with a contemporary style that your readers can appreciate. Customize the colors, fonts, and a whole lot more.  Experiment as much as you'd like to make Magazin a modern home for your content.

Magazine Magazine Article LayoutMagazine Magazine Article LayoutMagazine Magazine Article Layout

22. Findtech Creative Magazine Template (INDD, JPG)

The world of tech is vibrant and always shifting. Reflect that spirit with a modern magazine layout like Findtech. This magazine design template catches the eye thanks to colored pages and a focus on images. Edit the creative page layout design with well-organized layers that are easy to use. There are more than 20 pages included, as well as helpful documentation.

Findtech Interesting Magazine LayoutsFindtech Interesting Magazine LayoutsFindtech Interesting Magazine Layouts

23. Fight Magazine Template (INDD, IDML)

Other magazine layout examples don't put up much of a fight when compared to this option (sorry for the pun). There is a strong focus on readability while remaining visually interesting here. The final result is effective. Your readers will find it hard to pull away from these modern magazine spreads.

Fight Modern Magazine LayoutFight Modern Magazine LayoutFight Modern Magazine Layout

24. CLASSIC Magazine Template (INDD)

As the name suggests, CLASSIC borrows from vintage fashion magazines and applies the same style to modern design trends. The stylish magazine inner page templates aren't all that you get with this download. You also get these features and more so you can share your magazine design ideas effectively:

  • A4 and US Letter size
  • free fonts
  • 50 pages
  • paragraph and character styles
Classic Modern Magazine Article LayoutClassic Modern Magazine Article LayoutClassic Modern Magazine Article Layout

25. Anzay Creative Magazine Template (INDD)

Next up is the Anzay magazine template. Its design is based on nice, clean spaces between page elements. The resulting modern magazine page designs are easily customized in Adobe InDesign. Editing is made easy thanks to the included parent pages. There's also an information file in case you get stuck while you work.

Anzay Interesting Magazine LayoutsAnzay Interesting Magazine LayoutsAnzay Interesting Magazine Layouts

26. Fashion Magazine Template (INDD)

A template named "Fashion Magazine" should be trendy, pristine, and avant-garde. Luckily, this magazine design template is all of these things and more. Plus, it has the features to back it up:

  • A4 & US letter sizes
  • 30 custom pages
  • CMYK color mode
  • free fonts

You'll be ahead of the pack with this full-featured magazine template.

Fashion Magazine TemplateFashion Magazine TemplateFashion Magazine Template

27. Magnolia Magazine Template (INDD, PDF)

When it comes to print marketing, presenting a modern and stylish design is often incredibly effective. This magazine template epitomizes this design approach to a tee. It features:

  • 40 unique layouts
  • A4 and US letter sizes
  • CMYK
  • images, text, and graphics on separate layers
  • easy to customize
  • print-ready
  • free fonts used

This magazine layout template, paired with your awesome content, will become a winning combination.

Magnolia Magazine Template Magnolia Magazine Template Magnolia Magazine Template

28. Yumi Magazine Template (INDD)

Superb value and clean, easy-to-read minimalism come together in this amazing magazine template. It’s ready to be used as a complement to any well-structured content-marketing strategy. The highlights of this inspiring magazine template speak for themselves:

  • 20 pages
  • A4 size (8.27x11.69)
  • content placeholders
  • layered template
  • documentation
Yumi Magazine TemplateYumi Magazine TemplateYumi Magazine Template

29. Rich Magazine Template (EPS, INDD, PNG)

This is a great-value offering among our magazine templates. It features rich and creative magazine layout designs that will make an impression on your reading audience. If that weren't enough, the magazine template comes with:

  • A4 & US letter formats
  • 14 custom page designs
  • CMYK
  • fully editable objects, colors, and text
  • free fonts
Rich Magazine TemplateRich Magazine TemplateRich Magazine Template

30. Memorable Magazine Template (INDD)

This is a memorable magazine template if there ever was one. It's beautiful, clean, and has a landscape orientation, which makes it all the more interesting and appealing to potential readers. Its magazine page designs are best suited for architecture, photography, and fashion publications. If you need more convincing, here are its specs:

  • US Letter size
  • CMYK 300 DPI
  • landscape orientation
  • easy to customize
  • fully editable
  • free fonts and icons
Memorable Magazine TemplateMemorable Magazine TemplateMemorable Magazine Template

31. Interior Magazine Template (INDD)

This magazine template is jam-packed with incredible grid layouts THAT you can quickly update with articles and more. Pair your content and magazine design ideas with the perfect photos for a truly winning combination. Here's more information you may want to know about the magazine design template:

  • 25 unique pages
  • size A4 (210×297)
  • free fonts
  • print-ready with bleed
  • automatic page numbering
  • documentation
Interior Magazine TemplateInterior Magazine TemplateInterior Magazine Template

32. Innovative Magazine Template (EPS, INDD)

No matter what creative agency or small business you run, you can make excellent use of this fresh and multipurpose magazine template. Energetic magazine layout templates like this allow you to put something more substantial in your clients’ hands. It also has plenty of other reasons to download it:

  • A4 & US Letter formats
  • 14 custom page designs
  • portrait orientation
  • 3mm bleed
  • print-ready
  • CMYK, 300 DPI
  • free font
Innovative Magazine TemplateInnovative Magazine TemplateInnovative Magazine Template

33. Versatile Magazine Template (INDD)

Featuring attractive grid and column layouts, this magazine template is versatile and well-suited for businesses looking to deliver a print-based marketing message into their customers’ hands. It's neat, organized, and engaging. The magazine layout template comes with:

  • A4 & US Letter formats
  • 28 custom pages
  • CMYK
  • free font
  • help file
Versatile Magazine TemplateVersatile Magazine TemplateVersatile Magazine Template

34. Madelynn Magazine Template (INDD)

Great value abounds in this magazine template that comes with 47 unique pages overall. That’s enough capacity to create a high-quality publication where you can explore your magazine design ideas and engage your leads and clients. Check out more about this amazing magazine template download:

  • 47 pages
  • 2 covers
  • A4 & US Letter sizes
  • automatic page numbering
  • images, text, and background on separate layers
  • free fonts used
  • help file
Madelynn Magazine TemplateMadelynn Magazine TemplateMadelynn Magazine Template

35. Minimal Magazine Template (INDD)

Minimalism is the name of the game with this one. But don't let it fool you—it's much more than meets the eye. Minimalism doesn't mean simple or boring, and there's no better example than this magazine page design template. Take a deeper look at this template and notice all of the design elements and features that make it a standout option:

  • A4 & US Letter sizes
  • 42 custom pages
  • CMYK
  • free font
  • help file
Minimal Magazine TemplateMinimal Magazine TemplateMinimal Magazine Template

How to Design a Print Magazine

Anyone who seriously believes that print is dead is simply not paying attention! In an era of digital marketing and short attention spans, print is a breath of fresh air and a pleasant surprise that your audience will appreciate. They’ll appreciate longer-form content that’s palpable and gives them more in-depth info than a simple landing page or tweet.

Even though our deep selection of magazine templates on Envato Elements will let you effortlessly complement your inbound marketing with print advertising, you still need to know how to design a readable magazine. Here are some pointers:

1. Take Care of Typography Design

You’ll want to pay close attention to both the text size and how your typography is set. Magazines aimed at a younger demographic can get away with smaller typefaces, yet a print magazine generally tends to offer better legibility and readability when you’re using serif fonts.

For example, if you're looking to make your own magazine cover, look at some covers you admire. Note the typography, both in terms of practical and aesthetic successes. If you want to know how to make a magazine cover or magazine layouts, a great first step is to research and observe. This is a great way to learn!

Make your typography stand out like in this premium Creative Magazine template.Make your typography stand out like in this premium Creative Magazine template.Make your typography stand out like in this premium Creative Magazine template.
Make your typography stand out like in this premium Creative Magazine template.

2. Make Your Content Readable and Legible

This is a biggie! Without presenting your magazine’s articles and other content clearly, you risk losing readers and your audience because they’ll get frustrated with a format that’s illegible. To make it easy to read, design your magazine text to be frequently broken up by attractive and high-quality images. At the same time, ensure that your text is chunked into shorter paragraphs.

3. Do a Final Check Before Printing

Before you’re ready to print your magazine template, ensure that it’s perfect. This means going over everything—from the text to the images to the cover—with a fine-toothed comb. There’s nothing worse than printing your magazine, only to discover a glaring error that needs to be corrected.

Review your work thoroughly before sending it to print.Review your work thoroughly before sending it to print.Review your work thoroughly before sending it to print.
Review your work thoroughly before sending it to print.

Need more design tips to make an impact with your magazine? Check out this handy video: 

Get Yourself a Magazine Template!

Don’t let the chance to buy magazine templates pass you by. They'll help your content-marketing strategy by giving your audience richer and more in-depth content they can really sink their teeth into. Browse through our huge selection of creative magazine template designs today, and find just the right one for your business.

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