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25+ Best Free Chalkboard Fonts (Download Now!)


Download a free chalkboard font today for your cafe sign, packaging, or other design project. In this article, we'll also take look at some inspiration for chalkboard font ideas, other chalkboard lettering font downloads, and more. 

premium chalkboard font collection
This premium chalkboard font collection from Envato Elements contains 15 fonts for chalkboard signs.

You'll find a list of some of the best chalkboard fonts available to download for free in this article. We'll also take a look at some premium chalkboard font options from Envato Elements.

So if you're looking for a font that looks like chalk, sit back and enjoy. Let's dig in. 

Unlimited Chalkboard Font Downloads at Envato Elements

Free is everyone's favorite price tag. However, keep in mind that "free" does not always mean completely free of considerations, and it very likely does not mean free of copyright. Keep your eye out for licensing and usage limitations. For example, some fonts might be free for personal use only, require specific attribution, or have publication limits. 

Working with a limited budget is often a fact of life. Downloading hundreds of premium fonts sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it? But premium fonts often come with premium options, like extended licensing and commercial usage—things our professional projects often require.

chalkboard font
Looking for a premium chalkboard font with a low price tag? Check out this chalk font on Envato Elements.

If you want premium quality at a bargain price, check out Envato Elements. You get access to an entire library of premium fonts for one low price. That's thousands of fonts you can download, right now, all for one flat fee. 

These assets are also appropriate for professional use. The licensing is clearly laid out for you—in fact, Envato Elements is an awesome fit for a number of professional projects. Browse a huge collection of fonts and download to your heart's content, with no limits.

Envato Elements
Just a small sample of the premium fonts available for download right now on Envato Elements.

The best part is, you don't just get a library of thousands of fonts. You also get stock photos, graphics, audio, templates, and more. 

Let's say you need some assets or graphics to go with your new chalkboard lettering font. Envato Elements has you covered—and it's included in the price. You can download to your heart's content, because downloads are unlimited

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Add an extra touch, like these premium chalkboard graphics, to your chalkboard design project. Download them with your chalkboard fonts on Envato Elements for no extra cost—It's included.

Showcase your work in a professionally designed mockup template, like this one, below. Again, there's no extra cost. Download fonts for chalkboard signs, graphics to match, and then show off your design in a mockup template—and it's all covered with one low cost. Awesome, right?

But there are times when we need to keep things free. It's just the truth of the situation. So stay tuned. We'll take a look at some awesome freebies you can download today, too.

chalkboard mockup
Download a high-resolution chalkboard mockup with your chalkboard font downloads to show off your work. It's included with Envato Elements.

20+ Best Chalkboard Fonts From Envato Elements

Before we check out some awesome free finds, let's take a look at some of the premium options available on Envato Elements. Consider downloading one today, or sit back and enjoy some chalkboard font ideas. 

1. Tuck Shop Chalkboard Lettering Font

Tuck Shop Chalkboard Lettering Font

This fun chalk font is a great fit for business signage or for back-to-school projects. It comes with three different styles to experiment with—perfect for mixing and matching. 

2. Brunch Brunch Chalkboard Writing Font

Brunch Brunch Chalkboard Writing Font

Love the cafe sign aesthetic? Brunch Brunch is a cute font that works perfectly with that aesthetic. The letters are hand drawn, and they would be wonderful for other informal projects, too.

3. Beverley Cursive Chalkboard Font

Beverly Cursive Chalkboard Font

Here's a chunky, playful chalkboard script font. It also comes with a collection of complementary doodle elements that are a perfect match. 

4. Catalina Avalon Chalk Lettering Font

Catalina Avalon Chalk Lettering Font

Isn't this font family the perfect chalk lettering font? There's so much potential to stack, arrange, and put together a fun, chalk-inspired look with this one. Or mix it up and go with an ink aesthetic. 

5. Happy Hints Chalk Handwriting Font

Happy Hints Chalk Handwriting Font

Here's another playful font that's perfect for doodles, chalkboard, cafe signs, and more. Picture this one on packaging, invitations, or even T-shirts.

6. Aliva Cursive Chalk Font

Aliva Cursive Chalk Font

This chalkboard script font has such a classy, vintage feel. Experimenting with texture, like the example here, can really push the aesthetic. This one has a lot of potential. 

7. Hungry Chalk Writing Font

Hungry Chalk Writing Font

Speaking of texture, this chalkboard lettering font has plenty of that to go around. These are awesome fonts for chalkboard signs, creating a hand-lettered look, and more. 

8. Dinotopia Handwritten Chalk Font

Dinotopia Handwritten Chalk Font

With this chalkboard writing font, you get both a bold and a thin chalk font. They complement each other really nicely, don't they? 

9. Catalina Anacapa Chalkboard Lettering Font

Catalina Anacapa Chalkboard Lettering Font

Here's another versatile font that works so well for a chalkboard aesthetic. Check out all the stylish alternates and extras you get with this one. 

10. Angelicy Chalkboard Script Font

Angelicy Chalkboard Script Font

If you're looking for an elegant script to really make your project stand out, this font is a great choice. It has beautiful texture—it would really stand out as a chalk font. 

11. Lockmace Chalkboard Font Alphabet

Lockmace Chalkboard Font Alphabet

Looking for a different take on a textured vintage font? Check this one out. The playful, rounded letters could make a great addition to your project. 

12. Aurellia Chalk Font

Aurellia Chalk Font

Here's another beautifully designed chalkboard script font. This font has some really pretty tails, doesn't it? How might you use this one in your chalk-themed project? 

13. Alioli Chalk Lettering Font

Alioli Chalk Lettering Font

If a bold look and feel is your goal, this chalkboard font fits the bill. These bold letters would be great for display type or commanding attention. Consider it for titles or featured items. 

14. The Brewski Handmade Chalk Writing Font

The Brewski Handmade Chalk Writing Font

This font has an old time, vintage feel and plenty of texture. It looks great on a chalkboard background, but this one could also work well on wood, leather, and a number of other textures. 

15. Belto Cursive Chalk Font

Belto Cursive Chalk Font

A hand-painted font can be plenty adaptable to a chalk aesthetic too. This font is a great example. Swap the colors, add some texture, and it's easy to target that aesthetic. 

16. Riverfall Semi Rounded Chalkboard Font

Riverfall Semi Rounded Chalkboard Font

A decorative approach can make for a really memorable aesthetic. Check out all the details in this beautifully designed font. It could make for such lovely signage, packaging, and more.

17. Jouska Textured Cursive Chalkboard Font

Jouska Textured Cursive Chalkboard Font

Love the speed and angle of a handwritten script font? Well, this one has all that and the texture you'd expect from a chalkboard font too. Check it out. 

18. Black Sambath Chalkboard Writing Font

Black Sambath Chalkboard Writing Font

Here's a chunkier chalk font. It's still got the texture you'd expect, but with a little less variation within the letters. This one could be a great fit for T-shirts. 

19. Neato Serif Chalkboard Font Alphabet

Neato Serif Chalkboard Font Alphabet

Here's a chalkboard take on a more unexpected aesthetic. Grab a bold serif font and consider working it into your chalkboard-themed project. It could add some really interesting variety. 

20. Cheddar Gothic Rough Chalkboard Lettering Font

Cheddar Gothic Rough Chalkboard Lettering Font

Here's another bold, chalkboard font—this time, it's a strong sans serif font. There's plenty of texture here to help push that chalk aesthetic in your design project. 

The Best Free Chalkboard Font Downloads

Now, let's take a look at some free chalkboard font downloads that you can check out today. Consider adding these to your collection—but remember to check out the font's licensing if you're working on a commercial project. 

1. Quavo Free Font

Quavo Free Font

This playful, handwritten font is a great choice for a number of projects. The texture makes it a great choice for your chalk font needs. 

2. Brocha Free Font

Brocha Free Font

Brush style fonts can easily work as a chalk font. All you need to do is add some texture within a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Give it a try.

3. Perpetual Free Font

Perpetual Free Font

Here's another playful, handwritten font. It can help make for a friendly, informal aesthetic. This works nicely for school projects, classrooms, and more. 

4. Humger Free Font

Humger Free Font

Check out this awesome free chalkboard font. We see it here on pavement, but it could work just as well on a chalkboard mockup. 

5. Abyss Free Font

Abyss Free Font

Handwritten fonts are often a great choice when looking for a chalk lettering font. Here's a high-quality free one. Give it a look.

6. Wild Youth Free Chalkboard Script Font

Wild Youth Free Font

Isn't this a beautiful script font? This lovely chalkboard script font is even free for commercial use, so it's an awesome free download worth picking up today!

7.  Mina Free Font

Mina Free Font

A chunky font can be a great choice for commanding attention. Use this one for headlines, titles, and other places where you really want your viewers to look. 

8. Fabfelt Script Free Font (Fonts for Chalkboard Signs)

Fabfelt Script Free Font

If you're looking for a chalk lettering font with a clean, script style, give this one a look. It's a free download, and it has a fun, vintage feel.

9. Lemon Tuesday Free Font

Lemon Tuesday Free Font

Here's another font that takes a lot of inspiration from inks, but could easily be adapted to work with a chalkboard look and feel. It already has texture to it, but consider pushing it forward with a chalkboard texture, too. 

10. Pretty Neat Free Chalkboard Font

Pretty Neat Free Font

Isn't this a cute font? The hand lettering here has such a friendly look and feel. Try this free font out in your next chalkboard themed project. 

11. Nicotype Free Font

Nicotype Free Font

There's so much to love about this fun, eccentric font. It's free flowing and has a doodle vibe to it. Consider giving this free download a try today.

12. Crafter Free Font (Chalkboard Font Ideas)

Crafter Free Font

Prefer a vintage stamp look and feel? This free font is a great fit for projects that use a lot of texture, like a chalkboard aesthetic. 

13. Maler Free Font

Maler Free Font

This font has a brush look and feel, but the texture could work well on a number of textures and surfaces. Give this free font a download today.

14. Netsrak Free Font

Netsrak Free Font

Here's another doodle aesthetic you could try out right now. It works great in inks, but could look just as nice against a chalkboard. 

15. Free Handwritten Fonts (Great for Chalkboard Font Ideas)

Free Handwritten Font Collection

This free chalkboard font is unbelievable! You get so much awesome content—five fonts to experiment with—and it's a free download too! This one is definitely worth a look.

16. Guthers Free Font

Guthers Free Font

If you love a chalkboard script font with a vintage feel, this free chalkboard font is definitely a great match. You get both a textured version and a clean version with this free download.

17. Oftera do Dia Free Font

Oftera do Dia Free Font

Chunky fonts can be a great fit for a chalkboard look and feel. Check this one out—it's free for commercial use and personal use too. 

18. Signify Free Font

Signify Free Font

The varied line widths in this free font give it a really organic, hand-drawn look and feel. It's a great fit for casual, informal projects. 

19. Carimba Free Script Font

Carimba Free Script Font

Here's another stylish cursive chalk font. It has a nice bit of texture that would look great against a number of different backgrounds, chalkboard or otherwise. 

20. Rowo Free Font

Rowo Free Font

Looking for something with even more texture? This free font has plenty of beautiful texture to admire. This is another awesome find that is free for both personal and commercial use.

21. Bricklane Free Font

Bricklane Free Font

There's so much you could do with a font like this one. As far as free chalkboard font downloads go, this is a stellar find. A commercial license is included too.

22. Timothy Free Chalk Handwriting Font

Timothy Free Font

What a fun, chunky, hand-drawn typeface! Here's another great free font to check out. It could be a perfect hand-drawn addition to your chalkboard-themed project. 

23. Athena Free Handwritten Font

Athena Free Handwritten Font

Looking for a different aesthetic to try out in your chalkboard design project? Here's a chunky font that really stands out—and the download is free. 

24. Smoothie Shoppe Free Chalkboard Font

Smoothie Shoppe Free Font

This font definitely has the cafe menu aesthetic down, doesn't it? From the fun texture to the curly tails, this one is an awesome cursive chalk font.

25. Black Vosten Free Font

Black Vosten Free Font

There's so much movement and action in this beautifully designed free font. The brush strokes are really visible, and it could look wonderful on a textured background.

26. Salted Mocha Free Cafe Font

Salted Mocha Free Cafe Font

Check out the beautiful strokes in this cursive chalkboard font. It has such an interesting texture, and would look awesome against a chalkboard textured background.

Which Chalkboard Font Is Right for Your Project?

There are a lot of really awesome chalkboard font downloads out there. Hopefully, this article helped you with some chalkboard font ideas, and maybe you grabbed a couple of downloads today. You can also make a font that looks like chalk by experimenting with textures.

Remember, the best chalkboard fonts are going to vary based on your project—if you're looking to download a lot of fonts to try out, consider Envato Elements. 

Envato Elements gives you unlimited downloads on thousands of fonts, as well as other assets like graphics, photographs, mockups, and more—all for a low, flat fee. 

Looking for more fonts? Check out these collections for more font downloads and ideas:

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