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20 Awesome Artists to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is an important communication tool for artists, designers, and photographers to exchange ideas, receive feedback, and to learn from others. Unfortunately, finding new and interesting people to follow can be quite a challenging and time-consuming task. In this article, I have listed 20 of some of my favorite photographers, retouchers, photo manipulators, digital illustrators, and typographers on Twitter, with examples of their work, to make it a bit easier for you to find new people to follow. Let's take a look!

Photographers and Retouchers

Dean Bradshaw (@deanbradshaw)

Diageo Stark Raving.

Lara Jade (@LaraJade_)

Velvet Magazine Dubai.

Sarah Silver (@Sarah_Silver)


Lindsay Adler (@lindsayadler)


Cristian Girotto (@cg_retouch)

In the Edge.

Photo Manipulators

Erik Johansson (@tackochgodnatt)

Go Your Own Road.

Mario S. Nevado (@aegis_strife)


Stephen G. Petrany (@spetrany)

Coffee Cake.

Wojciech Pijecki (@wojciechpijecki)


Jeff Huang (@thefifthorder)

The 54th Grammys.

Digital Illustrators

Kei Acedera (@keiacedera)

The Jellies.

Jason Seiler (@jasonseiler)

The Union: Elton John and Leon Russell

Sheridan Johns (@sheridan_johns)

Please Say Hello to Me.

Feng Zhu Design (@FengZhuDesign)


James White (@Signalnoise)

Tron Legacy.


João Oliveira (@On_Repeat)

Kult Magazine.

David McLeod (@david_mcleod)

Building Success.

Marcelo Schultz (@schultzdzn)

Just Do It.

Peter Tarka (@PiotrTarka)

Typography 10.

Chris Labrooy (@ChrisLabrooy)



We hope that you have found this list useful. If you like these types of posts, let us know and maybe we can do some more at a later date. In the meantime, you can also Follow us on Twitter, as well.

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