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16 Best Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas (Using a T-Shirt Design Maker)


Family is everything, and if you belong to a big clan that's planning to meet up to celebrate your special bond, you should have a great T-shirt to commemorate the occasion. 

If you don't consider yourself creative and don't know how to go about translating your family's awesomeness into a T-shirt design, no problem. Placeit's got a foolproof T-shirt design maker that's filled with family reunion T-shirt design ideas to help you create your own T-shirt design online easy peasy. 

16 Best Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas

How to Create Your Own T-Shirt Design Online

1. Navigate to Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Maker Page

Navigate to Placeits T-Shirt Design Maker Page

2. Select a Family T-Shirt Design You Like

Find family reunion T-shirt design ideas by checking out the wide variety of T-shirt designs available at Placeit. 

Select a Family T-Shirt Design You Like

When you find a design you like, click on it and the T-shirt design maker will open up. Don't worry if a design you like isn't specifically related to family reunions—I'll show you how to customise any template to create your own T-shirt design.  For this example, I'm using, of all things, a T-shirt design template created for basketball fans. 

Create your own t shirt design using any template

3. Start With the Controls on the Right 

Starting on the right of the T-shirt design maker, add your text and change the colour of your font. 

Starting With the Controls On The Right

4. Move to the Controls on the Left

Using the controls on the left of the T-shirt design maker, change the background of your T-shirt design to match the proposed colour of your T-shirt, choose a graphic you like, and change its colour if you so desire. Alternatively, if your family has a special emblem they use, you can upload it in the graphic section. 

For this specific template, I eliminated the original bars that were included in the design to keep things simple. 

Move to the Controls on the Left

5. Download Your Family T-Shirt Design 

And just like that, you can easily create your own T-shirt design online, which you can download and send off to your T-shirt printer. 

Download Your Family T Shirt Design

16 Best Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas

1. Moon T-Shirt Design Template With 8-Bit Graphics

Moon T-Shirt Design Template with 8-Bit Graphics

For fans of the eight-bit graphics look, there's this Moon T-Shirt Design Template with 8-Bit Graphics. Use it to give your family T-shirt design a vintage computer graphics look. Add your own text, colours and icons and create a design that is uniquely yours. 

2. Area 51 T-Shirt Design Template

Area 51 T-Shirt Design Template

Sci-fi and UFO fans will love this cool design with its flying saucers and cow being beamed up. For added effect, the design incorporates the 8-bit graphic look in the font, but of course you can replace this with any of several fonts on offer when you add your text. 

3. T-Shirt Design Maker Featuring a Furry Dog Illustration

T-Shirt Design Maker Featuring a Furry Dog Illustration

If your family has a high percentage of dog lovers then using this template will make you a winner in their eyes. If you don't fancy this particular canine, there are several other models to choose from.  

4. Illustrated Smiling Black Cat T-Shirt Design Generator

Illustrated Smiling Black Cat T-Shirt Design Generator

And of course, for those families where cat lovers dominate, there is this cool cat template that you can use as the base for your family T-shirt design. As with the template above, you can swap out this particular feline graphic for any of the other cat graphics provided. If your family has a good mix of cat and dog lovers, use this template to simply create some T-shirts with the cat graphic and some with the dog graphic to create a consistent style. 

5. Feminine 50’s Style T-Shirt Template

Feminine 50s Style T-Shirt Template

Go vintage with this classic 1950s illustration. Use the T-shirt design maker to add three different sets of text to your design, move the text around as you please, swap out the main graphic, and change the background colour and icons to create your own T-shirt design online.

6. 80's T-Shirt Design Template

80s T-Shirt Design Template

Another blast from the past, this time the 1980s. If this is your preferred era, use this template to build your unique family T-shirt design. After you've added your text and changed your fonts and their colour, have a play with the many graphics and background effects. It'll be hard to decide on just one combination. 

7. T-Shirt Template Featuring Dinosaur Cartoons

T-Shirt Template Featuring Dinosaur Cartoons

If goofy illustrations are your thing, you'll love this template, which offers a selection of endearing dinosaur cartoons and is super quick and easy to customise with the Placeit T-shirt design maker. 

8. T-Shirt Design Template for a Biker Festival

T-Shirt Design Template for a Biker Festival

Another fabulous vintage template, this time using motorcycles as the theme. If you love the style but don't really fancy using motorcycle graphics, you can always find a different graphic at Envato Elements and upload it here. Then all you need to do is add your text and colours and you're done. 

9. T Shirt Maker for Fish Markets

T Shirt Maker for Fish Markets

For those looking for a family T-shirt design with a bit more restraint, this template may appeal. As with all the templates here, you can upload your own graphics, family emblem, or crest, then use the three text placeholders to add your text. You can then choose the style of circle you prefer or do away with the circle altogether. 

10. Simple Center Aligned T-Shirt Design Template

Simple Center Aligned T-Shirt Design Template

Who doesn't need good vibes? This template offers them in spades with its wide selection of cool graphics, lovely background, and bold, attention-getting text. Use the full might of the T-shirt design maker to create the perfect family T-shirt design using this versatile template. 

11. Illustrated T-Shirt Design Template of Sunny California

Illustrated T-Shirt Design Template of Sunny California

Here's a family reunion T-shirt design idea for you. If your family originates from a specific state in the USA or you are meeting in an American state, why not use a graphic of that state on your reunion T-shirt? This template offers gorgeous illustrations of every state in the union. Just choose your T-shirt background colour, add your text, choose your state, and watch the praise and admiration roll in from your folks. 

12. Illustrated T-Shirt Design Template With a Nature Vibe

Illustrated T-Shirt Design Template with a Nature Vibe

Nature lovers, this one is for you. Show your support for your family and the earth by using this amazing template with its offerings of a range of beautiful nature graphics. Choose your graphic, add your family name to the top of the design, type in the place and date of the reunion at the bottom, and your work is done. 

13. Halloween T-Shirt Design Template With a Funny Vampire Woman

Halloween T-Shirt Design Template with a Funny Vampire Woman

Having your reunion around Halloween? Then check out this template with its awesome collection of spooky graphics. It may creep out some of your family members, but it'll be a reunion T-shirt no one will forget. 

14. Typographic T-Shirt Maker With a Beauty Style

Typographic T-Shirt Maker with a Beauty Style

Looking for stylish and minimalist family reunion T-shirt design ideas? This template is for you. It's simple without being boring, and it's super quick to create. Simply select your T-shirt colour and then add your text. If you want to make a bit more effort, you can play with the font colours and style to see what combination appeals to you most. 

15. Surf Typography T-Shirt Design Maker

Surf Typography T-Shirt Design Maker

From a family of surfers? Well, we haven't left you out. Here's a template you can play with to get the right family T-shirt design vibe for your reunion. 

16. T-Shirt Design Maker With a Colorful Face Design

T-Shirt Design Maker with a Colorful Face Design

Art lovers will gravitate to this template, which offers a spicy range of colourful illustrations that catch and hold the eye. As is the case with all the other templates here, this one is super easy to customise using the five-step guide at the beginning of this article. 

Create Your Own T-Shirt Design Online Today

We hope we've provided you with plenty of family reunion T-shirt design ideas and you are stoked to use the T-shirt design maker to create your own T-shirt design online. Get to work creating your own unique design and share it with us in the comments below. 

And remember, these 16 best family reunion T-shirt design ideas are only a fraction of the wonderful T-shirt designs available at Placeit, so if you haven't found exactly what you need here, head on over to the site and browse the large collections of T-shirt designs to be found there. 

If you're interested in other kinds of designs and mockups, here are some great suggestions for you:

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