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19 Best Photo Frame Effects for Photoshop to Make Your Pictures Pop

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Read Time: 6 min

Create a simple and easy picture frame effect with Photoshop! Check out these amazing resources below.

19 Best Photo Frame Effects

Need a quick frame for your photo? Try a simple Photoshop mockup. These clever resources help you create realistic scenes with picture frames and more.

Display your art in a vintage frame for an old-world effect, or use a levitating frame for a modern twist! Today we bring you 20 incredible assets to simplify your work.

Hand-picked from the latest premium sections of Envato Elements and Envato Market, these picture frame resources are easy to use for any creative professional or hobbyist.

Want to see these resources in action? Check out our examples below.

Make Amazing Vintage Effects Fast: See Our Examples!

To give you an idea of how easy it is to use these resources, here are two fun examples we've tried out!

Picture Frame Mockup

Display your favorite posters and more in this simple retro setup. Featuring several versatile sizes to display your art, this pack lets you mix and match frames for the perfect wall. Add it to your website for an impressive professional look.

Picture Frame MockupPicture Frame MockupPicture Frame Mockup

In this case, I used this mockup pack on a few free stocks from Pixabay. For a quick turnaround, I went with the setup featuring three black frames in a row. Check out my result below! Pretty sweet!

Picture frame example 1Picture frame example 1Picture frame example 1

Picture Frame Mockup v3

Typography is stunning all on its own. Now you can display your favorite handwritten quotes and more with this wondrous mockup set. Inside you'll get a look at five Photoshop files with well-organized layers for easy customization.

Picture Frame Mockup v3Picture Frame Mockup v3Picture Frame Mockup v3

I tried out this mockup set on this Yellow Bee and Hydrangeas Stock from Pixabay. My favorite room featured a beautiful bicycle, so I used that to complement these photos for a cool look. Experiment with different setups to refresh your designs.

Picture frame example 2Picture frame example 2Picture frame example 2

Want to see more options? Check out the rest of these amazing resources below.

Just Frames - Prints Mockups

There's no need to print out your work when you can create that same framed look in seconds! Check out this Just Frames print mockup series, featuring 20 smart locations to choose from. Explore amazing brick backgrounds and incredible wood finishes with this high-quality set.

Just Frames - Prints MockupsJust Frames - Prints MockupsJust Frames - Prints Mockups

20 Gravity Photo Frame Mockups

Design a magical room for your photos with this anti-gravity mockup set. These fully customizable Photoshop files make it easy to insert your photos for a cool, anti-gravity effect. Try out different looks featuring white and old oak wood patterns.

20 Gravity Photo Frame Mockups20 Gravity Photo Frame Mockups20 Gravity Photo Frame Mockups

9 Picture Frame Mockups

A simple frame can do a lot for a photo. Make your work shine with this professional pack of picture frame mockups. Designed for high-resolution photos of portraits, landscapes, and more, this pack is fun and easy to use. Just double-click the smart objects to insert your own pictures.

9 Picture Frame Mockups9 Picture Frame Mockups9 Picture Frame Mockups

Poster Frame Mockups - Letter

Need a simple frame against a white background? Try out this clean poster frame mockup. This mockup set features various letter-sized frames in an array of basic and bold colors. You'll get two Photoshop files to view these frames in landscape or portrait mode and a convenient help file.

Poster Frame Mockups - LetterPoster Frame Mockups - LetterPoster Frame Mockups - Letter

A4 Frame Mock Up

Make your poster scene even better with a cute office plant! This A4 frame mockup features a standard professional design against a modern stone background. The background is completely included too, so you won't have to worry about switching it out. Give it a try!

A4 Frame Mock UpA4 Frame Mock UpA4 Frame Mock Up

Picture Art Mockup Vol 11

Want a contemporary space for your art? Try out this epic picture art mockup set dedicated to giving you that sleek vibe. Including several inspiring scenes made from real photos, this set features tall windows and cool furniture. Present your designs in a beautiful manner with this amazing pack.

Picture Art Mockup Vol 11Picture Art Mockup Vol 11Picture Art Mockup Vol 11

Poster Frame Mockup

Poster mockups are a great way to display your art to clients and other professionals. Check out this impeccable set, featuring 10 realistic-looking templates with interchangeable backgrounds. Inside, you'll find well-organized layers that are easy to customize for efficient editing.

Poster Frame MockupPoster Frame MockupPoster Frame Mockup

Frame Art Photoshop Action

Split your pictures up into rectangular frames with this awesome action. Install the action to enjoy an instant effect you can apply to Facebook headers and more. Included in this download is one Photoshop action file along with simple text instructions to help you achieve this look!

Frame Art Frame Art Frame Art

Frame Picture Mockup

Create a clean 3D display with interesting details. This creative picture frame mockup features editable smart objects, well-organized layers, and a helpful instructional guide. Learn how to change the impact of your work with a striking picture frame effect.

Frame Picture MockupFrame Picture MockupFrame Picture Mockup

Gif Animated Frames Photoshop Action

Design an impressive animated frame effect with this cool Photoshop action. Take your portraiture to the next level with unlimited variants to switch up your animation. Get ready to explore 20 color effects that will mesmerize and dazzle. Just watch the animation included.

Gif Animated Frames Photoshop Action Gif Animated Frames Photoshop Action Gif Animated Frames Photoshop Action

20 Studio Frame Mockups

Transform your backgrounds into simple studios with this easy mockup. Use Adobe Photoshop to present your photographs and illustrations with finesse and style. Check out the 20 high-resolution Photoshop files to try out different color effects.

20 Studio Frame Mockups20 Studio Frame Mockups20 Studio Frame Mockups

Stack of Vintage Frames

Quickly emulate the look of vintage photo frames with this useful pack! Download stunning vintage designs that work well with cityscape and landscape photography. Also included are bonus features like 10 stain brushes and more for added distressing.

Stack of Vintage FramesStack of Vintage FramesStack of Vintage Frames

Picture Art Mockup Vol 12

Can you see your art displayed in a modern interior design? Style your designs with incredible, realistic scenes using this epic picture art frame mockup. Using scenes from real photos, this mockup set is great for beginners to Photoshop. Give it a try!

Picture Art Mockup Vol 12Picture Art Mockup Vol 12Picture Art Mockup Vol 12

Simple Homes Mockup Vol. 4

Minimalism is simple yet purposeful. Now you can create simple, stunning layouts with this Simple Homes Mockup. Enjoy six Photoshop files packed with professionally lit photography. Display these images for your Etsy, Facebook, or Behance projects for an impressive result.

Simple Homes Mockup Vol 4Simple Homes Mockup Vol 4Simple Homes Mockup Vol 4

New Photo Frames

Instantly transform your images with creative, geometric splits. This new photo frame action gives you four amazing styles perfect for the avid photographer. Bring out the best of your work with creative geometric frames that are fully editable and resizable. Download it now!

New Photo Frames New Photo Frames New Photo Frames

Video Feedback Photo Effect Photoshop Tool

Make an epic video feedback effect with this effective Photoshop tool. Great for picture frame posters or shots with rectangular edges, this tool allows you to warp your photos instantly for a wicked illusion. Test it out with any image, including text and other graphics.

Video Feedback Photo Effect Photoshop ToolVideo Feedback Photo Effect Photoshop ToolVideo Feedback Photo Effect Photoshop Tool

Framework Scene Creator

Design the scene you need with this awesome Framework scene creator. Creatives will enjoy the beautiful selection of high-quality frames and objects to beautify any scene. Showcase your work in its best light with this striking set!

Framework Scene CreatorFramework Scene CreatorFramework Scene Creator

Show Us Your Picture Frame Designs!

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorite picture frame assets in the comments below.

Want to create these effects yourself? Try out these tutorials:

This has been a collection of premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more Photoshop photo frame effects, check out Envato Market and Envato Elements. Happy designing!

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