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Think of a famous logo. Whether it's the McDonald's golden arches, the Nike swoosh or another iconic design, the logo you thought of is almost certainly very simple, yet very effective. With just a few simple lines, shapes, and colours, it conveys a lot of information and generates a wealth of feelings and associations.

That's why logo design is such a difficult skill to master. But with the help of these three in-depth courses, you'll be well on the way to designing the iconic logos of the future.

1. Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

There are two main aspects to logo design: the theory of effective design, and the technical software skills. This course covers both, with a special emphasis on the technical side of things. Daniel White will give you an in-depth introduction to every tool and panel you need to know about in Adobe Illustrator, and then go through a practical example of creating a complete logo design. 

The course was originally screencast to a live audience, so you'll also get the benefit of hearing the questions and feedback given by viewers at the time. 

2. Creating Professional Logos in an Instant

Designing logos for clients when time is short can be a tall order. This short course will show you how to bypass the panic and instead develop a foolproof method for creating professional-standard logos which are sure to impress. 

Graphic designer and brand consultant Grace Fussell breaks the method down into three simple building blocks, allowing you to create multiple logo concepts which combine vector elements to high-impact effect. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to create your very own flexible “logo kits” which meet the brief each and every time.

3. Designing and Building a Brand

Logos, of course, are not just designs—they're part of a larger brand identity. This course teaches you how to create visual brands from scratch and develop your brand designs into professional, comprehensive brand identities. 

Through real-world examples of successful brands, you’ll learn how to pull together your brand elements into a style guide, and how to extend your brand identity into the digital world. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning brand identity for your own business or to learn more about how professional brand designers tackle branding projects for clients, this course is a fantastic place to get started!

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