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30+ New Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Menu Templates for 2022

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Read Time: 11 mins

Become the next hottest spot to grab a bite! Check out these amazing menu templates below!

The restaurant of your dreams is missing just one special element: the perfect menu. So entice your customers with mouth-watering items and tasty aesthetics.

modern food menumodern food menumodern food menu
This modern food menu features a clean and minimalist design

Today we bring you another amazing set of premium menu templates from Envato Elements and more food menus from Envato Market. Featuring incredible designs from professional designers, these templates will give you high-quality results in less time!

Not sure where to begin? Try a minimalist vibe with clean colors and simplistic elements. Or for the more traditional route, download trendy menu designs any customer is sure to love!

Learn More About Menu Design

New to menu design? Follow along with our instructors with these helpful lessons:

Where to Get the Best Food Menu Templates in 2022 (With Unlimited Use)

Do you want to renew your restaurant menu? Do you need to create one for your business? Are you a graphic designer with multiple projects? Then Envato Elements is the best place to go. 

Get unlimited restaurant menu templates from Envato ElementsGet unlimited restaurant menu templates from Envato ElementsGet unlimited restaurant menu templates from Envato Elements
Get unlimited restaurant menu templates from Envato Elements

For a low monthly fee, enjoy unlimited downloads of the best digital menu templates. On Envato Elements, you can also get the best graphic templates, fonts, actions and presets, royalty-free photos, and more.

15+ Best Digital Menu Templates From Envato Elements (2022)

To show you what I'm talking about, here's a selection of the best restaurant and coffee menu templates from Envato Elements.

1. Modern Food Menu (AI, PSD)

modern food menumodern food menumodern food menu

Looking for a modern and clean food menu template? This Photoshop menu template is for you. This restaurant menu stands out thanks to its minimalist design, with clean fonts and colors. Customize it for your restaurant, bistro, cafe, or bar. Other features include:

  • A4 and US Letter size 
  • print-ready, 0.25 in bleed
  • CMYK mode, 300 DPI
  • 100% vector based
  • easily editable text, images, and color on well-organized layers

2. Coffee Menu Template (AI, PSD)

coffee menucoffee menucoffee menu

Do you need a clean and fresh coffee menu for your coffee shop? This coffee menu template could be a great option for you. This cafe menu template comes in two background colors, and it's A4 size. Other features include:

  • CMYK, 300 DPI
  • 100% ready to print
  • well-organized layers
  • easy to change the colors, layout, background, and graphics
  • 100% vector based
  • resizable up to A3 paper

3. Food Diner Menu Template (INDD, PSD)

food menufood menufood menu

Warm colors can be so inviting and cozy! This Photoshop menu template is perfect for visually associating with rich flavors and great food. Swap out the imagery or use the included stock—customizing the layout and adding your own content is a snap!

4. Restaurant Menu Template (PSD)

restaurant menu templaterestaurant menu templaterestaurant menu template

This is such a fun menu template! Check out the included illustrations—they could be a perfect solution if you're printing on a budget! Easily edit the content in this Photoshop menu template with the Text Tool, and you've got a menu that looks professional and is easy to customize!

5. Restaurant Sample Menu Template (AI, EPS, PSD)

restaurant menurestaurant menurestaurant menu

Attractive photos can really make a menu look extra appealing! Check out this diner menu template. It's got two different pages, one for showcasing visuals and the other for your written content. Make this sample menu template double-sided or work with two separate pages.

6. Newspaper Food Menu (AI, PSD)

Newspaper Food MenuNewspaper Food MenuNewspaper Food Menu

This editable menu template is versatile and ready for your mouth-watering content! Simply use Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop to easily replace and customize content! This fancy menu template is A4 and double-sided, perfect for a simple, straightforward visual approach.

7. Restaurant Menu (INDD)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

Many restaurants incorporate certain colors into their menus that are as vibrant as their meals. Take this spectacular diner menu template, for example. With clean, professional elements and plenty of room for your menu items, this design is highly effective. Use this menu template download today for a noticeable difference!

8. Cafe Restaurant Menu (INDD)

Cafe Restaurant MenuCafe Restaurant MenuCafe Restaurant Menu

Modern cafe menus effortlessly blend a mixture of elegance and style. So does that sound like your restaurant? Celebrate your delectable treats with a lovely sample menu template like this one. This editable menu template features a standard A4 size that is completely customizable, so you'll be able to update this design in minutes! Enjoy!

9. Vegan Food Menu (EPS, PSD)

Vegan Food MenuVegan Food MenuVegan Food Menu

Invite your customers to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal with this vegan food menu. Inspired by a classic chalkboard style, this template features an A4 design that has been pieced together with bold, editable details. The best part? This Photoshop menu template uses free fonts!

10. Coffee Shop Template (PSD)

Coffee Shop TemplateCoffee Shop TemplateCoffee Shop Template

Refresh your coffee shop menu with a contemporary digital menu template! Although the sample graphics are not included in this one, you can easily drag and drop your favorite photos into the editable placeholders for more customization. Try this coffee menu template for a fresh new look!

11. Bi-Fold Food Menu Template (PSD)

Bi-Fold Food Menu TemplateBi-Fold Food Menu TemplateBi-Fold Food Menu Template

The best meals in town should have the best menu too! This mouth-watering Photoshop menu template features a classic flip-out style with room for food items and pictures. Just switch out the images for some of your own or use your subscription to download these great finds.

12. Simple Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Simple Restaurant MenuSimple Restaurant MenuSimple Restaurant Menu

This simple and elegant design might be just what you need for a restaurant menu. The perfect style for steak houses or fast food restaurants, this fancy menu template features six pages and more. Get access to this menu template download for an easy menu alternative.

13. Vintage Restaurant Menu (AI, PSD)

Vintage Restaurant MenuVintage Restaurant MenuVintage Restaurant Menu

Add that old-school charm to your cafe or restaurant with this vintage diner menu template. Inspired by classic designs from the 50s and 60s, this digital menu template can be used with both Illustrator and Photoshop. It's 100% vector and fully editable. Check it out!

14. Colorful Tropical Menu (PSD)

Colorful Tropical MenuColorful Tropical MenuColorful Tropical Menu

Create a happy atmosphere in your establishment with this delightful sample menu template. Inspired by the vibrant colors seen in many exotic locations, this menu template download can be customized to any tropical cuisine. Perfect for beginners, this template requires at least Photoshop CS3 to access the files. 

15. Retro Diner Food Menu (AI, PSD)

Retro Diner Food MenuRetro Diner Food MenuRetro Diner Food Menu

Show off your love for nostalgic diner design with this vibrant diner menu template. Inspired by the retro aesthetics of 1950s drive-in diners, this editable menu template comes in Photoshop and Illustrator formats. You can modify everything in the well-organized layers and vector elements.

16. Elegant Food Menu (AI, EPS)

Elegant Food MenuElegant Food MenuElegant Food Menu

Would you prefer tri-fold templates for your restaurant menu? Then check out this awesome fancy menu template suitable for pizza restaurants and many small businesses. This menu template download features several unique folds, along with everything you need to get started. Check it out!

17. Coffee Shop Trifold Brochure (PSD)

Coffee Shop Trifold BrochureCoffee Shop Trifold BrochureCoffee Shop Trifold Brochure

Brew heartwarming cups of delicious coffee accompanied by this delightful coffee menu template! An affordable design for any cafe owner on a budget, this trifold makes it easy to update the pictures and coffee names fast. Experience no quality loss with fully editable smart objects!

18. Restaurant Menu (AI, EPS)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

Your bakery menu should stand out with all the delectable treats you have. So make your graphics count with this easily editable menu template. This digital menu template features print-ready Illustrator files along with helpful instructions for easier customization. Add it today!

10+ Top Food Menu Templates From GraphicRiver (2022)

On the other hand, if you don't like subscriptions and just need a single food menu template, we've got you covered. Browse through the library of premium food menu templates from GraphicRiver and get the one you love.

Buy food menu templates one at a time from GraphicRiverBuy food menu templates one at a time from GraphicRiverBuy food menu templates one at a time from GraphicRiver
Buy food menu templates one at a time from GraphicRiver

There are thousands of editable menu templates to choose from on Envato Market. Here's a hand-picked selection of the best ones:

1. Cafe Menu (PSD)

Cafe MenuCafe MenuCafe Menu

Your menu is the biggest selling point for every customer. Make sure you win them over with stunning modern visuals like fresh, premium ingredients. This gorgeous Photoshop menu template features a seafood-inspired design with plenty of premium extras for drink menus and more. 

2. Rustic Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Rustic Restaurant MenuRustic Restaurant MenuRustic Restaurant Menu

Could this be the fancy menu template for your next award-winning meals? We hope so! Created with stylish rustic elements in mind, this sample menu template is a beauty. Enjoy six Photoshop files with alternative styles for the main menu and drinks page.

3. Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

For just under $10, you can enjoy stunning luxury restaurant menus. This sample menu template features five alternate versions where you can mix and match your favorite elements for the photos, colors, and graphics. Update this fancy menu template fast with Adobe Photoshop.

4. Cafe Menu Template (PSD)

Cafe MenuCafe MenuCafe Menu

Large menus are overwhelming. So keep it simple with an elegant cafe menu template like this casual style below. It offers two unique color schemes with beautiful arrangements, so you'll love the way your items appear on this menu! All the images you see are included, and you'll get access to free fonts!

5. Fakous Restaurant Menu Flyer (PSD)

Fakous Restaurant Menu FlyerFakous Restaurant Menu FlyerFakous Restaurant Menu Flyer

Got a burger joint with the best fresh patties around? Check out the delicious-looking Photoshop menu template, with incredible colors and details. This diner menu template features a clean and modern layout with adjustable smart objects. And it's ready to print for a super quick turnaround!

6. Restaurant Menu (PSD, AI)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

How will you present your menu to customers? Consider this next lovely restaurant menu template, available in two design formats. Perfect for small restaurants or cafes, this digital menu template features white and turquoise versions for a standout menu.

7. Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

Looking for a tablemat menu instead? Try this incredible restaurant menu specifically designed for beach-themed bars and grills. Display your favorite bar drinks and hot appetizers on one sunny menu. Save this sample menu template to your design arsenal today!

8. Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

A stunning design with golden geometric details, this menu is an elegant choice for any restaurateur. This menu template download includes a duo restaurant and beverage menu set, with ten files available. Simply edit them with the help of Adobe Photoshop for easy customization.

9. Sketch Trifold Food Menu (PSD)

Sketch Trifold Food MenuSketch Trifold Food MenuSketch Trifold Food Menu

Chalkboard menus are currently popular for their clean designs and retro charm. Check out this sketch trifold menu, for instance. It comes with A4 and US Letter sizes, perfect for an easy transition to a new menu. You'll love the realistic chalkboard design!

10. Cafe Menu (PSD)

Cafe MenuCafe MenuCafe Menu

Make your cafe stand out with delectable items presented on this vintage-inspired chalkboard menu. It's created with realistic chalkboard details like handmade typography and more, so you'll be able to update it quickly and easily. Just drag and drop your specials into the super convenient placeholders. Get started today!

11. Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

Ready to become the hottest restaurant in town? Show off your appetizers, entrees and desserts with this fantastic restaurant menu. This template features an exquisite black and white design with plenty of room for your delicious photos. Add it to your collection!

12. Cocktail Drinks Menu (PSD)

Cocktail Drinks MenuCocktail Drinks MenuCocktail Drinks Menu

Everyone loves happy hour! So make sure your best weekly deals shine with a fun cocktail drinks menu. This design features a cool, modern style with realistic bar elements for the perfect mixer! Get access to one fully editable Photoshop file with built-in bleed lines and more! 

13. Cafe Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Cafe Restaurant MenuCafe Restaurant MenuCafe Restaurant Menu

Set your restaurant apart from the others in town. This cafe menu template features a sleek and elegant style you'll definitely love. Enjoy eight Photoshop files you can customize at any time at all. Add new icons, prices, or text for a brand new look. 

14. Restaurant Menu (PSD)

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu

Sometimes, less is more. Succeed with a professional menu template that is easy to read and manage. Easily update this ready-to-use template with new items when they're available! Included are four Photoshop files with clear instructions. 

Explore More Menu Templates and Resources

Want more menu design inspiration? Check out these articles and tutorials!

Design Your New Food Menu Today!

This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

And with loads of menu templates available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Market and Envato Elements for more resources!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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