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23 Best Animal Logo Templates

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Need a new logo? Give a creative animal design a shot! Check out this collection of incredible logo resources to kick-start your brand identity.

23 Best Animal Logo Designs

Animals provide amazing symbolism for your logo designs. And in this collection of premium design assets, we're featuring 23 incredible animal logos curated from GraphicRiver and Envato Elements.

Discover your new brand identity with this collection.

Lion Head Logo Template

Lions are often used as brand identities because they represent incredible strength and courage. And this logo is a good example of that symbolism. Enjoy a sleek vector design that works well either as a black and white logo or one with a monochromatic palette.

Lion Head Logo TemplateLion Head Logo TemplateLion Head Logo Template

Black Horse Logo

This beautiful logo effectively captures the majestic beauty of wild horses. A stylized horse head conveying a great sense of elegance and class, this logo can truly elevate your brand. Its flowy design makes it perfect for any clothing- or sports-related identity.

Black Horse LogoBlack Horse LogoBlack Horse Logo

Surf Church Logo

A bird is another animal that represents amazing symbolism because of its ability to fly off into new lands and adventures. And this gorgeous logo infuses a superb bird design along with special landscape-like details within it. Download this logo today to inspire your audience with incredible design.

Surf Church Logo Surf Church Logo Surf Church Logo

Tiger Eye Creative Logo

Show off your incredible fierce side with this inspiring logo. This logo features an awesome tiger design that highlights one of the creature's mysterious eyes. Great for any production company or studio, this logo will definitely set you apart from your competition!

Tiger Eye Creative LogoTiger Eye Creative LogoTiger Eye Creative Logo

Geek Monkey Logo

Geeks are at the head of great design and technology! So show off your love for geeks with this fun monkey logo design. This logo features a sleek design with two colors you can change easily. Keep this energetic lime green or switch it out for any color you desire.

Geek Monkey LogoGeek Monkey LogoGeek Monkey Logo

Bear Logo

Thinking of starting a new sports team? Then let this ferocious bear design act as your team's mascot. This design is 100% vector with four pre-made color variations you can easily customize. Change out the text for more incredible options.

Bear LogoBear LogoBear Logo

Ungry Fox Logo

Not every logo should be so serious. Take this adorable fox design, for example. This design features a funny minimalist animal design full of amazing personality. Use this logo for any new business to give your brand that unique edge.

Ungry Fox LogoUngry Fox LogoUngry Fox Logo

Hunter Logo

Some of the most fascinating animals come from the ocean. And this logo design features a fierce shark perfect for any studio, corporate, or creative brand. Included in this package are five additional color variations to give you more options to choose from.

Hunter LogoHunter LogoHunter Logo

Royal Brand Logo Template

Show the world you mean business with this exceptionally professional royal brand logo. This design features a vintage-inspired crest with two lions mirroring the centered letter. Great for any financial firm or corporation, this remarkably classy logo comes with three distinct color versions.

Royal Brand Logo TemplateRoyal Brand Logo TemplateRoyal Brand Logo Template

Cat Logo

Who doesn't love cats? They're incredibly intelligent little creatures with adorable charm and personality. And this logo design features an awesome silhouetted cat displayed within a magical circular design. Suitable in color or as a white logo against a rich backdrop, this stylish option is one we're sure you'll love. 

Cat LogoCat LogoCat Logo

Chameleon Media Logo

Become a business chameleon with this exceptional logo design. This logo features a very minimalist approach, with the chameleon commanding full attention in the center. Included in this package are fully editable vector and Photoshop files for your convenience.

Chameleon Media LogoChameleon Media LogoChameleon Media Logo

SharkBoost Logo

Need a logo that is the complete and total package? Then check out this energetic shark logo. This identity features a high-energy shark design with text that perfectly matches the main symbol. With unlimited color combinations possible, you can easily customize the colors to fit your logo design needs.

SharkBoost LogoSharkBoost LogoSharkBoost Logo

Wolf II Logo

Create an enigmatic brand identity with this sleek and sophisticated wolf design. This logo features a monochromatic color palette that works perfectly for print design. Download this package today to get access to free fonts and fully editable files.

Wolf II LogoWolf II LogoWolf II Logo

Snake Studio Logo

Slither your way into a unique brand identity with this snake-inspired logo design. This logo features a vibrant red color with a sleek, creative design that makes your snake look like a flame. Suitable for any studio or multimedia production business, this logo will definitely give your business the edge.

Snake Studio LogoSnake Studio LogoSnake Studio Logo

Geometric Animal Logos

If you're having trouble picking a specific animal to represent your brand, then check out this collection of geometric animal logos. This package features six creative handmade logos designed with unique lines and angular shapes. Easily edit their colors before adding your company's name for the perfect brand identity.

Geometric Animal LogosGeometric Animal LogosGeometric Animal Logos

Bird Colors Logo

Jump-start your creative business with this colorful brand identity. This logo features a modern minimalist design with vibrant colors and sleek text. Simply change out the name for your own and add a quick slogan to help it stand out.

Bird Colors LogoBird Colors LogoBird Colors Logo

Crazy Bunny Logo Template

Or get a little crazy with this funny bunny logo design. This logo features a bold yellow color complemented by sleek black details and incredible personality. It's easy to customize, so download this package to get access to files in all your essential formats.

Crazy Bunny Logo TemplateCrazy Bunny Logo TemplateCrazy Bunny Logo Template

Ginger Fox Logo

Brand your business with this one-of-a-kind fox logo. With a sleek and sophisticated design, this logo is sure to make your business stand out. It's a 100% vector logo that is easily modifiable, so download this logo to get started with your new business today.

Ginger Fox LogoGinger Fox LogoGinger Fox Logo

Hoot Flash Logo Template

This exciting logo design features a beautiful flying bird holding a large key in its mouth. It's great for tech businesses and more, and you can apply this logo to any brand stationery. Download this file to get access to a single color version as well as unique alternates.

Hoot Flash Logo TemplateHoot Flash Logo TemplateHoot Flash Logo Template

Mr. Mouse Logo Template

Need a cute mascot for your new business? Then check out this adorable Mr. Mouse design. This logo features a simple mouse head character above a gorgeous simplified script. Easily modify the text or colors to fit your style and download this logo today!

Mr Mouse Logo TemplateMr Mouse Logo TemplateMr Mouse Logo Template

Hipster Animal Logos

Go for that fresh, trendy look with this collection of hipster-inspired animal logos. This pack features 12 separate animal logos that can be mixed together with different design elements or simply stand alone. Use one of these designs for that vintage, hipster look.

Hipster Animal LogosHipster Animal LogosHipster Animal Logos

Cosmetic Spa Logo Template

Create a relaxing experience from the start with this sweet cosmetic spa logo. This identity features a gorgeous butterfly design you can easily modify with Adobe Illustrator. Enjoy this print-ready, 100% vector file that you can use for your business right away!

Cosmetic Spa Logo TemplateCosmetic Spa Logo TemplateCosmetic Spa Logo Template

Royal Polygon Logo Template

This list wouldn't be complete without one last lion logo. This brand features a gorgeous polygonal design where the triangle shapes represent the lion's exquisite mane. Full of sophistication and style, this brand is ideal for a variety of business genres.

Royal Polygon Logo TemplateRoyal Polygon Logo TemplateRoyal Polygon Logo Template


This list is jam-packed with amazing logo resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. But with thousands of animal logo templates available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection.

Be sure to browse GraphicRiver and Envato Elements for more exciting resources and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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