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15 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Digital Illustrators and Designers


As we count down the days until Christmas, it's time to make our lists and check them twice. Today we have an awesome gift guide full of hand picked goodies for illustrators and designers. Make sure to link this post on Twitter, Facebook and G+ - you never know - a friend or two may take it as a hint.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork (Voices That Matter) by Von Glitschka

    The perfect gift for vector illustrators of all skill levels. Von Glitschka will show you how to create elegant curves and precise anchor points for your designs and teach the very best ways to make professional illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. This book also comes with a DVD!

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Sticker Set

    Do you know someone who finds it hard to remember all of the shortcuts from Adobe Illustrator? They might need these.The Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Sticker Set is compatible with all keyboards (Mac, PC and Laptops).

  • Community: Totem Project

    How to Grab the Attention of Art Directors & Editors by the Simple Use of Postcards by Max Scratchmann

    Books make great gifts, especially ones that are full of interesting pictures or useful information. This book is packed with both. Browse a great selection of attention grabbing postcards and learn the skills to make your own.

  • Community: Totem Project

    Wacom CS100W Bamboo Stylus for iPad

    iPads are nice, but you can make them awesome with this stylus pen by Wacom. Available in six different colors, the Wacom Stylus for iPad has the comfort, elegance and sophistication you can expect from Wacom. It works great with the free Bamboo Paper App!

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    The Vector Brushes Sourcebook: 300 Unique Brushes for Digital Illustration
    by Emily Portnoi

    A very helpful gift for designers and illustrators who want to learn more about how to make, apply, edit and use vector brushes. This book also includes a CD with 300 high-quality, royalty-free, and original brushes. It's like two gifts in one!

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Illustration 101 - Streetwise Tactics for Surviving As A Freelance Illustrator
    by Max Scratchmann

    One of the most useful and thoughtful gifts you could give to someone who works in freelance illustration. This book is a fun to read manual on how to turbo charge your freelance career and have fun while you do it.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    CMYK Light Shade

    Show your appreciation for the print designer in your life with this CMYK lampshade. It can be set as either a ceiling or a lamp shade, handy!

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Drawn In: A Peek into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 44 Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and Cartoonists

    Take a peek inside the sketchbooks of artists Jessica Hische, Mike Perry, Jen Corace, Matt Leines, Jill Bliss, Camilla Engman, Anders Nilsen and many more. With large full-color images and profiles on each artist, this is a great gift for a creative daydreamer.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer

    Versatile organization with endless configuration, the Grid-IT organizer is designed to hold items firmly in place and keep your cords, pens, phones, pencils, USB sticks, and everything and anything that can get stuck at the bottom of your bag in place. This is a good gift for a designer on the go.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Limited Edition Icon Prints by Susan Kare

    The master of icon design, Susan Kare, has signed limited edition prints of her most memorable icon designs. Do you know a mac fanatic? They will love one of these!

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Layers Frame

    Spend all day staring at artboards? Why not add some to your office. The Layers Frame comes with a metal support with a picture magnet frame and looks great with both photos and illustrations.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    X-Rite i1Display 2 - Color Calibrator for LCD, CRT, and Laptop Displays

    This season, give the gift of high-end, accurate, on-screen color calibration for LCD, CRT and Laptop displays. It may be on the expensive end of the gift scale, but we think it's priceless.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Pantone Espresso Gift Set

    Designers + Coffee + Pantone = the perfect gift. OK, it may not be the perfect gift for everyone, but it's very good for designers who run on caffeine and print checks.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Pantone Folding Chair

    If Designers + Coffee + Pantone = the perfect gift, then an added Pantone chair must be even better. OK, honestly, a Pantone chair doesn't make much sense but it could look good in the meeting room or on the office balcony.

  • Designer and Illustrator Christmas Gift Guide

    Pantone Toothbrush Set

    Designers + Coffee + Chair + Pantone = Great gift, + Toothbrush = The designer is working too hard and should go out and celebrate. Happy Holidays from Vectortuts!

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