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25 Best New Event Flyer Templates for Photoshop & InDesign for 2020

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Promote your next event with an amazing flyer! Check out this list of professional flyer templates!

25 Best New Event Flyer Templates

Event flyers aren't just for graphic design experts. So no matter your experience level, you can now create phenomenal flyer event designs using high-quality assets from across the web.

That's why we're bringing you another awesome collection of goodies from Placeit, Envato Market, and Envato Elements.

Bring your audience together with incredible designs inspired by fun events, from art exhibitions to sports events and more. You'll be able to customize these flyer templates in no time at all! Check them out!

Wine Tasting Event Flyer

Solid, bold colors, and high contrast make this design both trendy and classy at the same time! Jump into Adobe Photoshop and easily change the content to suit your project—or Adobe Illustrator, if you prefer! The included fonts are free for commercial use too!

Wine Tasting Event FlyerWine Tasting Event FlyerWine Tasting Event Flyer

Summer Event Flyer Invitation

Fun, colorful, and ready for the sunshine—this template is ready for your next summer party or event! This one is perfect for family reunions, vacations, and getting the word out about any fun in the sun. 

Summer Event Flyer InvitationSummer Event Flyer InvitationSummer Event Flyer Invitation

Jazz Flyer Design

Check out this grid-based design, perfect for your next music event. However, this one is plenty adaptable and versatile. Swap out the imagery with your photos, and this composition could work for a whole host of different design situations!

Jazz Flyer DesignJazz Flyer DesignJazz Flyer Design

Marathon Event Flyer

A perfect fit for marathons, runs, and other athletic events, this flyer is 100% vector, so jump right into the included Photoshop or Illustrator files, and adjust the content any way you like! This one could work for other active events too!

Marathon Event FlyerMarathon Event FlyerMarathon Event Flyer

Ski Trip Event Flyer

Planning a wintry event? Check out this design! It has kind of a retro look and feel, doesn't it? The solid, bold illustrations and the typography are such a cool throwback! Easily edit the included PSD files with your content in Adobe Photoshop.

Ski Trip Event FlyerSki Trip Event FlyerSki Trip Event Flyer

Artist Event Flyer

Make a bold impact with a compelling art event flyer. This beautiful design features two colorful options with fully editable files. Easily edit the main model with one of your own pictures, or choose a stock from your favorite stock site. A helpful guide is also included for your convenience.

Artist Event FlyerArtist Event FlyerArtist Event Flyer

New Year Eve Flyer

Send out your invites now for a New Year's Eve party to remember. This flyer template is great for club promotions and more. It features an exquisite, modern design with 3D elements like confetti, mirror balls, and 3D text. All the pictures are included, so you won't have to switch anything out!

New Year Eve FlyerNew Year Eve FlyerNew Year Eve Flyer

Boxing Event Flyer

If you're hosting the next boxing event at your restaurant or club, make sure to grab this new flyer template! This template is easy to edit and includes all the elements you need for a powerful marketing campaign. Update it fast using Adobe Photoshop versions CS3 and above.

Boxing Event FlyerBoxing Event FlyerBoxing Event Flyer

Football Event Flyer

Promote the next football event at your stadium with this electrifying event flyer. This template features a bold, sports-based design to inspire your audience to come to this event. Just swap out the main preview images for ones of your own in order to use this flyer right away.

Football Event Flyer

Camping Adventure Flyer Bundle

Many exciting sports events are also held outdoors. So check out this fun, camping adventure flyer bundle for a brilliant flyer pack perfect for any outdoor sports enthusiast. This download comes with fully layered files available in both Photoshop and InDesign formats. 

Camping Adventure Flyer BundleCamping Adventure Flyer BundleCamping Adventure Flyer Bundle

Fitness Universal Flyer

Do you love CrossFit or any of the latest fitness crazes? Then check out this universal fitness flyer to promote your next event. This design comes in four different colorful versions, with both female and male models. It's fully editable and even includes access to all the free fonts used. 

Fitness Universal FlyerFitness Universal FlyerFitness Universal Flyer

Dance Flyer Template

Showcase your love for dance with this fantastic event flyer template. This download comes with several print-ready formats in three different color versions. Edit the templates easily with the help of Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. A great choice for beginners!

Dance Flyer TemplateDance Flyer TemplateDance Flyer Template

Kids School Flyer Templates

Volunteer at your kids' local school event by designing an amazing flyer! This high-resolution template comes with Photoshop and InDesign formats. It's completely editable and print ready, so you'll be able to change any element, including the text!

Kids School Flyer TemplatesKids School Flyer TemplatesKids School Flyer Templates

Fashion Sale Flyer

Sale event flyers are important templates for entrepreneurs and store owners. This modern design features a minimalist theme inspired by fashion. It comes in a standard A4 template size and features only free fonts. Edit it fast in Adobe InDesign. Check it out!

Fashion Sale FlyerFashion Sale FlyerFashion Sale Flyer

Creative Flyer Template

Stand out with a creative event flyer that's sure to draw in a crowd! This amazing design features a print-ready format that is fully customizable and easy to use. Replace the main image with one of your favorite stocks to take this flyer to the next level!

Creative Flyer TemplateCreative Flyer TemplateCreative Flyer Template

Creative Abstract Flyer Template

Looking for an abstract design that is sleek and multipurpose? Then check out this incredible Photoshop flyer template. This template features professional and cleanly structured files with all the elements you need to customize it further. Add it to your collection!

Creative Abstract Flyer TemplateCreative Abstract Flyer TemplateCreative Abstract Flyer Template

Pub Happy Hour Flyer Template

Celebrate happy hour with a few close friends with this awesome flyer template. This template features both A4 and A3 sized files in a highly functional, print-ready format. All the text can be easily edited with the Type Tool, so you won't have any worries there! Enjoy this design!

Pub Happy Hour Flyer TemplatePub Happy Hour Flyer TemplatePub Happy Hour Flyer Template

Christmas Flyer

Ready for the holidays? We hope this next event flyer will get you in that holiday spirit! This template was created with a beautiful gold theme, inspired by Christmas elements like ribbons and bows. You'll also get access to several print-ready files that come in two stunning black and white versions. 

Christmas FlyerChristmas FlyerChristmas Flyer

The Clearance Sale Event Flyer

Launch a storewide sale event with a sleek and sophisticated flyer like this one. This download comes with three pages of Adobe InDesign templates you can easily customize in minutes. Enjoy the minimalist design with easily interchangeable elements for the text and image details. 

The Clearance Sale Event Flyer

Valentines Day Flyer

Throw a Valentine's Day bash everyone will love with this lovely flyer template. This download includes one fully layered Photoshop file with a beautiful bright red theme for love. It's available in a CMYK print-ready format and can be expanded to any size. 

Valentines Day Flyer

Strips Flyer Poster

Split up your model into a cool effect with this strips flyer poster. Easily modify the Photoshop file to gain access to a print-ready poster with free fonts inside. Although the original model image isn't included, you can just swap it out with your favorite picture. 

Strips Flyer PosterStrips Flyer PosterStrips Flyer Poster

Business Event Flyers

Throw your next business conference or event with these stylish flyers. This incredible bundle pack comes with three design alternatives in a standard A4 size. You'll be able to update them quickly with Adobe InDesign, and can even access this look in Microsoft Word!

Business Event FlyersBusiness Event FlyersBusiness Event Flyers

Party Poster Maker

Create a super chill event flyer design with the online flyer maker from Placeit. Featuring a simple, geometric design with colorful details, this flyer makes it easy to switch out the background for any other preset. Download this template to customize it further with your own personal touch.

Party Poster MakerParty Poster MakerParty Poster Maker

Fashion Week Online Flyer Maker

Enjoy fashion week knowing you've got a compelling flyer! This awesome design from Placeit is modern and perfect for any minimalist designer. Change the main colors to fit your brand and swap out the logos for your own. Easily edit this flyer in minutes!

Fashion Week Online Flyer MakerFashion Week Online Flyer MakerFashion Week Online Flyer Maker

Wedding Planner Flyer Template

Your special day deserves a gorgeous wedding invitation. Get the most out of your design with this exquisite look from the flyer maker over on Placeit. Swap out the text, icons, and background image for ones you prefer for a print-ready file that's only eight dollars!

Wedding Planner Flyer TemplateWedding Planner Flyer TemplateWedding Planner Flyer Template

More Flyer Templates

Make your events the talk of the town with incredible, high-quality flyer templates. I hope these flyers have inspired you to promote your next event with style.

Want more flyers? Check out these collections and tutorials for more inspiration:

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid creator. For more event flyer templates, head on over to Placeit, Envato Market, and Envato Elements. Happy creating!

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