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20+ Best Discord Emojis (Using a Discord Emote Maker)

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Read Time: 9 mins

Love Discord emojis, but you're trying to figure out the best Discord emotes for your server? Why not try out a Discord emoji maker? In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best Discord emojis you can customize right here in your browser, right now. Not sure how to add emojis to Discord? We'll help you with that too.

Equality Discord EmoteEquality Discord EmoteEquality Discord Emote
Create Discord custom emojis like these with a Discord emote maker

How to Quickly Make Discord Custom Emojis With a Discord Emoji Maker

There are so many ways you could make your own emotes for Discord. Not sure how to make emotes on Discord? You could use graphics software like Adobe Photoshop, for example. But what if you don't have software? You could try out a Discord emote maker, like Placeit.

Placeit is an awesome, browser-based design tool that you can use to create mockups, logos, designs, and much more. It's a fun and convenient Discord emote maker too!

Check out these cute, custom emojis for Discord that were designed, customized, and resized all in a browser, no software required, with Placeit.

custom discord emotescustom discord emotescustom discord emotes
These emotes were made with a Discord emoji maker: the lol cat, hello heart, love character, and text emote.

Let's take a look at how to make Discord emojis easily and quickly with this online tool.

1. Choose a Discord Emoji Maker Template to Get Started

First, begin by browsing and selecting a template that you'd like to customize. Consider this just your starting point, because you can really dig in and customize your design with Placeit.

Here's the Discord emote design we'll work with in this demonstration.

discord emoji makerdiscord emoji makerdiscord emoji maker

2. Easily Customize Discord Emojis in Your Browser

Next comes the fun part: it's time to customize the design.

On the left, we can adjust the font and font color, add more text, and even upload more image content.

On the right, we can change colors and graphics. This is important, because you'll want to set your background to transparent for Discord emojis (unless you don't want your image to be transparent).

Remember, emotes for Discord are small. You can include details if you want to, but sometimes, less is more. Here's a look at how I customized this Discord emote. Click here to edit this custom design on Placeit yourself!

custom discord emojicustom discord emojicustom discord emoji

3. Easily Save and Download Your Discord Custom Emojis

Once you've created your own cool emotes for Discord, you can easily save and download your work in Placeit.

Save your best Discord emotes, because you can always go back and revise your draft. For example, we could reuse this heart emote with different text, if we wanted to.

You can also save designs as Favorites, if you'd like to use the original base design again.

Once you're ready to download, just click Download and choose one of the available options. Some designs, like this heart, are free!

save custom discord emojissave custom discord emojissave custom discord emojis

4. But Wait, What About Discord Emote Size Requirements?

Discord emote size is an important thing to consider here. When you download your work from Placeit, you'll get a high-resolution file, appropriate for printing. This is cool if you want to turn your design into a T-shirt, poster, or other printed piece, but it's not appropriate for Discord.

So, what do we do?

Luckily, Placeit also has a free image cropper. It's completely online, browser-based, and super easy to use. Just click Upload New Image, and choose your file from your computer. Set the dimensions to 128x128. This size will work well for Discord (which will resize it to 32x32).

Then, simply click Download to download your finished Discord emote. Easy, right? This tool is particularly handy for cropping out extras and previewing how your emote will look in a square space.

online image cropperonline image cropperonline image cropper

5. Try Out Your Custom Emojis for Discord

Not sure how to add emotes to Discord? To add new emotes to Discord, you will need to own a service (which is free), or you will need permissions within a server to add new emotes.

You can find these settings by going to the server icon and right-clicking on PC or Control-clicking on Mac. Choose Server Settings > Emoji.

Then, simply click Upload Emoji to choose the file from your computer. You can give your new Discord emoji an alias too.

discord emotediscord emotediscord emote

And that's it! Now, we can use our new Discord custom emojis. Here's a look at the heart emoji that we customized in action. Isn't it cute?

discord custom emotediscord custom emotediscord custom emote

Want to Learn More About How to Make Discord Emotes?

Curious about how to make Discord emotes? Did you know you can even use Twitch emotes in Discord too? Check out this free walkthrough from Envato Tuts+. It covers everything from how to add emotes to Discord, different ways to make Discord emojis, and more. There's even a lengthier walkthrough, if you're having trouble with how to add emojis to Discord.

20+ Best Discord Emojis to Customize Now

Now that we've taken a look at some ways to make emotes in Discord, let's take a look at some cool emotes for Discord that you can customize right now. These could also work as Twitch emotes; Discord can use those too!

1. Cute Discord Emote

discord cute emotediscord cute emotediscord cute emote

Looking for something soft and cuddly? Then try working with this fun design. Change up the text or crop it any way you prefer to make a cute, custom Discord emote.

2. Love Discord Emote

Love Discord EmoteLove Discord EmoteLove Discord Emote

Here's another super cute design. Remember, the content here is customizable too: from the text to the colors, and even the illustration itself. You can get creative with it.

3. Crying Discord Emote

Crying Discord EmoteCrying Discord EmoteCrying Discord Emote

Some of the best Discord emojis are the expressive ones. Try something funny like this pet-inspired Discord emoji. Add your own text, or maybe try this one with a different image entirely.

4. Sad Discord Emoji

sad discord emojisad discord emojisad discord emoji

This is another cute take on a sad pet. Did you know you can upload your own images to Placeit too? Use this as a starting point and push this emote in any direction you prefer.

5. Hiya Welcome Discord Emoji

hello discord emojihello discord emojihello discord emoji

There's lots of cute character art to customize over on Placeit too. Change up the colors to make this avatar suit your preferences. Change up the text and make this design just right for you.

6. Meh Discord Emoji

meh discord emotemeh discord emotemeh discord emote

Sometimes, we just feel "meh", right? This cute Discord emote is a fun choice for a less than fun emotion. Remember, emotive concepts are often some of the best Discord emotes.

7. Discord Custom Text Emoji

text discord emojitext discord emojitext discord emoji

Text emotes can be such a fun idea to try in your Discord server. Try a starter template like this one and mix up the font, style, color, and even what it says.

8. Not Found Funny Discord Emoji

Not Found Discord EmoteNot Found Discord EmoteNot Found Discord Emote

Isn't this a fun, cute concept? Crop and customize this one to suit the message you'd like to portray. Remember, you can do all of your cropping and resizing on Placeit too.

9. Cute Discord Emoji

cute discord emotecute discord emotecute discord emote

Isn't this kitty the cutest? The designs on Placeit come in high resolution by default, so you can take your emote and also turn it into a T-shirt to share with your community.

10. Hello There Discord Emoji

Hello There Discord EmojiHello There Discord EmojiHello There Discord Emoji

Character art and avatars can be such a fun way to visually express an emotion. You can customize this character's hair, skin, and accessories to match whatever look you prefer.

11. Stay Warm Discord Emote

Stay Warm Discord EmoteStay Warm Discord EmoteStay Warm Discord Emote

What a cute little character, right? There are so many fun graphics to choose from on Placeit, and this is just a sample. Swap it out, customize the colors, and have fun with it.

12. Unsee Discord Emoji

Unsee Discord EmojiUnsee Discord EmojiUnsee Discord Emoji

If you're going to use text in your Discord emote, it's often best to keep it simple, like a single word. It portrays the emotion clearly and simply too, doesn't it? Sometimes, we just wish we could unsee.

13. Tired Discord Emote

Tired Discord EmoteTired Discord EmoteTired Discord Emote

Here's another example of a fun image paired with a simple word. Too much content in your Discord emoji and it might be difficult to see. Keep it simple yet fun.

14. Never Funny Discord Emote

Never Funny Discord EmoteNever Funny Discord EmoteNever Funny Discord Emote

A funny approach can end up having a lot of appeal to your users in your Discord server. Try a silly take on common expressions you come across in your Discord chat.

15. Wink Discord Emoji

Wink Discord EmojiWink Discord EmojiWink Discord Emoji

Love puppers? There's plenty of pet imagery to choose from in the gallery on Placeit. Or remember, you can upload imagery of your own and customize it in this design too.

16. Wear a Mask Discord Emote

Wear a Mask Discord EmoteWear a Mask Discord EmoteWear a Mask Discord Emote

You can also use your Discord emote to reinforce and share messages, like wearing a mask or being kind to others. Here's a really cute example that helps spread an important message.

17. Cautious Right Discord Emote

Cautious Right Discord EmoteCautious Right Discord EmoteCautious Right Discord Emote

Feeling grumpy? Placeit has a custom emote for that too. Remember, these are starter designs. You can completely change the font, the color, the message, and even the imagery.

18. Yes Custom Discord Emoji

Yes Custom Discord EmojiYes Custom Discord EmojiYes Custom Discord Emoji

Custom characters and avatars like this one are customizable in Placeit too. Try a different color, customize the skin color, and experiment with a different color scheme.

19. Goodnight Discord Emoji

Goodnight Discord EmojiGoodnight Discord EmojiGoodnight Discord Emoji

Isn't this sleepy emote cute? Try customizing the text. Remember, you can easily crop and customize this content to work best in a Discord server setting.

20. No Discord Emoji

No Discord EmojiNo Discord EmojiNo Discord Emoji

This is a simple yet memorable Discord emoji. Prefer a different message? Change it up, right in your browser, to whatever text you prefer. You can even customize the colors on the cat!

What Kind of Emotes for Discord Would You Make?

There are so many fun possibilities when it comes to Discord custom emojis. What kind of Discord emojis do you prefer? What would be the best Discord emotes for your server?

Remember to check out Placeit if you're looking for a Discord emoji maker. It's also a great place to brainstorm ideas and try them out, right from the comfort of your browser. You don't need software to jump in and start designing.

Want to learn more about how to make Discord emojis, Twitch emotes, and more? Check out these other tutorials from Envato Tuts+. Happy designing!

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