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21 Stylish Fashion & Fabric Add-Ons Including Embroidery Actions

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Upgrade your fashion projects with these fun fashion and fabric add-ons. They include embroidery Photoshop actions and fabric textures.

21 Fashion and Fabric Add-Ons

Scared of making a fashion faux pas? Well, you might just have vestiphobia, the fear of clothing.

To settle your fears, today, we're bringing you 21 fashion and fabric add-ons from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Subscribe to unlock unlimited assets monthly, or explore thousands of high-quality products with amazing low prices.

Use these templates to make your designs stand out! Explore a wide range of textures and styles for more flexibility.

Need a more hands-on approach? Check out the talented folks from Envato Studio to help with all your fashion needs.

Fashion Actions

From high-quality filters to all-in-one beauty kits, these actions create epic effects with just the click of a button.

Fashion Collection Presets

Everyone loves options. Try out 50 different color combinations with this sublime fashion collection. This collection includes sunny and bright effects to make your photos look more vivid and memorable.

Fashion Collection PresetsFashion Collection PresetsFashion Collection Presets

Fashion Magazine Actions Bundle

Create awesome filter effects just like the magazines! This collection contains 30 non-destructive actions perfect for fashion editors. Play with the different settings and styles to mix and match filters for the effect you want! Give it a try!

Fashion Magazine Actions BundleFashion Magazine Actions BundleFashion Magazine Actions Bundle

Matte Fashion Lightroom Presets

This essential matte fashion kit comprises 20 colorful presets for Lightroom. Great for professional photographers, these filters apply stunning color effects with one click. Also included is a handy help file for more information.

Matte Fashion Lightroom PresetsMatte Fashion Lightroom PresetsMatte Fashion Lightroom Presets

Fashion Black & White Action

Transform any color image into a beautiful black and white photo with this Photoshop action. Designed for a high-quality result, this action comes with ten amazing black and white filters. Generate an instantly glamorous effect with just one click!

Fashion Black  White ActionFashion Black  White ActionFashion Black  White Action

Advance Beauty Fashion Kit

Make over your model with these advance Photoshop actions. In seconds, you can apply beautiful makeup, jewelry and fun photo effects. Get high-quality results that will simply blow you away!

Advance Beauty Fashion Kit Advance Beauty Fashion Kit Advance Beauty Fashion Kit

The Editorial Collection V2

Fashion photography should embody a certain mood for the viewer. And you can create gorgeous dramatic effects with this editorial collection of actions. Get access to 13 filters that are both stunning and simple to use. Download it today!

The Editorial Collection v2The Editorial Collection v2The Editorial Collection v2

Fabric Add-Ons

Achieve phenomenal text effects that mimic your favorite fabrics! This section includes several wonderful fabric add-ons for Photoshop. Create epic, high-quality results in less time!

Realistic Embroidery 2

A must-have tool, this embroidery action creates realistic, clean textures that are easy and fun to use. Also included is a bonus file with hi-res backgrounds and more.

Realistic Embroidery 2Realistic Embroidery 2Realistic Embroidery 2

Denim Action

Squeeze your text into a realistic denim effect! This download contains three Photoshop actions that create the texture and stitching effect of traditional denim designs. Use it for headlines, logos, and even vector shapes.

Denim ActionDenim ActionDenim Action

Stitched Leather Generator

Need to recreate the look of leather? Then put this stitched leather generator to the test! This generator contains an epic Photoshop action with all the tools, brushes, and settings needed to create realistic leather textures. Grab the free video demo to see how it works!

Stitched Leather Generator Stitched Leather Generator Stitched Leather Generator

Christmas Felt Maker

Show off your holiday cheer with a fun felt project! Inspired by Christmas, this felt maker creates high-quality effects with incredible realism. Build a warm holiday scene with this clever Photoshop action.

Christmas Felt MakerChristmas Felt MakerChristmas Felt Maker

Leather Badge Generator

Create an epic leather badge with this mighty generator. This download includes six Photoshop actions with 25 styles. It's super easy to customize and an all-around must-have asset for mockups, graphics, and more.

Leather Badge GeneratorLeather Badge GeneratorLeather Badge Generator

Brushes and Graphics

Illustrate incredible fabric details by hand! This next section offers various fashion brushes and graphics to complete your wonderful designs.

Tailor Made Sewing Illustrations and Brushes

Highlight your passion for fashion with this tailor made set. This set includes 56 sewing and dressmaking illustrations with a unique vintage style. Get access to a bonus set of Illustrator brushes to pull your designs together.

Tailor Made Sewing  Dressmaking IllustrationsTailor Made Sewing  Dressmaking IllustrationsTailor Made Sewing  Dressmaking Illustrations

7 Lace Brushes

Or choose from seven different brushes for a pretty lace effect! Optimized for Adobe Illustrator, these brushes help you create highly detailed patterns in traditional lace styles. Save time with these awesome brushes!

7 Lace Brushes 7 Lace Brushes 7 Lace Brushes

Illustrator Stitch Brushes

To create a stitched look, first draw a line using any Illustrator tool. Next, apply the effect by clicking on the icon on the Brushes tab. In just a few moments, you'll get an unbelievably realistic look! Great for print, web, and so much more.

Illustrator Stitch BrushesIllustrator Stitch BrushesIllustrator Stitch Brushes

Fashion Illustration Model Poses

Ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Try out your looks with these fabulous model poses. This set includes 11 blank figure poses with various skin colors. Complete the look with custom clothing, hair, and accessories.

Fashion Illustration Model PosesFashion Illustration Model PosesFashion Illustration Model Poses

Fashion and Fabric Patterns

What's your favorite pattern to wear? No matter the style, you can find realistic results with these phenomenal patterns. Explore a variety of colors and textures to find the pattern you need.

Colorful Grunge Textures

Kick off your fashion line with colorful grunge textures with exciting pattern styles. This pack contains EPS, JPG and AI files for your convenience. Choose from 25 vibrant themes suitable for print, fabric, and wallpaper.

Colorful Grunge TexturesColorful Grunge TexturesColorful Grunge Textures

Camouflage Fabric Patterns

One of the latest trends to come back into fashion is using a camouflage pattern. So update your pattern collection with this creative camouflage set. Included are 10 fabric patterns designed in RGB color mode.

Camouflage Fabric Patterns Camouflage Fabric Patterns Camouflage Fabric Patterns

Vector Sewing Kit

Or grab your digital needle and thimble and create some magic! This vector sewing kit includes 60 seamless patterns with 15 patchwork elements. Grab this epic set that includes stitching, buttons, and more.

Vector Sewing KitVector Sewing KitVector Sewing Kit

16 Exclusive Patterns Set

This exclusive pattern set includes 16 black and gray patterns with highly detailed textures. Use them to create realistic fabric for any design project. Simply download the file to get started using these patterns in Adobe Photoshop.

16 Exclusive Patterns Set16 Exclusive Patterns Set16 Exclusive Patterns Set

Grunge Retro Seamless Textures

Love grunge? Then incorporate it into your outfit! Try out these retro seamless textures featuring a colorful grunge theme. Enjoy 20 diverse options perfect for any fabric or clothing. Download it today!

Grunge Retro Seamless TexturesGrunge Retro Seamless TexturesGrunge Retro Seamless Textures

Tribal Chic Seamless Vector Patterns

Or pull off a chic, tribal look with this set of six seamless patterns. These 100% vector patterns feature trendy tribal designs inspired by Aztec culture. Create a fabulous dress or shirt with these wonderful options.

Tribal Chic Seamless Vector PatternsTribal Chic Seamless Vector PatternsTribal Chic Seamless Vector Patterns

Tutorials and Resources

We've got a huge lineup of awesome tutorials and articles for all fashion enthusiasts! Check out these great tips and tricks to create cool, fashionable moments.


This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. For additional help with all your fashion needs, enlist the skills of a talented professional by choosing one of the amazing designers from Envato Studio.

And with loads of fashion and fabric templates available, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Market and Envato Elements for more resources, and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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