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$25,000 Giveaway, $10 each for the first 2,500 people ...

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What's the best way to try out a new service? To try it for free! That's why today I'm very excited to be offering a massive $25,000 giveaway here on Psdtuts+ for readers to head over and spend on ThemeForest. All you have to do is give us your username (you must have a registered account for us to credit) and a link to your favourite file, and the first 2,500 entrants will receive $10 each on their account - that's all there is to it!

The great thing about this promotion is not only do readers get to try out the site for free, but all our awesomely talented authors will make more money!

Update:The giveaway has finished!

Accounts will be credited in the next few days and an email will go out to all participants!

Wrapping up Web Design Week

So with this post, Web Design Week is coming to a close! It's been some week, 6 articles, 4 tutorials and about 20,000 thousand words. It took me way longer to write than I'd planned. When I started I told Cyan "I'll just write one article", then it became "just three", then a week, then a week with double posts some days! Oh well, if nothing else I got my post count up again, gotta keep up with that Sean Hodge character!

The unofficial theme for the week turned out to be separation. In our tutorials we separated layouts from style and background choices to show, and in our articles we looked at how web design itself can be separated up into different parts. In case you missed any of the posts, you can find links to them below.

WDW Tutorials

 WDW Articles

VideoHive is Online

You may also be interested to know that today we have just launched our fourth Envato marketplace - VideoHive! The hive is really just getting started so it's a bit more of a soft launch than some of our others. We've ported over 700 or so motion graphics videos from FlashDen and added two new categories - Stock Footage and Project Files which will start filling up over the coming months.

... And if you're into Video and After Effects, then you'll be very excited to know that Skellie is almost ready to roll out AETUTS in a matter of days. So it's going to be a big finish to 2008 for us here at Envato!


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