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20 Challenging Illustrator Tutorials on DeviantArt

Read Time: 5 mins

VECTORTUTS continuously caters to its readers top-class and excellent vector tutorials. We also regularly feature some of the best tutorials around the web and in our attempt to do so, we bring to your sight some challenging tutorials found on DeviantArt.

The compilation here is a humble mix of basic to advanced tutorials, besides it is always refreshing to see how things are done by others and along the way pick up some new tricks and techniques. Some of which may have gone overlooked, but which may help refine your skills.

1. href="http://kheelan.deviantart.com/art/Illustrator-Inking-Tutorial-52008944">Illustrator Inking Tutorial

A two part tutorial, in which this Part One covers detailed drawing and inking an illustration from scratch.


2. href="http://kheelan.deviantart.com/art/Illustrator-Coloring-Tutorial-52009191">Illustrator Coloring Tutorial

A two part tutorial, in which Part Two rounds it off with how you can color your inked illustration.


3. Make a Pepsi Can in Illustrator

This tutorial describes how to make a drink can, in this case in the style of Pepsi, but can be applied to
any drink’s brand. It is a two part tutorial, Part One can be found here.


4. Creating-Pattern

Patterns are a great way to spice up your graphics, no doubt there are tons of ready to use patterns available, but if you ever want to make your own indigenous pattern this is the tutorial for you, it shows you how to make a pattern swatch in Illustrator.

5. Vector Portrait Tutorial

Every new and aspiring vector artist dreams of drawing a vector portrait, if you’re one, here is a tutorial! It emphasizes on choosing a right reference image, drawing eyes, nose, lips, hairs and skin tone.

6. Quick Cell-Shading Tutorial

A cell-shading tutorial, it briefly describes how you can add shadows and highlights to add more depth to your vector illustration.

7. Illustrator Shapes Tutorial

You don’t always need the Pen Tool to draw the shapes, you can make the perfect shapes from eclipses, rectangles, rounded rectangles or lines and there combinations. This neat little tutorial shows some options.


8. Vectoring Hair

If you’re one who likes doing vector portraits but get stuck doing the hairs, here is a tutorial that gives guidance insight into how you can vector hairs in Illustrator. We have a nice tutorial on Easily Making Shiny Realistic Vector Hair here on VECTORTUTS as well.

9. Lettercase-Based Illustrator Techniques

The tutorial shows how you can transfer letter based sketches into vector format. The technique shown could be quite useful for designing logos or corporate identities. It also emphasizes on the importance of balance between different letters and kerning.


10. Creating Comics in Illustrator

An elaborate tutorial in PDF format on creating comics in Illustrator. It starts with how one should set up the document for a comic illustration and goes along with a detail overview about linework, techniques to be used (for drawing shapes, doing shadows, transparency etc.), coloring, backgrounds, final adjustments and export requirements. You do need to click on the page's download link to view this tutorial.

11. Vector Hair Tutorial

Doing vector hairs is a tricky job, so here is yet another simple, quick and easy way to vector hairs in


12. Woman and Cat, an Advanced Tutorial

A detailed tutorial, which explains the step by step process from the very beginning that is, sketching and scanning to final touches. It is interesting to see how a final illustration evolves through these steps.

13. Anime-Coloring

This tutorial explains how to color a lineart with gradients, the technique shows how keeping the light source in mind is important. You can control the gradients, place highlight, darken shadows, and add depth to a anime illustration.

14. Celtic-Knot Tutorial

A simple Celtic Knot tutorial, which is designed as a complete beginners guide to Illustrator. All the techniques described can be used for making more complicated Celtic Knots.

15. href="http://novenarik.deviantart.com/art/Vector-Walkthrough-Part-1-48227591">Vector Illustration Walkthrough

A very interesting walkthrough, here the author describes how he does vectors in Illustrator from a basic pencil sketch scan to drawing outlines, colors, color corrections, basic shadings, water color effects, hairs and final touches. This tutorial is divided in two parts, Part One can be found href="http://novenarik.deviantart.com/art/Vector-Walkthrough-Part-1-48227591">here and Part two here. The author has also written a another nice tutorial on coloring the skin, href="http://novenarik.deviantart.com/art/Flesh-Tone-Tutorialish-6572793">Flesh Tone Tutorial .


16. Eye Tutorial

A tutorial showing you how to make eyes in Illustrator using the Pen Tool, gradients, and blending modes for that nice shiny effect.

17. Background Tutorial

Backgrounds are one of the most important parts of vector illustration, but sometimes, an artist gets confused as to what he should do for the background. This tutorial can be a guide, as it shows various ways of styling up a background and jazzing it up to make your illustration look more appealing.


18. Illustrator-CS3-to-Flash-CS3

Drawing objects in Illustrator and animating them in Flash is quite a common workflow process. This tutorial precisely shows you how you can import the vector objects made in Illustrator into Flash for animation, along the way it highlights on some do's, don'ts, and warning signals to look
out for.

19. Vector Portrait Tutorial for Illustrator

This again is a photograph to vector portrait tutorial. It is divided in various sections, such as: hand, neck, clothes, face shading, facial hairs, lips, eyes, finishing touches, and more.

20. How I Do-Stuff Cheap Tutorial

The tutorial is in the form of a speed-up video on how the
author goes from a sketch to illustration using Adobe Illustrator and
Photoshop, the viewers can pick up some fine tricks along the way. This one links up to a video, but shows some still images first.


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