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30 Brilliantly Flexible Templates & WP Themes (via ThemeForest)

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Read Time: 9 mins

Since we launched ThemeForest last year and ran our big Web Design Week promotion here on Psdtuts a few weeks later, the site has been growing like wildfire. With some 800 templates and themes now available and top authors earning in the thousands each month, the site is really gaining on FlashDen to be our top marketplace. So today I thought I'd run down some of the best HTML templates and WordPress themes for those of you who may not have seen the awesome files available lately!

Ultimate Animated Portfolio Template 2 Skins

From the Author:This is a complete, fully featured, animated portfolio template that includes two skins, a dark one (black/blue/orange) and a bright one (white, grey, blue). All navigation is smoothly animated, it can have virtually unlimited portfolio items, arrow based sliding for portfolio thumbs and details, multiple item photos as well as lightbox style large image viewer.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Businessus#2 | Portfolio + Blog | HTML Template

From the Author:A stylish design ideal for a webdev company or a designer or a artist. Businessus#2 is a template designed with the intent of being platform for your personal portfolio showcase as well as working blog. The homepage highlight your most recent featured projects. And you don't need to worry about fonts!

$15 - More Details & Preview

One Page Portfolio Site Template

From the Author:This slick template can be very useful and effective for web designers, graphic designers, photographers and artists. The portfolio items are powered with lightbox gallery viewer and javascript based fade in/fade out effects when mouse is rolled over them.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Businessus | Portfolio + Blog | HTML Template

From the Author:A stylish design ideal for a webdev company or a business. The design can be modified to work with other types of websites, such as a blog.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Slick Animated Portfolio Template 3 Skins

From the Author:This template is based on the single page portfolio concept and includes about, portfolio and contact sections. The portfolio part is based on javascript scrolling (displays x items – 2 by default – and you can use next/prev arrows to browse through the other portfolio items if you click on next, the next two projects will slide into place etc.), jquery style. When you click on a portfolio image, the larger one pops up using lightbox.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Design Portfolio

From the Author:Design Portfolio is an HTML Template meant to be a basic online portfolio site for Designers/Photographers/Artists. It has valid code and a labeled layered PSD .

$12 - More Details & Preview

Portfolium - Showcase your work

From the Author:Portfolium is aimed at creative professionals including but not only : graphic and web designers, photographers, developers and artists of any kind. It puts accent on your work and features a nice jquery slider on the homepage. You also have the ability to display your latest tweets on your homepage or integrate some blogging CMS and display your latest posts.

$12 - More Details & Preview

Live Performance Premium Template

From the Author:We built the Live Performance Template based on the 960 Grid System (https://www.960.gs) to suit those in need of a website template for their band, group, comedy tour, venue, or anything requiring a schedule, really.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Fusion: Incredible Site Template

From the Author:This item is mainly designed for designers and agencies with a sleek and futuristic design approach and perfection in animated content.

$15 - More Details & Preview


From the Author:Platinum is a clean template to showcase your product, service, or application. It comes with 6 different pages, including log in and sign up forms, and a blog.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Business Portfolio 960

From the Author:I built this Business Portfolio template based on the 960 Grid System. It's one of the few templates on ThemeForest that are based on this system and it's just one of the many things that makes it unique.

$15 - More Details & Preview

Bluelight | 2.0 Business or Individual Portfolio

From the Author:Bluelight is a mash-up of a 2.0 business website and a personal portfolio site. It can be used for either, or both. This template will get you up and running in no time!

$15 - More Details & Preview

My Company

From the Author:A stylish Business Template to showcase your products/services.

$15 - More Details & Preview

milkywhite XHTML/CSS

From the Author:"milkywhite" is an ultra clean HTML Template that can be altered for absolutely any business type or even personal website for a portfolio. Clean lines, sharp imagery and easy navigation provide a usable design that is super easy to customize.

$12 - More Details & Preview

Mezzo Folio | Designer portfolio

From the Author:A portfolio for creative designers, artists or companies. This is a full pack HTML / CSS with 5 different graphic themes (GRAY, BLUE , RED, GREEN and OCHER). All sections are included in a page, which are managed by javascript, with a highlighting presentation of your work. Everything is ready for use, managing the update of your work is very simple to make.

$12 - More Details & Preview


From the Author:CorporateFolio is an elegant theme aimed at companies who need a quick and serious web presence setup. The homepage is perfectly suited to showcase your services, previous work or products while the blog is there to publish important company news and promote engagement through it.

$25 - More Details & Preview

Creative Studio

From the Author:Creative Studio is a simple and clean portfolio template. The theme comes in two color schemes.

$25 - More Details & Preview

Blueleather WP Theme

From the Author:Wordpress Theme based on Blueleather site template.

$30 - More Details & Preview

folioBlog/folioShop cms-portfolio-blog-shop

From the Author:9 Localized Themes in one! 2 Parent themes and 7 child themes. The folioShop theme is created for people who'd like to showcase their work, maintain a blog and sell tangible items nationwide and/or downloadable items with PayPal as Payment Gateway.

$35 - More Details & Preview

Our Magazine

From the Author:A powerful WordPress theme special for online magazine, community, network or any site with rich content. It is modern, clean, and sexy.

$30 - More Details & Preview

Design & Photograpy portfolio

From the Author:Portfolio is a cms premium wordpress theme, optimized for gallery and portfolio websites, (webdesign, photography, 3d design).

$25 - More Details & Preview

Business Professional Package (WordPress Edition)

From the Author:This theme is a complete site, loaded with some great functionality.

$30 - More Details & Preview

WordPress Wiki Theme

From the Author:If you're looking for a Knowledge Base or Wiki for your company but don't want or need a full blown Wiki Application. This is the theme for you. Built with a custom Frequently Asked Questions plugin to help extend the functionality of your web site. The plugin acts as a custom write panel that displays in essence short FAQs below posts in their respective categories. The FAQs are searchable and paginate and are not required.

$30 - More Details & Preview

StylishGrey Wordpress Theme

From the Author:StylishGrey Wordpress Theme comes with a few jQuery plugins. To promote your work better.

$25 - More Details & Preview

Design Blog WordPress Theme

From the Author:Design Blog Theme is a fun, creative, corky WordPress theme sure to grab any users attention. This theme would be fantastic as a personal blog, even for commercial use as a design industry news type site. What are you waiting for, buy now and get up and running within minutes.

$20 - More Details & Preview

Sketchbook Blog & Portfolio Theme

From the Author:Sketchbook was created with the online professional in mind and is geared towards an online showcase of blog and portfolio for the creative individual. This theme comes with a few custom options, such as you can select if you would like an overall light clean airy feel (view the screenshots), or if you would like a more bold dark impressive look and feel. This theme also comes with the feature of 6 built in header color options to choose from by default.

$30 - More Details & Preview

Goldmine Wordpress Portfolio and Blog Theme

From the Author:As requested and featured in most CSS Design galleries with highest rating, I present you Monofactor blog V3 design, from now on will be called as Gold Mine Wordpress Theme!

$25 - More Details & Preview

Book Template

From the Author:A WordPress bolg/portfolio theme designed to be used as a personal blog and/or online portfolio site.

$20 - More Details & Preview


From the Author:MyVideoBlog Wordpress Theme will convert normal blogs into video blogs.

$15 - More Details & Preview


From the Author:Convergence is a nicely put together WordPress theme with the intent and focus on creating a community site. This theme includes many popular features seen in today’s industry leading community sites. Features include: FeedBurner integration, Popular Posts, Related Posts, Author Highlight, Flickr Group Showcase, Advertisement System, Social Links such as Digg, Stumble, etc, Gravatar support, and much more.

$25 - More Details & Preview

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