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25 Best T-Shirt Mockup Videos (+Free Downloads!) Using a Mockup Generator

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Read Time: 9 mins

Promote your latest design for T-shirts with awesome T-shirt video mockups.

If you're looking for the best selection of a T-shirt video mockups available on the internet, then you have to check out Placeit.

Unlimited Access to the Best T-Shirt Video Mockup

Placeit is an affordable online design generator with the largest selection of premium T-shirt video mockups available on the internet. One of the things that makes Placeit indispensable is that it provides design novices as well as those with more experience with high-quality designs, logos, videos and mockups that they can customise online and download in a matter of seconds, without the need for complicated software.

Unlimited Access to the Best T-Shirt Video MockupUnlimited Access to the Best T-Shirt Video MockupUnlimited Access to the Best T-Shirt Video Mockup

What's more, Placeit is designed to suit a range of budgets. 

  • If you regularly need mockups, logos, and various designs, you can sign up for a low monthly or yearly plan. This gives you access to unlimited downloads of any and all the digital assets available at Placeit. 
  • If you're on a budget and can only afford to buy one digital resource at a time, you have another option. Rather than taking advantage of that low monthly/yearly fee, you can create the resource you want and pay a small fee to download just that resource. 
  • If you're completely broke and just don't have the cash to buy these digital resources, Placeit regularly offers a changing selection of mockups and other resources absolutely FREE. Yup, you heard that right. Let's me show you how to find these free resources and give you a few examples of the kinds of free T-shirt video mockups you can find at Placeit.

How to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on Placeit

Okay, so how do you get the FREE stuff? Well, there are two ways to find free resources on Placeit. 

  • Go to Placeit.net > Mockups > Apparel Video.
  • Look out for the FREE banner in the upper left of free items.
How to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on PlaceitHow to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on PlaceitHow to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on Placeit
  • Go to Placeit.net > Mockups > Free Mockups.
  • This will take you to pages of FREE mockups currently available at Placeit.
  • Use the dropdown menu at the top of the page to refine your search for free T-shirt video mockups.
How to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on PlaceitHow to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on PlaceitHow to Find Free T-Shirt Video Mockups on Placeit

Best T-Shirt Mockup Videos: Free Downloads

Now let's take a look at some of the T-shirt video mockups that are free to download from Placeit. These videos are free at the moment, but since Placeit regularly rotates its free apparel video mockups, they may not be free when you take a look at them. 

Remember, though, that even if these aren't available, others will be.

T-Shirt Mockup Video Free Download of Two Women on a Sunny Day

Check out this beautiful, summery T-shirt video mockup that's free to download. It features two women sharing a flower in a lovely outdoors scene. Adding your design is super easy using the Placeit Upload Image button. 

Free Apparel Video Mockups of People at Picnic

Here's another wonderful summertime free T-shirt video mockup. This one features a woman and man at a picnic in the process of taking a selfie. Unlike the free apparel video mockup above, which offers two T-shirt mockups, this template only offers one. 

Woman at Cafe - T-Shirt Video Mockup Free

Calling all you Instagram buffs. We haven't forgotten you. This free T-shirt video mockup is formatted for you to use in your stories. It features a young woman relaxing in a cafe and keeps the space for your design front and centre of the camera. 

T-Shirt Mockup Video Free Download of Smiling Man

Here's another awesome free T-shirt video mockup. This time it features a male model on his own in a beautiful woodland scene. This is a great mockup for a wide variety of companies, like outdoor, camping, or natural living companies. 

Mockup T-Shirt Video of a Woman Chatting with Her Friend

Here's another terrific T-shirt video mockup free for download at Placeit. Use the T-shirt video mockup generator to upload your design in seconds, and just like that your video is ready to download and use. Now let's take a look at some of the other T-shirt video mockups available at Placeit. 

Best T-Shirt Mockup Video Downloads

Tee Shirt Mockup Video of Woman with Pink Hair

Looking for a super cool T-shirt video mockup to attract the now generation? How about this terrific shirt mockup of a young woman with pink hair posing against a brick wall? Use the T-shirt video mockup generator to upload your design and even your own music track.

Mockup T-Shirt Video of a Tattooed Bearded Man

If your target demographic is 20-30-something males, you'll really appreciate this T-shirt video mockup of a young man posed against an everyday city street. 

Mockup T-Shirt Video of a Woman with Urban Look

Sports companies and leisurewear retailers will love this tee shirt mockup video featuring a young woman casually dressed and sitting outside a restaurant. The T-shirt video mockup generator makes it super easy to upload your design to this mockup in seconds. 

T-Shirt Mockup Template of a Stylish Man with Sunglasses

Instagrammers will love this awesome T-shirt mockup template that shows a stylish young man posing with sunglasses while displaying the front of his T-shirt clearly for the world to see. A great T-shirt video mockup for fashion businesses. 

Stop Motion T-Shirt Mockup of Young Woman with a Motorcycle

Here's another cool T-shirt mockup template that fashion brands will love. It features a stop-motion video of a young woman in a leather jacket standing beside a motorcycle. Because the motorcycle and her leather jacket partially obscure the front of the T-shirt, this particular mockup is best suited for bold designs that can be recognised even with some details obscured. 

Bouncing T-Shirt Stop Motion Mockup Over a White Background

Check out this stop animation T-shirt video mockup featuring a tee that starts off as a ball and quickly opens up to reveal your design. A great way to capture and hold your audience's attention.

T-Shirt Mockup Template of a Woman Sitting Next to a Cat

Judging by the popularity of cats on the internet, I'd say you can't go wrong with this wonderfully casual T-shirt video mockup of a young woman sitting on a table, playing with a very cute cat.

T-Shirt Video of a Senior Man Posing in a Parking Lot

Whether your target audience is an older group or you're just looking for a simple and effective video to show off your design, you'll love this wonderfully straightforward mockup T-shirt video of a middle-aged man posing in a parking lot, with the area your design will be displayed front and centre of the mockup.

Stop Motion Apparel Video of a Woman with a T-Shirt Posing in the Street

Here's another terrific shirt mockup for fashion brands. This one features a rather stylish young woman in sunglasses and a pick jacket. She pulls the jacket back so we can see the T-shirt design clearly. 

Stop Motion T-Shirt Mockup of a Young Woman with Curly Hair

Looking for just the right T-shirt video mockup for your Instagram stories? Well, you may have found it in this mockup of a young woman posed in profile. Not only is the shot stylish, but it makes sure that your design can be easily seen. 

T-Shirt Video with Parallax Effect of Man in the Street

If you fancy a parallax effect, you will love the tee shirt mockup of a young man shot against an apartment block. The video is shot from below, so that we're looking up at the man and can clearly see the area for your design. 

T-Shirt Mockup Template of a Shirt Hanging on a Line

Simple but effective. Check out this tee-shirt mockup video of a tee hanging on a clothing line and moving gently in the breeze. Use the T-shirt mockup generator to upload your design, and then add an audio track from the hundreds provided with the Placeit template.

Stop-Motion T-Shirt Video Featuring a Woman in a Colorful Jacket

Another one for the vertical video market, this video is perfect for the apparel industry, with its bright colours and stylish young woman. Add your design using the T-shirt mockup generator, and your apparel video is ready to download.

T-Shirt Mockup Template of Woman Sitting on a Bed

This T-shirt mockup is a great way to present your design ideas to a client. Just upload each design using the T-shirt mockup generator to show how different versions of your design look using the same T-shirt model.

T-Shirt Video of a Boy Preparing Toast

If your designs larget children, then you'll need kid-centred T-shirt video mockups. Happily, Placeit's got plenty for you, like this T-shirt video featuring a T-shirt model of a young boy with his breakfast. 

T-Shirt Mockup Featuring a Man

This tee-shirt mockup shows two cuts of this young man: one a closeup of his face and the other pulled back so we can see the front of the shirt easily. If this template rocks your world, then simply click the upload button to upload your design to the template. 

T-Shirt Video of a Woman Holding a Small LGBT Pride Flag

LGBT history month may come once a year, but it's always a great time to celebrate human diversity and inclusivity. Upload your awesome design with the T-shirt mockup generator, and download your mockup in seconds. 

Stop-Motion Video of a Girl Wearing a T-Shirt & Holding Balloons

This is a great apparel video for showing off your line of designs for children. Uploading your design is easy using the T-shirt mockup generator, and you can even add music from the Placeit music library. 

T-Shirt Mockup Template of Woman with Skateboard

Skaters will love this T-shirt mockup template. Just imagine your club logo or designs on this T-shirt model. What a great way to let others know all about your club or show off your merchandise for sale.

T-Shirt Video Mockup of a Man Posing in Front of a Vintage Van 

This is a T-shirt video mockup that's bound to put a smile on your client's face. It's a stop-motion animation video of a young man pointing at the front of his shirt—where your design will go—using slightly different poses. Use the T-shirt video mockup generator to upload your design in seconds.

Choose Your Favourite T-Shirt Video Mockup Today 

Envato Elements is an excellent resource for T-shirt video mockup templates. If you regularly need fonts, icons, and other design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. But if you're on a tight budget, you can buy one mockup at a time, and of course if you're completely broke, there are always free offers on premium mockups available from time to time. 

Finally, if you want more information on other terrific mockups, check out these really helpful resources below: 

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