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20 Delightful Children's Illustrations to Inspire You

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Read Time: 7 mins

In today's article I'm going to show you some fantastic examples of children's illustrations created in vector, which combine bold colors and cute characters. Each piece will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

Lilly by Kinkei

Kinkei's work reminds me of Disney's playful and cartoon style and this piece is one of many which uses it to create an elegant and colorful princess illustrations. What's appealing and doll like about her illustrations are the big eyes and the feminine dresses, which are common elements throughout her pieces.

Princess of Power by FlashParade

Hands up if you were a fan of He-Man and She-Ra as a child? I loved She-Ra and so this piece by FlashParade grabs me straight away. Great 80s fan art rendered in a character style that again utilizes the use of big eyes to create a doll like impression.

Pesadilla by Alejandra Colunga

I remember seeing this piece for the first time and I fell in love with it straight away. I personally think of the bizarre style of "Ren & Stimpy," a little demented and a little quirky, yet still ever appealing to a young audience. This piece unites human with a comical creature to help children imagine how big the character would be in person and what it would be like to interact with it.

Jellyfish by Drud Studio

This type of piece you could easily see either in a children's book or even on children's clothing. The latter is mainly due to its great use of limited colors and its cheerful style. Definitely a piece young toddlers could connect to and make them smile, which is partly due to the simple structure of the faces and the use of curves.

Group Birds by Endangered Dragon

Imagine a poster above your child's wall with these cheeky chappies on it! All of them smiling down upon him/her and introducing them to the colors of the rainbow. What I love about this piece is how every bird has its own character, it's own persona, which are wonderfully rendered in monochrome colors and line art to match.

Study and Fun by MrBumbz

One theme is common throughout these illustrations and that's of bright colors and a positive atmosphere, which is very true of our next piece by MrBumbz, even his name shouts friendly and cheerful! This piece shows how creative a child's imagination is and what could be on her mind. I love the use of gradients in this piece.

Fox in the Snow by Sibelian

This piece draws influence from the folk tales of "Watership Down". This illustration is full of little delicate details, such as a the shine from the moon and stars, the tribal markings on the fox and the intricate details in the trees. Again, this is a great illustration using gradients - this time to create atmospheric snow details in the hills. Beautifully done!

A Bright Idea by Owaikeo

Owaikeo's work is always inspiring and this piece is the tip of the iceberg with his more conceptual work. Although the initial impression is that it's not really a children's illustration (Where's the bright primary colors? Where are the adorable characters?), I'd beg to differ. In fact, this sort of illustration is the type a child and adult alike could sit staring at. An illustration that expands the imagination is a great theme for any children's illustration!

The Journey by CQCat

I'm a big fan of animals, and in illustration the more bizarre looking to our standard domestic pets the better. They're more recognizable if they've got a long trunk, horns or even a long neck. These sorts of animals stick in the imagination of children because they don't look the same as a cat and a dog. They look different and they endear themselves to children. I know so many people who have grown up with giraffes and elephants as their favorite animals. This piece of course, plays itself to the young children who favor animals (although not on purpose). It's been delicately done and would appeal to a young girl.

Asiana by Sun2197

Sun2197 has combined shapes and a drop shadow effect to create this Asian inspired paper craft styled piece. With a subtle texture over the top, it gives it a more authentic paper feel. What I love about this illustration is the simple shapes, almost like putting together a piece with felt boards you'd get as a child... or maybe I'm showing my age here!

Just a Bad Dream by AlphabetHater

Taking Big Bird to the next level with a childhood game of "Hide & Seek". Great character design and the use of primary colors have created this charmingly devious scene.

Tetis by Limkis

Although they say blue is for boys and pink is for girls, I think this illustration would appeal to both alike. Limkis has used her unique vector techniques and creative character design to craft this elegant and playful children's illustration, which as a grown up, I'd be proud of display on my own walls!

The Cat Who Talked by Vicutu

I love how the simple objects stand out on this piece against the patterned background. Again with the animal theme and playing on the many lives or should I say the "lies" of a cat! I'd imagine seeing this dramatic illustration in a children's book or even the cover. It's simple and memorable.

Ogrest01 by Ntamak

My breath was taken from me when I saw the amazing rendering skill in this piece. Mixing gradients and possibly feathering/masks to create this delicately detailed illustration. Like the piece before, I love how the simple colored birds compliment the background, they definitely help both elements stand out and make them easy for a child to visually grasp.

Kawaii Sushi and J Cuisine by Valentina Crespo

As children, we often are afraid to try new things and new foods from different cultures. By turning this platter into anthromorphic illustrations, Valentina Crespo has a friendly way of introducing new things into a child's life.

Squeaky Under the Tree by Squidpig

Staying on a similar "kawaii" style, Squidpig has created a cheerful scene. An inspiring style is shown here, with the bold line art and shapes mixed with a textured/pattern fill to give it that extra bit of refinement.

Sleeping Bunny by Oborochann

Sleeping Bunny wouldn't be out of place in any child's bedroom as even looking at it instills calm to the most hyperactive of bodies. What I appreciate most about this piece is the way the moon has been rendered. The layering of transparent shapes give a unique texture to the moon.

Rainbows and Stars by PixelledandDead

PixelledandDead's use of bold and bright colors are a common theme in her work and Rainbows and Stars is no exception, in fact probably one of her most bold pieces. What young girl doesn't love horses? Especially one as flamboyant as this! I love her use of blurs in this piece which only exaggerates the wonderful dreamy atmosphere.

Interstellar Friends by Shiropanda

Although darker in saturation than the piece before, Interstellar Friends is still just as bold and varied in color. This is a prime example of a charming character design not requiring the bright primary color palette to enforce a children's theme. You have to admire the use of gradients in this piece, it's a unique piece!

My Emo Puppy by Zzanthia

So maybe there is a slight adult theme within this illustration, however the overall composition and use of colors would appeal to children. The nature of the characters and the way it's been rendered reminds me of Pixar movies, which typically contain some humor which would appeal to parents. Zzanthia's style is always inspiring, using feathering and gradients she creates soft and vibrant vector illustrations.


I hope today's feature article has inspired you to create a piece that would be perfect for children. Sometimes remembering what you enjoyed as a child and putting stylus to tablet can create illustrations all generations can appreciate and make people smile.

Have you created an illustration children would love? Do you know any pieces that remind you of your childhood? Show us, we want to see!

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