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22 Creative Roll-Up Banner Designs (Templates to Download Now)


Need to design a roll-up banner for your next exhibition, product launch, trade show, or conference, but don't know where to begin? 

Furniture Roll-Up Banner
Just one of the fabulous banner templates available at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

Well, you've come to the right place. Today, we'll share with you 22 creative roll-up banner designs from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver that you can download and customise to suit your needs. 

What Is a Roll-Up Banner?

Before we share our collection of creative roll-up banner designs, let's look first at what the characteristics of a roll-up banner are.

Also known as pull-up banners or retractable banners, a roll-up banner is a length of material—usually treated fabric, vinyl, polypropylene, or plasticised paper—printed on one or both sides with promotional images and text. The quality that gives them their name is that they are easily transported as oblong rolled tubes and when needed, simply rolled out and set up in a matter of seconds.

Because they're easy to transport and set up, roll-up banners can be displayed absolutely anywhere to quickly grab the attention of passers-by.

What Is a Roll-Up Banner Used For?

Roll-up banners are a promotional and advertising tool typically used by businesses to increase awareness of brands, products, or services at trade shows, conferences, corporate launches, sporting events, dinners, exhibitions, and more. 

What Dimensions Should a Roll-Up Banner Be?

Roll-up banner sizes can vary quite widely depending on your advertising needs. A tabletop roll-up banner can be as small as A4 or US letter size or as large as 1700mm x 3000mm. Remember, though, that the selling point of these banners is portability and ease of setup, so going too big defeats that purpose. That's why the most popular roll-up banner size tends to be around between 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) and 850mm x 2000mm (33.3 inches x 78.7 inches).  

What Font Size to Use With a Roll-Up Banner?

To determine the best roll-up banner font size, first figure out where the banner will be placed and how far away people are going to be when viewing the banner. The further away a person is, the larger the fonts should be so that they can easily read the banner. 

Once you've determined the probable distance your viewers will be from the banner, a good rule of thumb is to make the smallest banner font size at least 72 pt for every 10 feet of viewing distance. You can further facilitate readability by using sans serifs fonts like Arial, Helvetica, etc. Avoid italics and serif fonts. 

What Should the Bleed Be for a Roll-Up Banner?

Bleed is a commonly used technique in the design and printing industry. It allows a design to be printed larger than the end product’s actual size to avoid any undesired white space or border around the design once it is cut. There is no real industry standard for bleed area, and the bleed requested or needed can vary by printer and even material type.

As for roll-up banner bleed, use at least a 3 mm bleed on three sides of your canvas with 100 mm bleed at the bottom of the print to accommodate attachment of the canvas to its base and avoid an unattractive white border where the design ends.

Envato Elements: Best Source for Custom Roll-Up Banners (With Unlimited Use) 

Envato Elements
Envato Elements: Great template at one low price

Envato Elements' roll-up banner designs are professional, versatile, and easy to use. With unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee, you can choose as many custom roll-up banners as you want. 

One low monthly fee = unlimited access to not just roll-up banner designs, but also thousands of premium digital assets like logos, fonts, photos, business card templates, and much more. In addition, Elements saves you both the time and energy needed when creating from scratch.

Let's look at the most creative roll-up banner designs to be found at Envato Elements.

12 Custom Roll-Up Banners From Envato Elements 

1. Furniture Roll-Up Banner

Furniture Roll-Up Banner

This business roll-up banner template is designed specifically with furniture stores in mind, but in truth it can be used for any number of businesses. For example, if you wanted to make a real estate roll-up banner, all you'd need to do is replace the furniture place holder photos with photos of the properties you represent and add your own relevant text. 

2. Organic Food/ Roll-up Template

Organic Food Roll-up Template

Need an event roll-up banner for a food fair? Check out this pull-up banner template which is made with a banner size of 30 inches x 70 inches. The roll-up banner bleed is a generous 1 inch. The PSD template is organised in fully editable layers.

3. Photography Rollup Banners

 Photography Rollup Banners

Digital photographers will love this very cool business roll-up banner. It allows them to show off their wonderful images and uses bold text to attract the target audience to their offer. There are three creative roll-up banner designs contained in this package. The roll-up banner size is 30 inches x 70 inches (762mm x 1778mm), and the PSD files offer fully editable text and colour, with smart object layers for replacing photos. 

4. Restaurant Roll-Up Banner

Restaurant Roll-Up Banner

All eyes will be on your banner when you use this business roll-up banner template. The template is designed specially for food-related industries but can be adapted to other industries as well. Customisation is easy with these layered PSD files. After you've downloaded the template, just replace the placeholder text with your own text, use the smart object layer to add your own photos, and your design is ready for the printers. 

5. Yoga Roll-Up Banner

Yoga Roll-Up Banner

Yoga studios will love this event roll-up banner centred around images demonstrating yoga poses. The roll-up banner size is 800 cm x 2000 cm, and the PSD files allow you to change everything: colour, image, text, and graphic elements.

6. Landscaping Roll-Up Banner

Landscaping Roll-Up Banner

This landscaping roll-up banner template is perfect for a wide range of house renovation and care related businesses. This means that if you need a home design or real estate roll-up banner, this template is a great choice. Available in three different design variations, the roll-up banner size is 850 x 2000 mm (33.3 x 78.7 inch). Stock photos used in the preview are not included in the package, but there's a download link provided in the instruction file so that you can purchase them if you wish.

7. Roll-up Banner Property Promotion

Roll-up Banner Property Promotion

If you're in a property-related industry, this real estate roll-up banner is a good choice for you. The banner is 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) with a roll-up banner bleed of 16mm (0.65 inch). The well-organised, easy-to-customise templates are offered as AI and EPS files.

8. Corporate Roll-Up Banner

Corporate Roll-Up Banner

Planning a corporate event and need a roll-up banner ASAP? This business roll-up banner is polished, professional, and very easy to customise. Just download, add your text, change the colour to reflect your brand, add your images, and just like that you have a gorgeous business roll-up banner ready to send to the printers. 

9. Fashion Show Roll-Up Banner

Fashion Show Roll-Up Banner

When you work in fashion and need a roll-up banner for a big event, you need that banner to be as cool and fashion forward as you are. That's where this event roll-up banner comes in. The banner offers a clean and eye-catching layout that you can add luscious photographs of your collection to. And there's even an area for a head shot of you over your name. What's more, you can customise the template by changing colours and adding a font that reflects your brand. 

10. Gym Roll-up Banner Promotion

Gym Roll-up Banner Promotion

Advertise the opening of your new fitness centre or special offer with this business roll-up banner. Of course, the two layouts the template offers would also work perfectly for other industries as well, so feel free to use the well-organised AI and EPS files to customise the template as needed.

11. Spa - Roll-Up Banner Promotion

Spa - Roll-Up Banner Promotion

Like the template above, this business roll-up banner, which is specially designed for businesses that offer spa services, can be used for a number of other businesses with the right customisation. The banner is 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) with a roll-up banner bleed of 16mm (0.65 inches). 

12. Social Media Roll-Up Banner

Social Media Roll-Up Banner

If you run a marketing or communications agency and are looking for a terrific custom roll-up banner to promote your brand, then check out this banner template. It offers three different layouts, so you can use each layout to run a separate campaign or just choose your favourite for one campaign. The banners are 50mm x 2000mm (33.3 inches x 78.7 inches) and print ready. 

GraphicRiver: Best Source for Custom Roll-Up Banners (Buy One at a Time) 

Though Elements is an excellent option for some, if you're looking to buy just one creative roll-up banner design, GraphicRiver may be a better option for you. 


It offers a plethora of excellent roll-up banners that can be purchased individually instead of as part of a monthly plan. If you just need a one-off template and your budget is tight, GraphicRiver is a great option for high-quality roll-up banners. Let's take a look at the nine best rollup banners to be found there.

9 Best Custom Roll-Up Banners From GraphicRiver

13. Photography Roll-Up Banner

 Photography Roll-Up Banner

Bring your images alive with this stunning custom roll-up banner. Created specifically with photographers in mind, the banner keeps your images front and centre while adding even more dimension and interest to them with geometric overlays. The 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) banner uses layered PSD files and is fully customisable. 

14. Creative Roll-Up Banners

Creative Roll-Up Banners

Another roll-up banner design for graphic artists and other creatives, this banner is bound to draw the eye of all passers-by. Featuring bold text and gorgeous geometric shapes with embedded images, the banner template comes in two distinct layouts, both of which can be customised using InDesign. 

15. Fashion Roll-Up Banner

Fashion Roll-Up Banner

Use this event roll-up banner and it will catch the eye of fashionistas everywhere. The minimalist template calls attention first to the image in the top part of the banner and then to the stand-out name under it. The template contains two layered PSD files that are both fully editable. 

16. Travel Roll-Up Banner

 Travel Roll-Up Banner

Travel and tour agencies, this custom roll-up design template is for you. The 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) template allows you to add photos of your most popular destinations that will entice adventurers into your doors. Fully editable files in AI and EPS formats. 

17. Medical Roll-Up Banner

Medical Roll-Up Banner

Medical professionals looking to create a banner for an upcoming event will be thrilled with this clean, professional event roll-up banner. The banner features a space for an image in the upper part of the template and plenty of room for text and logos under that. 

18. Creative Roll-up Banners

Creative Roll-up Banners

Who says corporate has to be boring? Not the designer of these three business roll-up banner templates. The templates use shape, image, colour and text beautifully to create roll-up banners that catch the eye. Choose your favourite of the 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) banner and customise to your heart's content. 

19. Corporate Roll-up Banner - Wedding

Corporate Roll-up Banner - Wedding

This event roll-up banner is ideal for event planners heading to trade shows and conferences. It allows you to show off images from past events and happy customers and then add the details of your services below. 

20. Beauty Care Roll-up Banners

Beauty Care Roll-up Banners

You can't promise beauty using a lacklustre roll-up banner. Happily, you don't have to when you use these beauty care roll-up banners. The template, which is designed for a beauty care specialist, salon, spa, or beauty clinic, is made up of four different designs. Just pick your favourite—or use each one for different occasions. 

21. Creative Design Agency Roll-up Banners

Creative Design Agency Roll-up Banners

A creative roll-up banner design for creative agencies. The 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) template offers three distinct design variations. Choose your favourite and use the layered PSD files to customise. 

22. Multipurpose Roll-up Banner 

Multipurpose Roll-up Banner

As the name suggests, this custom roll-up banner is suitable for any number of business ventures. The 850mm x 2000mm (33.3 inches x 78.7 inches) banners come in 3 PSD files that are fully editable so that you can add your own image and brand colours. Then all there is left to do is to enter your text, and your banner is ready to send to the printers. 

Discover More Banner Templates

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Choose Your Favourite Banner Template Today

To find premium roll-up banner design templates, Envato Elements is an excellent place to look. It allows you to create polished and professional banners quickly and easily. The templates offer a variety of designs and are versatile and easy to use. A bonus is that if you regularly need fonts, icons, templates, and other design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

On the other hand, if you're looking to buy an individual roll-up banner template, GraphicRiver is an excellent alternative for high-quality banner designs. 

Head on over to either of these sites today to choose your favourite roll-up banner template and start creating gorgeous roll-up banners for your business. 

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