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20 Incredible Speed Painting Videos

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Speed painting is the act of recording of an artist’s screen while they paint a scene. The recording is then sped up so that you can see the piece come together much more quickly. In this round up we have gathered some of the most impressive speed painting videos that we have seen that include paintings of well-known subjects including Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, and Iron Man. Take a look at them below and be amazed at how these talented artists produce these fantastic pieces of art.

Avatar Speed Painting by Mike Gore

Our first video features a speed painting of one of the most popular movies ever created, Avatar. The final product which can be seen here shows off the amazing result of 12 hours of work. The specs for this piece are posted in the video description so look it over if you are interested.

Scarlett Johansson Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

Our next speed painting video gives us some rather attractive visuals of the designer painting actress Scarlett Johansson. The artist
didn't go for extreme realism on this painting but the result is still extremely accurate and amazing to see put together in such a short period of time.

Sea Monster Speed Painting

It's hard to believe the artist who created this painting said its only a doodle, but this is probably one of the most detailed paintings in this set. The ferocious sea monster is put together in only 4 quick minutes and the result looks simply phenomenal.

Iron Man Speed Painting

This speed painting video gives us a dual shot while the designer is painting away, we can see the stock photograph of Iron man that the designer is painting from. This is very cool since we can now see how much artistic freedom was taken with the final product and you can see the artist
definitely put his own spin on how this one was painted.

Toy Story 3 Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

If you got a look at the finished product first before viewing the video it would be hard to tell that this wasn't a screenshot from the movie,
that's how good this painting looks. Everyone should check this one out for the sheer talent that this guy has.

Undead Speed Painting by Rune Bodker

Only done in an hour and a half this creepy speed painting of a zombie is nothing but awesome, the only
criticism that comes to mind is that the body isn't as detailed as the face is but we cant really nitpick when the result still looks this good.

Kanye West Speed Painting by Williams Shamir

Kanye West gets the speed painting treatment here and the result is extremely impressive, put together in around 6 hours this designer used a nice brush touch to give this painting a smooth as well as realistic look.

Megan Fox Speed Painting by Stephanie Valentin

Megan Fox is the next celeb in this list to get painted and 6 hours worth of work culminate in another fantastic product. This almost 6 minute video zooms in on specific areas of the painting for the viewer to get a better look at the techniques used to create this.

M.I.A. Speed Painting by Salena

This off color painting features some colorful and vibrant visuals of singer M.I.A. The impressive part about it is how a whole different color
palette was used for this painting yet all of the shading and coloring still looks on point, watch this one to see some great painting techniques used.

Mechanical T-Rex Speed Painting by Chris Scalf

The thought of a mechanical dinosaur is already awesome but when you combine the idea with a talented artist who can draw it into reality makes for a mind explosion. This very cool painting was done in 3 and a half hours and although it lacks detailed coloring it still features an incredibly detailed scene.

Travis Barker Speed Painting by Sean McCoy

All the crazy tattoo art on Travis Barker make for a really fun and interesting speed painting to watch. The way this painter goes about realistically painting all of Barkers heavy
tattoo's is incredible and the final product does not shy away from looking like a photo.

Indiana Jones Speed Painting by S. Maguire

This painter's childhood hero and most likely many other peoples hero as well gets the speed painting treatment in this video. All of these videos including this one are instrumental and educational for artists who are looking to start digitally painting themselves, this detailed shot of Mr. Ford is a great example of something you should strive for.

Terminator Caricature Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

Nico Di Mattia switches gears for a second and goes towards something a little more comical and less realistic, painting the terminator in caricature form. There is not much difference in the technique used but the final product
definitely bares a resemblance to Arnold in his former role. An interesting look at how caricatures are painted.

Dr. House Caricature Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

This guy's paintings are just so good we had to post a few more, here is
everyone's favorite Doctor Dr. House in another amazing looking caricature, watch this and take notes.

Darth Maul Speed Painting

The fore was definitely with this painter when he decided to start painting Darth Maul. The complete painting which took roughly 3 hours to paint features not only Maul but also a nice backdrop that we
rarely see designers actually go into when speed painting.

Upsidedown Mona Lisa Speed Painting

Probably the coolest speed painting out of this set but also the oddest, why paint the famous Mona Lisa upside down?
I'm not sure, but it does make for an interesting 10 minute video. The result looks perfect as it has every detail the original one does, this is just a case of digital art being inspired by
rational and we can all learn from the result.

Landscape Speed Painting

No celeb or mechanical T-Rex here, just a simple yet awesome looking grungy landscape. It is interesting to see how the techniques to painting this are similar/different from those used to create some of the other paintings featured in this set, so browse through this video and be the judge of that.

Abstract Speed Painting

We cant be sure what exactly was painted in this video but we can be sure that the final product looks simply amazing. The colors work
extremely well with each other in this rather odd scene.

Samus Speed Painting

Lastly we have a speed painting of popular video game character Samus. The multicolored reflections that are on her suite make for an interesting painting that uses the best set of color
pallets possible as the final result looks like its right out of a video game.

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