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30 Kick-Ass Vector Based T-Shirts from Top Designers

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Read Time: 3 mins

This collection of 30 stunning T-Shirt designs is an inspirational roundup of examples from some of the best names in the apparel world, each with their own unique take on vector illustration and design.

Vector based artwork not only looks great, but the nature of vector design makes it a perfect choice for professional design for print: design for products such as T-Shirts require color separations in order to be produced by industrial printers. With the closing date for our Vector T-Shirt design competition fast approaching (September 28th), it's time for some last minute inspiration!

Jeff Finley

Jeff Finley is one of the creative minds behind first-class design studio Go Media, and a prominent figure in the web community. Well known for his unique illustrative style and T-Shirt design work produced for a range of well known bands and recording artists.

Jeff’s work is a successful mix of initial hand-drawn elements and vector elements, resulting in some detailed and stunning illustrations.

Dave Tevenal

Dave Tevenal, another member of the design team at Go Media, has produced design material for bands such as Bullet for My Valentine and War Pigs. His awesome illustrative style is crisp and colorful, displaying a range of line-work and vibrant contrast.

Rob Dobi

Rob Dobi is a respected illustrative designer working primarily in the music industry with a client list including Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, The Used and Angels and Airwaves.

Included within his personal T-Shirt line is a collection of stylized vector illustrations portraying unique messages with inspiring and sometimes humorous designs.

Nik Holmes

Nik Holmes is a long-time Threadless user and multiple submission winner. His vector characters and artwork result in crisp and clean T-Shirt designs such as the popular winning design Corporate Zombie seen on Threadless.com.

Ray Frenden

Ray Frenden is a talented illustrator from Illinois who has worked with a variety of clothing companies, bands and skate/surf clothing lines. His initially hand drawn artwork is then treated to fine vector line-work and an impactful use of bright and energetic colors.

Herman Lee

Herman Lee is a popular figure in the T-Shirt design community and showcases a range of distinctive design work. His range of T-Shirt creations include variations of vivid color and abstract illustrations to hand-drawn work with a limited color palette.

Alex Norman

Alex Norman is a talented illustrator from Bristol, UK. His extremely intricate illustrative artwork makes extensive use of fine line-work and detail. Based on an array of monsters, zombies and other fictional characters his work is right at home being exhibited in print on T-Shirts.

Matthew Skiff

Matthew Skiff is a Colorado-based illustrator with an extensive client list including a range of clothing lines. His design portfolio presents some amazing T-Shirt designs, often including an assortment of monstrous characters set in strong lines and bold colors.

Now it's your turn!

If you'd like to exercise your own T-shirt design chops, win a hefty loan for Kiva.org, have your design turned into a real T-shirt, showcased at VECTORTUTS and sold through Cafepress while helping to "solve poverty" as you do it, be sure to enter our Vector T-shirt design competition before midnight on September the 28th. We look forward to seeing some of your awesome designs on the site!

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