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20+ Best Party & Event Flyer (Maker App) Template Designs


You’re planning an awesome party or event and want to let the world know about it. How about creating a super cool flyer that will wow your audience?

Flyers are a single unfolded sheet of paper with a beautiful graphic and a very simple message printed on one side. And they’re an affordable way to promote your upcoming party or event.

"That’s great," I can hear you say, "but I have no idea how to create a flyer." Well, it’s easier than you think. The first thing you need to know is what goes into that awesome events flyer you want to create.

5 Components of Awesome Event Flyers

5 Components of Awesome Event Flyers

1. What Type of Event and Who’s Coming

Before you start to design your flyer, you should think about the kind of event you’re hosting and who you want to attract to it. These two factors will influence both the design elements and language you use in your flyer. 

2. Make Your Headline the Centre of Attention

Your flyer’s headline needs to be the first thing that people see, so it’s got to catch their attention with its colour, size, and message. At first glance, it should tell everyone what your flyer is about and entice them to keep reading.

3. Useful Graphics, Pretty Graphics

The photos, illustrations, shapes, lines and colours you use in your flyer aren’t just about creating a pretty flyer—they should all tie in with the type of event you’re hosting and the person you want to attract. 

4. Add a ‘Call to Action’

Every flyer needs a ‘call to action’ line. This is a message that makes the reader want to act, like "Join us", "You’re invited", etc. A call to action invites your readers to act on what they’ve been reading. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

Contact info, be it an email address, a phone number, or address, is critical to include on every event flyer. After all, if you don’t add your contact info, how will people know where to find you to attend the event you’re promoting?

These are the five basic elements every event flyer needs to have, so think through them carefully before you begin to design your flyer. Now, the next thing you need to consider is how to put all these elements together to create a cool design. 

Use a Flyer Maker App

If you’re just starting out or you don’t have a design background, it can be quite challenging to know just how to put all these elements together so they add up to one terrific flyer. 

One way to ensure that you get the design aspect of creating your flyer right is to use a party flyer maker app like this one by Placeit. 

Flyer Maker App

This flyer maker puts hundreds of event flyer design templates at your disposal so that you can easily make awesome event flyers for any occasion. Here’s how you use it. 

How to Use Flyer Maker Templates 

Let’s say you want to create the perfect flyer for your New Year’s Eve Party. All you need to do is follow these five simple steps to have your own special event flyer ready in minutes.

1. Navigate to the Flyer Maker App at Placeit. Sign up for FREE!

Enter "Party Flyers" in the search bar.

party flyer maker app

2. Peruse the Grid of Event Flyer Design Templates Available

party flyer maker app

3. Select a Flyer Design Template 

When you see an event or party flyer design template that you like, double click it. This will open up the online event flyer maker. I chose the Flyer Maker with Green Theme for Birthday Parties.

party flyer maker app

4. Customise Your Banner Template

Starting with the controls on the left and working your way down from the top, you can add your text, change the font style and colour, and change the left number. I changed the date, time, and address. I also changed the colour of the fonts, changed the number from two to three, and changed the colour of the three to black. 

party flyer maker app

Moving to the controls on the right and working from the top, you can change the right number, background colour, and pattern. I changed the number to 0 and changed the background colour and the background pattern.

party flyer maker app

Scrolling down the page, you can try one of the presets on offer if you get stuck while you’re customising your design. They are all different versions of the flyer maker template you choose, and they can help you see how your template would look with different settings applied. 

party flyer maker app

Best of all, as you create your flyer design online, you can make use of Placeit’s state-of-the-art mockup tool at the bottom of the page, which shows your flyer in a range of real-life scenarios.  

party flyer maker app

5. Download Your Banner Design

Once you’re satisfied with your design, hit the download button at the top of the screen and download your design for a small fee. Alternatively, if you regularly need to create flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you.

party flyer maker app

20 Best Flyer Maker Templates

Now that you know how easy it is to use Placeit’s party flyer maker app, these 20 best event flyer design templates will get you even more excited about creating your own flyer. 

1. Party Flyer Template

Party Flyer Template

To create awesome event flyers, look no further than Party Flyer Template. Use the gorgeous background photos provided to show what kind of party you’re having, e.g. a photo of cocktails would suggest a cocktail party and gummy bears and jellybeans a kid’s party. With the photo selected, all you need to do is modify the colour of the text banner to suit the theme, choose your font, and you’ve got the perfect party flyer.

2. Casting Flyer for Dance Auditions

Casting Flyer for Dance Auditions

Casting Flyer for Dance Auditions helps you create the perfect audition flyer for dance, theatre, modelling, and other performance-related roles.  

With this event flyer design template, you have not only the usual choice of font styles and wonderful background photos, but also a terrific selection of colourful banners, all of which can be customised.

3. Online Flyer Maker for a Cookout

Online Flyer Maker for a Cookout

Spread the word about your barbecue and get people excited about attending with this great flyer maker template. The template offers loads of fabulous illustrations and a great selection of backgrounds to suit a wide variety of tastes.

4. Online Flyer Maker for Concert Flyers

Online Flyer Maker for Concert Flyers

Whether you’re creating a flyer for a rock, jazz, pop, or reggae concert, the Online Flyer Maker for Concert Flyers template’s design will make your flyer look fabulous. Just make sure you have a great mood-setting photo to add to the background, or use one of the excellent ones that come with the template. Then all you need to do is fill in the details of the concert and you’ve got a flyer you can be proud of.

5. Online Flyer Maker for a Summer Party

Online Flyer Maker for a Summer Party

Nothing says summer like a great outdoor party at the beach, a park, or an open field. With lots of controls to personalise your photos and a wonderful selection of images to choose from, you’ll have your flyer designed and ready for the printer in no time. 

6. Club Flyer Template for Live Music

Club Flyer Template for Live Music

Whether you’re a DJ, a solo artist, or a band, your fans and potential fans need to know when and where to find you. That has never been easier than with the Club Flyer Template for Live Music template.

7. Contemporary Dance Flyer Maker

Contemporary Dance Flyer Maker

Want to make a fabulous flyer for your next dance recital but don’t know the first thing about how to make a flyer for an event? Don’t worry, Contemporary Dance Flyer Maker will help you create the most beautiful flyer possible. The template provides you with a stunning collection of images, colourful gradient overlays, great fonts, and useful graphics to help you customise the template.

8. Conference Flyer Maker

Conference Flyer Maker

No matter what kind of business you run, you want your events flyers to be a testament to your professionalism and reliability. Conference Flyer Maker won’t let you down. This modern and stylish conference flyer template just needs your company information and message, and it’s ready for distribution.

9. Sports Flyer Maker

Sports Flyer Maker

Create a gorgeous photo to advertise your next sporting event with Sports Flyer Maker. The photos of athletes in motion, the bold text and bright colour accents, and the awesome graphic flourishes that you can choose to overlay each template all work together to make this a great flyer maker template.

10. Fashion Week Online Flyer Maker

Fashion Week Online Flyer Maker

Use Fashion Week Online Flyer Maker to create awesome event flyers that’ll draw the crowd to your next fashion show. Add a sneak peek image from your new collection, add your logo, and customise fonts and colours to put your own unique spin on the wonderful flyer maker template.

11. DJ Beach Parties Flyer

DJ Beach Parties Flyer

It's spring break, and you’re planning a beach party. Use the DJ Beach Parties Flyer to create the ultimate party flyer and entice all your friends and their friends to join you for the coolest jam of the season.

12. Event Flyer Maker

Event Flyer Maker

Looking for the right flyer template to create a super cool flyer for a special event? Event Flyer Maker is that awesome event flyer template you’ve been looking for. Choose from a crazy number of abstract backgrounds, add one of the iconic fonts on offer, add your text, and you’ve created a flyer that says this is one event you don’t want to miss.

13. Oktoberfest Party Flyer Template

Oktoberfest Party Flyer Template

If you’re planning a party for Oktoberfest and need just the right flyer maker template to capture the spirit, check out the Oktoberfest Party Flyer Template. Discover how easy it is to make a flyer online. The template is a cinch to customise, but if you can’t be bothered, just add your info and use it as is, knowing you’ve got a great flyer.

14. Food Festival Flyer Template

Food Festival Flyer Template

Let your fresh food fans know which farmers' markets you’re attending with the Food Festival Flyer Template. The flyer maker template communicates colourful, fresh, and seasonal with its array of gorgeous illustrations of fresh produce. Use this great template, and in minutes you’ll have created your design and be ready to head to the printers.

15. Birthday Announcements Flyer Template

Birthday Announcements Flyer Template

Have a big milestone birthday coming up and want to have a blowout party? Create an epic flyer to announce the event with the Birthday Announcements Flyer Template. You really don’t need to do much more than choose one of the great photos and add your party details, but of course you can upload your own images and tweak the template to make it as wild or as tame as you like.

16. Design Halloween Party Flyers

Design Halloween Party Flyers

Next time Halloween comes around, be prepared with the Design Halloween Party Flyers template. The template provides all those wonderfully macabre photos and fonts you need to create a suitable scary party flyer and hint to your guest about what’s in store for them.

17. Youth Drama Club Flyer Maker

Youth Drama Club Flyer Maker

What is all that practice for if no one sees your amazing performance? Use the Youth Drama Club Flyer Maker template to create a stunning flyer and have the crowds standing in line. 

18. Online Flyer Maker for Kids Birthday

Online Flyer Maker for Kids Birthday

The great thing about flyers is that they’re versatile. If you’re having a birthday party for your kid, why not create a cool flyer invitation? The Online Flyer Maker for Kids Birthday template gives you loads of fun illustrations to choose from. Kids and adults alike will love them.

19. Online Flyer Maker for a Housewarming Party

Online Flyer Maker for a Housewarming Party

What better way to announce that you’ve just moved into your dream house than with a housewarming party? Introduce yourself to your new neighbours in style with the Online Flyer Maker for a Housewarming Party flyer. Customise it in any way you want to match your house colours and decor.

20. Pool Party Online Flyer Maker

Pool Party Online Flyer Maker

Planning a pool party? Nothing says cool like this funky event flyer design template. The Pool Party Online Flyer Maker is so eye-catching that it’ll have your friends changing into their bikinis and speedos before you even get the chance to roll out of bed. 

More Terrific Flyer Design Templates

Another great resource for event flyer maker templates is Envato Elements. 

event flyer maker templates is Envato Elements

Here you’ll find hundreds of event flyer design templates that are more suitable for those who have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If that’s you then head on over to Elements and take a look at their offering. Here are just a few to whet your appetite.

Easter Party Flyer

Easter Party Flyer

If you're planning an Easter Egg Hunt or Easter Garden Party, the Easter Party Flyer template will help you create awesome event flyers. The package contains layered PSD files that can be customised as you like.

Surf Party Flyer

Surf Party Flyer

There’ll be no chance of wipeout with this flyer—you’ll be catching the wave all the way to party success. The template is fully customisable, so you can edit the text and colours and move or remove elements. This clean, vintage design is the perfect surf party invitation for your beach and summer events.

Disco Party Flyer

Disco Party Flyer

Ahhh the era of disco, boom boxes, big hair, and bell bottoms. If you’re planning a disco-themed party, the Disco Party Flyer is just the thing to get people in the mood. The package contains layered PSD and AI files that can be customised extensively to suit your needs. 

These are just a few of the fabulous flyer templates to be found at Envato Elements. One of the things that makes Elements so incredible is that for one affordable price you can download as many of these flyer templates as you like. And not just flyer templates—once you sign up, you also get access to thousands of other creative graphics and templates to use as often as you like.

Take a Flyer Maker Template for a Spin 

So there you have it. Over 20 awesome event flyers templates. Remember there are tons more terrific event flyer maker templates at both Placeit and Envato Elements, so definitely check out both sites and let me know in the comments if you’ve found a new favourite that’s not on my list. 

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