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20+ Best Heavy Metal Logo Designs (Using a Death Metal Logo Generator + Ideas)

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Read Time: 9 min

Looking for band logo ideas, like a heavy metal logo? Check out this inspiring list of metal logo design ideas. Or, if you're looking for extra help, try out a death metal logo generator! You can customize a metal logo template right in your browser. Ready to get inspired? Let's dig in.

Top Logos From Placeit, the Black Metal Logo Generator

We'll start off with some band logo ideas that use a metal band logo maker. Every metal logo template in this list can be fully customized. If you're looking for a black metal logo generator, you've found it!

Placeit is an affordable online design generator that provides high-quality logos, designs, videos, and mockups that you can customize directly from your browser, without needing complicated software, and download in a matter of seconds.

Death Metal Logo GeneratorDeath Metal Logo GeneratorDeath Metal Logo Generator

Check out this terrific death metal logo with its moody black background and white on grey text. You can enter your text and use this logo as is or change the background, colour scheme, and font. Easily customize it right in your browser.

metal logometal logometal logo

How awesome is this black metal logo? The symbols available with this logo generator are quite riveting, so if this graphic doesn't appeal, there are plenty more to choose from. You can mix up the entire design in any way that best suits your band.

Metal Band Logo GeneratorMetal Band Logo GeneratorMetal Band Logo Generator

Use this metal band logo generator to create your own unique look. The template offers tons of gorgeous grunge textures to add interest and nuance to your logo background. In addition, you can change up the font if you'd like to try something different.

Heavy Metal Logo MakerHeavy Metal Logo MakerHeavy Metal Logo Maker

This is a must-have font for those who want to create an eye-catching logo. Just use the heavy metal logo maker to add your band's name, and of course you can customize other aspects of the template if you want. Consider trying this one out in different colours too. 

Black Metal Logo Generator OnlineBlack Metal Logo Generator OnlineBlack Metal Logo Generator Online

If you like this background image of skulls, there are plenty more dark images available with this template. Experimentation is 100% free at Placeit, so feel free to dive in and try different combinations of background images, colours, and fonts.

Thrash Metal Logo GeneratorThrash Metal Logo GeneratorThrash Metal Logo Generator

Use the thrash metal logo generator to modify this template any way you like. Or start completely from scratch and build your own look from the bottom up. You have the flexibility to take this design in any way you'd like to. It's easy to do so too.

Black Metal Band Logo CreatorBlack Metal Band Logo CreatorBlack Metal Band Logo Creator

Check out this black metal band logo creator. The sky's the limit when it comes to creating a logo with the creator. Those with less experience can modify the existing template one step at a time, and those with more experience can dive right in. 

Metal Logo DesignMetal Logo DesignMetal Logo Design

If you love this metal logo design, you can simply add your text and use it as is. But you also have the option of using the black metal logo generator online and customizing the template extensively. Try adding some imagery or using new colours.

Heavy Metal Logo GeneratorHeavy Metal Logo GeneratorHeavy Metal Logo Generator

Using the heavy metal logo generator, it is completely possible to create a logo in a matter of minutes. Of course, you may become so intrigued by the features available that a few hours go by before you realise how much fun you've been having.

Heavy Metal Logo CreatorHeavy Metal Logo CreatorHeavy Metal Logo Creator

How eerie and riveting is this logo? Use it as inspiration to create your own head-turning metal logo design using the heavy metal logo creator. These heavy metal logo templates can be an amazing source of inspiration. Use them to create the perfect logo.

metal logometal logometal logo

Isn't this heavy metal band logo eye-catching? It has such bright, saturated colours. If these colours aren't the right fit for you, try out different colour schemes. You can completely alter the design right from your browser. Give it a try today!

logo maker for metal bandlogo maker for metal bandlogo maker for metal band

This metal logo design uses a really memorable graphic font. But what if you'd rather see this concept in another style? It's easy to change up the font with this metal band logo maker. Simply jump in and change up any design elements—no software needed.

Top Metal Logo Templates From Envato Elements

But what if you're looking for the perfect metal logo font? Or maybe you're searching for other assets for your heavy metal band logo. 

Envato Elements is an amazing resource to check out. Not only do you get unlimited access to thousands of fonts, but you also get illustrations, graphics, design templates, and much more. One low monthly fee gets you the entire library of professional assets.

The Sustra Heavy Metal Logo Design The Sustra Heavy Metal Logo Design The Sustra Heavy Metal Logo Design

Can you think of a better image for your metal logo design? Of course not. That's why we're showing it to you. All you need to do to make it your own is download the file, open it in Illustrator, add your text, and customize any features you like. 

HunterLife Heavy Metal LogoHunterLife Heavy Metal LogoHunterLife Heavy Metal Logo

Next up is this amazing metal logo font. It's a great blackletter font that has the perfect vibes for a metal band. Can't you just see this on your album cover and various merchandise? Download this font and give it a try in your logo design.

Smack Dead Black Metal Logo DesignSmack Dead Black Metal Logo DesignSmack Dead Black Metal Logo Design

The great thing about using this awesome font for your logo is that all you need to do is download it, type your band name, and your work is done. How cool is that? The font looks great in heavier, high-contrast colours too. Try pairing it with similar imagery.

Black Metal Band Font LogoBlack Metal Band Font LogoBlack Metal Band Font Logo

This stunning and eye-catching font is exactly what you need to create a powerful impression. The font comes with tons of alternates and accents, so you can create a truly unique look for your text logo. It looks great with decorative swashes too.

Satanic Heavy Metal FontSatanic Heavy Metal FontSatanic Heavy Metal Font

Satanic is a bold display font that is excellent for creating font logos for heavy metal bands. It has such heavy vibes too, so it will definitely leave an impression. It would be right at home in a heavy metal logo design. Try pairing it with a serif font.

BlackInk Heavy Metal Font Logo BlackInk Heavy Metal Font Logo BlackInk Heavy Metal Font Logo

BlackInk Font is a blackletter-style font that's excellent for use as a heavy metal font logo. Creating your own heavy metal logo has never been easier. Just download the perfect font, type in your band's name, and you're off to a great start.

Slashmine Metal Font LogoSlashmine Metal Font LogoSlashmine Metal Font Logo

Slashmine is an authentic and modern blackletter font that's perfect for branding and logo creation. The font offers tons of alternates and accents that allow you to bring your own unique look to your heavy metal font. This font has a bit of a historic look.

Black Orchestra Heavy Metal Logo Black Orchestra Heavy Metal Logo Black Orchestra Heavy Metal Logo 

Black Orchestra is a heavy-metal-inspired blackletter font that's perfect for a text logo. This font could also be a great candidate for layering if you're looking for something even more graphically intensive. Or try an overlay or text effect on this font.

Gangsta fontGangsta fontGangsta font

Gangsta may not be the name you associate with heavy metal, but it's the substance of the font that matters, not its name. As you can see, this blackletter font is a perfect option when looking for a great logo for your heavy metal band.

Heavy Metal LogoHeavy Metal LogoHeavy Metal Logo

Black Cameo is another blackletter font that offers a strong and dynamic style. The font includes upper and lowercase characters, with over 500 glyphs that you can use to customize your text and create a look that is uniquely yours.

Brigade Heavy Metal Font for Logo DesignBrigade Heavy Metal Font for Logo DesignBrigade Heavy Metal Font for Logo Design

Brigade is just the font you need when you're trying to create an impression, and that's why we've included it here for your consideration. The font offers a large host of options and glyphs that you can use to customize the font to your needs. 

metal gothic fontmetal gothic fontmetal gothic font

Here's another font that would be perfect for a metal logo design. You could also try pairing this one with one of the other fonts on this list. It's a little less decorative and could scale well at smaller sizes. Give this font a try in your logo design.

hellfire flames fonthellfire flames fonthellfire flames font

Now this is a decorative, memorable font. Isn't it explosive? It has so much energy, and it could be right at home with the kind of vibes you need in a heavy metal band logo. This could look amazing on jackets and T-shirt designs.

glaive typefaceglaive typefaceglaive typeface

Prefer a metal logo font that's a bit cleaner but still has the right energy? Glaive has plenty of intensity but without some of the ornate extras we've seen in some of the other fonts on this list. It could be a great font to pair with some of the more decorative ones.

Munderic Godas fontMunderic Godas fontMunderic Godas font

But if you're totally feeling a highly graphic, ornate look, you're going to love a metal logo design  font like this one. Doesn't it look amazing in hot green? Try it out in a variety of colours to check out how it affects the look.

You have a ton of options when it comes to making the perfect heavy metal logo. You could try a death metal logo generator. With Placeit, you have a black metal logo generator at your fingertips. Completely customize any design to your liking, right from the comfort of your browser.

Or why not try out some heavy metal logo fonts? Remember, Envato Elements includes an entire library of fonts—thousands that you can download, with no limits. You also get design templates, graphics, and much more.

Still looking for band logo ideas? Check out these collections for even more inspiration:

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