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Old-school photocopiers and scanners offer unique textures that are cool to incorporate into your projects. Check out these cool photocopy and scanner textures available from Envato Elements.

And best of all, for a flat monthly fee, this subscription-based marketplace also offers unlimited graphic templates, fonts, add-ons, and more.

20+ Best Photocopy & Scan Textures

1. Dusty Photocopy Texture (AI, EPS, PNG)

Photocopy TexturePhotocopy TexturePhotocopy Texture

Looking to capture the textures of old-school photocopy machines? Then this fabulous collection of ten textures is for you. The textures are isolated on transparent backgrounds in a range of formats that you can customise using either Illustrator or Photoshop.

2. Abstract Scan Texture (EPS)

Abstract Scan TextureAbstract Scan TextureAbstract Scan Texture

It doesn't get cooler than this scanned texture kit created from old fax documents, photocopies, dry inks, letterpress textures, printing registration marks, etc. The kit offers a total of 30 vector textures made up of 10 abstract graphic compositions and 20 abstract backgrounds. You can combine the textures to create unique designs and experiment with colours and overlay effects. 

3. Scan Paper Texture (AI, EPS, SVG)

Scan Paper TextureScan Paper TextureScan Paper Texture

You can't go wrong with this fabulous collection of ten scan paper textures in EPS, AI, and SVG formats. Use them for your print or web-based design projects, and have fun experimenting. 

4. Scan Paper Texture  (JPG, PNG)

Scan Paper TextureScan Paper TextureScan Paper Texture

Want to transform your print or digital projects from 'meh' to 'WOW'? Check out this pack of scan paper textures. The pack contains ten high-resolution textures in both PNG and JPEG file formats, which you can combine to create different levels of distress.

5. Subtle Gritty Copy Scan Texture (AI, EPS, PNG

Subtle Gritty Copy Scan TextureSubtle Gritty Copy Scan TextureSubtle Gritty Copy Scan Texture

There's nothing like the look of copy scan textures when it comes to adding a touch of retro to your projects. That's something this pack delivers in spades. It includes AI, EPS, and PNG formats, so you can design with vector software like Illustrator or raster-based software like Photoshop.

6. Photocopy Overlay: Dry Toner Textures (PNG)

Photocopy OverlayPhotocopy OverlayPhotocopy Overlay

Created by experimenting with dry toner cartridges, these 20 photocopy overlay textures are perfect for backgrounds as well as overlays. They will give your projects a distressed vintage look.

7. Copy Scan Texture (EPS, PNG)

Copy Scan TextureCopy Scan TextureCopy Scan Texture

Give your design projects some character and authenticity with these fax and copy scan textures. The collection offers 15 vector EPS files and 15 transparent PNG files. Mix and match the textures to create a unique look.

8. Super Hi Res Scan Paper Texture (PNG)

Scan Paper TextureScan Paper TextureScan Paper Texture

Super Hi Res Scan Paper Texture delivers a collection of 50 highly detailed textures that work particularly well when layered above images or used in backgrounds. They can be layered to create very interesting effects. 

9. Vector Scanned Paper Texture (EPS, PDF)

Scanned Paper TextureScanned Paper TextureScanned Paper Texture

This pack of 10 Vector Scanned Paper Textures is great when you need to add dimension and interest to your digital or print images. The pack contains 30 background textures and 10 circular textures. You can combine elements and textures and change the colours for unique effects.

10. Vintage Photocopy Textures (PNG)

Vintage Scan Paper TextureVintage Scan Paper TextureVintage Scan Paper Texture

Vintage Photocopy Textures is a wonderful collection of 20 textures designed to help you create amazing projects. The set contains 20 individual photocopy textures in PNG and 20 in TIFF.

11. Scanned Texture Background (EPS)

Scanner Texture BackgroundScanner Texture BackgroundScanner Texture Background

This collection of Scanned Texture Backgrounds offers lots of variety. The pack contains 40 high-resolution textures. There are an additional six bonus circular textures in EPS vector file format for you to experiment with.

12. Distressed Scanner Texture (EPS, PNG)

Distressed Scanner TextureDistressed Scanner TextureDistressed Scanner Texture

Distressed Scanner Textures are perfect for creating the look of old prints. Like many of the textures featured here, these are offered in both transparent PNG and EPS vector files that you can scale to any size without losing any image quality.

13. Dry Toner Photocopy Textures (TIFF, PNG)

Silkscreen Print Texture

Created by printing with a dry toner cartridge, this awesome collection of 20 interesting photocopying textures is the perfect way to add a vintage or distressed style to your projects.

14. 59 Vector Scanned Textures (AI, PNG)

59 Scanner Texture59 Scanner Texture59 Scanner Texture

59 Vector Scanned Texture has got to be the ultimate pack for creating stunning backgrounds or overlays that give depth and tactility to your projects. The set contains 59 vector AI files and 59 transparent PNGs.

15. Grunge Scanned Texture (EPS, PNG)

Grunge Scanned TextureGrunge Scanned TextureGrunge Scanned Texture

If you love texture, you will love this collection of 23 grunge textures. Perfect for digital or print projects, the files are delivered in both PNG and EPS formats.

16. Vintage Paint Textures (AI, EPS, PNG)

Vintage Paint TexturesVintage Paint TexturesVintage Paint Textures

Add the wonderful look of vintage paint textures to your projects with this stunning set of textures. The textures are presented in multiple formats, so you have plenty of options to work with.

17. Scanned Paper Textures (AI, EPS, PNG)

Scanned Paper TextureScanned Paper TextureScanned Paper Texture

The wonderful Scanned Paper Textures pack contains high-resolution transparent PNGs, as well as vector AI and EPS files that you can use as backgrounds or overlays in your print or digital projects. 

18. Vintage Grit Copy Scan Texture (AI, EPS, PNG)

Vintage Grit Copy Scan TextureVintage Grit Copy Scan TextureVintage Grit Copy Scan Texture

Looking for the right textured background for your next project? Check out Vintage Grit Copy Scan Texture. It offers ten copy scan textures that you can use on their own or layer over your designs. 

19. Grunge Photocopy Texture (JPG, PNG)

Photocopy TexturePhotocopy TexturePhotocopy Texture

Grunge Photocopy Texture contains 35 textured backgrounds that will enhance your print and digital projects. The files are easy to use—just drag and drop them onto your project.

20. Vector Scan Paper Texture (EPS)

Scan Paper Texture Scan Paper Texture Scan Paper Texture

The Vector Scan Paper Texture pack features 40 varieties of textures. That's more than enough to create a unique look for your digital and print projects. The files are available in vector EPS, so you can scale them as much as you like without loss of quality.

21. Grit Photocopy Textures (AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, JPG, PSD)

Photocopy OverlayPhotocopy OverlayPhotocopy Overlay

Looking for gritty photocopy textures? Try this wonderful pack of nine textures. They come in a range of formats, so pick the one you prefer and get to work.

Choose Your Favourite Photocopy & Scan Textures

Now that you know just where to find the best photocopy textures and scanner textures when you need them, head to Envato Elements and download your favourites today. 

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