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18 of the Best Photoshop Videos Online

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Photoshop's all about the visuals, so it's no surprise that it makes for some good videos. Today Psdtuts+ is launching it's video addition to the sidebar and video channel at Vimeo, so what better time to take a look at some of the great PSD Videos around the web! But be warned, surfing these video sites is a great way to kill your productivity!

People and Faces

  • The Power of Photoshop - From a Size 24 to Size 2

    A somewhat disturbing retouching of a larger woman into a weird looking smaller woman. Very worth seeing, if only for the freaky hair that the Photoshopper gives her at the end.

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  • If Homer Were Real

    I don't even really know if this is Photoshop, but it's an interesting transformation nonetheless. And if you enjoy that, you might also like Alienating a Human

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  • The Perfect Lie

    17 year old Cameron Rad takes a good looking woman and makes her flawless. On the subject, you might also enjoy the thoroughly ubiquitous Dove's Evolution of Beauty

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  • Professional Portrait Retouching

    Another demonstration of some nice retouching work, weirdly set to the same music as the last video, that's obviously *the* choice for Photoshop Retouching Video Makers

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  • Deaging in Photoshop

    Some useful techniques demonstrated in this addition to our Psdtuts+ Video Channel.

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  • AppleTV Background

    Howard from Tutcast narrates you through making this awesome abstract background effect.

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  • Liquid Metal

    Nothing cooler than quicksilver, so learn how to draw some nice little blobs of mercury with the Liquid Metal video.

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  • Vanishing Act

    Now you see it, now you don't with this neat tutorial on using the clone tool to make things disappear.

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  • Digital Smoke Effect

    From our new Psdtuts+ channel, this is in fact a video of Fabio's much loved Digital Smoke Effect tutorial - one of our earliest Psdtuts+ tutorials.

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  • You Suck at Photoshop

    You knew they'd make an appearance in this list, it's the infamous You Suck at Photoshop series with Donnie Hoyle's ascerbic wit and awesome premise. There's 11 episodes at the time of writing

    You Suck At Photoshop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    (Episode 12 coming soon at MyDamnedChannel)

  • Combine and Blend Two Animals Together

    Set to some odd choices of music, this video gives a good overview of what the photoshopper is doing which is a nice change from a lot of the videos which just hope you already know what you're doing.

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  • How to Draw the Sony-Ericsson logo

    Not sure why you might need to draw this particular logo, but the process is still informative. This video like the animal one above is by Jeff Chadsworth and you can see all his videos here.

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Speed Painting

  • How to Draw and Paint a Werewolf

    A video that just shows me what I will definitely never be able to do :-) Oh well!

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  • Scarlett

    It looks like a photo doesn't it? Well amazingly you can verify for yourself that that is in fact a Photoshop painting!

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  • Beyonce

    Another celebrity speed painting - turns out there are millions on YouTube - this one of Beyonce!

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Wait, That's Not Photoshop!

OK so these videos aren't actually done in Photoshop, they are in fact made using A.viary, the online image editor that's been getting heaps of press. But they are so good I just had to include them:

  • The Making of Toiletron

    Shia LaBeouf won't be running around with this urinal cake loving transformer!

    Watch the Video

  • Hillary Clinton Sheds Some Skin

    Looks like America may have made the right choice if this is anything to go by!

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  • Futuristic Flying Cars

    Awesome bit of photo manipulation work to create this Minority-Report-esque future car!

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Show Me More!

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