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23 Best Custom Retro T-Shirt Designs (Using a T-Shirt Design Maker)


The retro trend shows no sign of abating. Far from it: every day it's expanding to include more and more eras. If you're interested in creating your very own retro T-shirt designs, Placeit can help you with its awesome collection of T-shirt design ideas. What's more, Placeit has a simple-to-use T-shirt design maker that will help you create your own T-shirt design online quickly and easily.

23 Best Custom Retro T-Shirt Designs
One of many Retro T-Shirt Designs found at Placeit

Using the Custom T-Shirt Design Maker at Placeit 

The Placeit custom T-shirt design maker helps you design your own retro T-shirts in no time at all. Let me show you how.

1. Navigate to Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Maker Page

Use the drop-down menu to select all retro T-shirts.

Navigate to Placeits T-Shirt Design Maker Page

2. Select a Retro T-Shirt Design

Review the T-shirt design ideas available and choose one you like. 

Select A Retro T Shirt Design

3. Start With the Controls on the Right 

When you find a design you like, click on it and the T-shirt design maker will open up. Starting on the right of the T-shirt design maker, add your text and/or change your font and its colour.

Starting With the Controls On The Right

4. Move to the Controls on the Left

Using the controls on the left of the T-shirt design maker, change the background colour of your T-shirt design to match the proposed colour of your T-shirt, swap out the original graphic if you like for any other you prefer, and select any of the colourful bars that appeal to you.  

Move to the Controls on the Left

If you get stuck or need new ideas, check out the set of presets found under every design for more options.

The Presets Offer More Design Ideas

5. Download Your Christmas T-Shirt Design 

And that's how you create your own custom T-shirt design online. Now you can download your design and send it off to your T-shirt printer. 

Download Your Christmas T Shirt Design

23 Best Custom Retro T-Shirt Designs

Now that you understand how to use the Placeit T-shirt design maker, let's take a look at the best retro T-shirt design ideas found at Placeit. 

1. Feminine 50’s Style T-Shirt Template

Feminine 50s Style T-Shirt Template

If the 1950s aesthetic is your thing, then you'll love this template that offers a wonderful selection of 1950s images you can choose from to create T-shirt designs that are unique and eye-catching. 

2. 70s Retro T-Shirt Template

70s Retro T-Shirt Template

The 1970s. Corduroy, hot pants, A-line skirts, feminism, disco, and more. Get your 70s groove on with this retro T-shirt template that offers all sorts of iconic imagery from the 70s. Create your own T-shirt design using the power of the Placeit T-shirt design maker.

3. T-Shirt Design Templates With Art Deco Style for Themed Parties

T-Shirt Design Templates with Art Deco Style for themed parties

One of the best T-shirt designs representing the roaring 20s. Use this design to recreate the flavour of the 20s with its speakeasies, jazz, liquor, flappers, post-war opulence, wealth, and extravagance.

4. Alien Illustration T-Shirt Design Template

Alien Illustration T-Shirt Design Template

Capture the 1990s X-files vibe with this retro T-shirt design featuring an alien mask unzipped to show a cat on the inside. If this graphic doesn't quite work for you, there are a whole range of graphics you can explore that might.

5. T-Shirt Design Template Featuring a Retro Gameboy Device

T-Shirt Design Template Featuring a Retro Gameboy Device

Tap into the 1980s Game Boy era by using the T-shirt design maker to create a T-shirt design that captures this particular craze. If the colours of the template are just a bit too hot for you, don't worry—just about every aspect of this template can be customised to reflect your taste and preference.

6. Area 51 T-Shirt Design Template

Area 51 T-Shirt Design Template

Sci-fi and UFO fans will love this cool design with its flying saucers and cow being beamed up. For added effect, the design incorporates the eight-bit graphic look in the font, but of course you can replace this with any of several fonts on offer when you add your text. 

7. 8-Bit Dinosaur T-Shirt Design Template

8-Bit Dinosaur T-Shirt Design Template

For fans of the eight-bit graphics look, there's also this 8-Bit Dinosaur T-Shirt Design Template. Use it to give your retro T-shirt design a vintage computer graphics look. Add your own text, colours, and icons, and create a T-shirt design that is uniquely yours. 

8. T-Shirt Design Maker for Surf Shirts

T-Shirt Design Maker for Surf Shirts

Another blast from the past, this time from the 1980s. If this is your preferred era, use this template to create your retro T-shirt design online. After you've added your text and changed your fonts and their colour, have a play with the many graphics and background effects. It'll be hard to decide on just one combination. 

9. Ghost Geek T-shirt Template

Ghost Geek T-shirt Template

This template takes its inspiration from the 1980s Pac-Man craze. The graphic used here is the ghost, but you can switch it out for other characters in eight-bit style, and customise the rest of the template by changing up the colours, font, text, etc. 

10. Geeky T-Shirts Template With Retro Graphics

Geeky T-Shirts Template with Retro Graphics

No one could forget the 1990s floppy disks, right? That is unless you weren't even born yet. This retro T-shirt design is easy to customise using the T-shirt design maker. Change the text, fonts, colours, and graphics to create the T-shirt design you want.

11. Cool Ramen T-Shirt Design Template

Cool Ramen T-Shirt Design Template

Pastel colours are part of the retro aesthetic, and applied to these ever-popular noodles, they create a perfect retro T-shirt design that you can customise with your own text. If the noodles aren't quite the right graphic, don't worry—there are tons of others you can select from to create the T-shirt design that's right for you. 

12. Vampire Skater T-Shirt Design Template

Vampire Skater T-Shirt Design Template

Get ready for Halloween with this retro T-shirt design featuring Count Dracula on a skateboard. And if you're more into witches, werewolves, Frankenstein or some other deviant, then check out the plethora of graphics available and pick your poison. 

13. Valentine's Day T-Shirt Maker With Pop Art Design

 Valentines Day T-Shirt Maker with Pop Art Design

If finding love were as easy as dialing a number or creating a custom T-shirt design with the T-shirt design maker at Placeit, life would be peaches. 

14. Sci-Fi T-Shirt Design Template

Sci-Fi T-Shirt Design Template

More T-shirt design ideas for horror lovers. This one combines horror with sci-fi in a number of truly wonderful graphics that reference Hollywood classics like Alien, ET, and The Matrix.

15. Moon T-Shirt Design Template With 8-Bit Graphics

Moon T-Shirt Design Template with 8-Bit Graphics

Another one for the 8-bit computer graphics lovers. This retro T-shirt design can be customised in a number of ways to create the custom T-shirt design of your dreams. 

16. T-Shirt Design Template With Fruit Images

T-Shirt Design Template with Fruit Images

Get fruity with this template celebrating the beauty of fruit. Select a background colour that complements your fruit choice, and then select a frame that works for your aesthetic. Next, select a font and add your text, and your custom T-shirt design is ready to download. 

17. Valentine's Day T-Shirt Maker With Artistic Illustrations

Valentines Day T-Shirt Maker with Artistic Illustrations

Celebrate Valentine's or the Lonely Hearts Club with this vintage T-shirt design. What's cool about this template is that it references a variety of eras, so check out the graphics and choose the one you like best. 

18. Brooklyn T-Shirt Design Template

Brooklyn T-Shirt Design Template

If travel is your thing and you want to celebrate your favourite city or your very own home town, this retro T-shirt design is an excellent choice. Check out the wide range of graphics of various iconic landmarks around the world, and choose the one that rocks your boat. 

19. Ocean Rescue T-Shirt Design Maker Featuring an Otter in a Plastic Bag

Ocean Rescue T-Shirt Design Maker Featuring an Otter in a Plastic Bag

Reducing our dependence on plastic and cleaning up our oceans has become a matter of urgency, so why not add your voice to the mix with this retro T-shirt design featuring a range of sea creatures swimming in a plastic bag. Graphics include whales, turtles, crabs, jellyfish, and more. 

20. Feminist T-Shirt Template With 2000s Style

 Feminist T-Shirt Template with 2000s Style

Looking for a retro T-shirt design you can customise to support women's rights? This would be it. With its cool colour palette and playful graphics and fonts, you can create a range of awesome custom T-shirt designs to suit every taste. 

21. Plants T-Shirt Design Template

 Plants T-Shirt Design Template

Get your retro groove on with this fab custom T-shirt design celebrating plants. Each graphic offered is even more beautiful than the next, so you're going to have a hard time deciding on just one. 

22. T-Shirt Maker With a Sassy Cat Illustration

T-Shirt Maker with a Sassy Cat Illustration

A play on the aloof nature of cats, this retro T-shirt design offers a number of gorgeous drawings of cats which you can customise as little or as much as you like to create some super cool T-shirts. 

23. Women's Rights T-Shirt Design Template

Womens Rights T-Shirt Design Template

Looking for the best T-shirt design with a retro twist, for a campaign to support women's rights? This custom T-shirt design is an excellent choice. It offers loads of beautiful graphics so that you can customise as much or as little as you like.

24. 90s T-Shirt Design Maker

90s T-Shirt Design Maker

The 1980s in fluorescent. This is a gorgeous, eye-catching template to create a T-shirt design with retro flair. After you've added your text and changed your fonts and their colour, experiment with the many graphics and background effects, and you're ready to download.

Create Your Own Retro T-Shirt Design Online Today

We hope you've found loads of T-shirt design ideas you can use and you are excited about using the T-shirt design maker to create your own custom T-shirt design. When you've designed your own unique T-shirt, please share it with us in the comments below. 

And remember, these 23 best T-shirt designs are only a fraction of the amazing T-shirt design ideas available at Placeit, so if you haven't found exactly what you need here, head on over to the site and browse their large collection. 

If you're interested in other kinds of designs and mockups, here are some great suggestions for you:

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